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What Body Splash Do You Use? How Do You Make It Last Longer?

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Do you use a body splash? Would you want to know how to make it last longer so you keep on smelling great? Well, you’re in the right place!

Ladies, we should all strive to be smelling great no matter the time of the day, and where we are from. I know it gets hot and we sweat but hey, as long as there is no body odor, you can rest easy.

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Ladies, showering is perhaps the easiest way to smell great. And how often you should shower depends on your skin type, activity level, and preference.

Shower once a day especially when you won’t be too active; and if you don’t want to, need to, or can’t, a sponge bath is a better option. If you’re more active, then try showering twice a day.

When showering, you want to focus on the body parts with the most sweat glands, such as the armpits, and nether regions including your butt. The neck is also a hot-spot for dirt so cleanse this area well.

We also recommend scrubbing your body to reveal softer skin, making sure to focus on the area around your elbows, knees, feet, and butt.

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So, What is a Body Splash?

A body splash, commonly known as a body mist or body spray is like a perfume but does not contain a high percentage of fragrance oils thus milder that perfume. They are usually light and cheaper than quality perfumes.

Without the overpowering element of a perfume or cologne, the right body splash could make you feel refreshed.

If you love pretty scents yet cologne or perfume feels overpowering for you, why not try body mists?

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How To Wear Body Splash To Make It Last Longer

What Body Splash Do You Use? How Do You Make It Last Longer?

Many women complain that their body sprays does not last long while at the same time, spraying excess of it will actually not help.

In fact, it can even irritate especially when you are allergic. You would not want to mess with allergens dear!

So better prepare your skin adequately before getting the spritz to work for you.

Here’s how!

1. Take a thorough shower with a complimentary gel or soap.

Scents will always last longer when used on moist skin so always get a proper shower first.

When showering, embrace complimentary body washes or soaps that leave your skin feeling so clean and supple. I use the Rituals of Sakura bath set from Rituals. These bath products feature a floral Cherry Blossom scent and women who want to feel feminine should try it!

I mean, shower with a body wash or soap with the same fragrance as your spray to prepare your skin.

After a good cleanse, scrub your body, apply a rich body cream or body butter before finishing off with your favorite body mist.

However, if you cannot find the complimentary scent to shower with, go for an unscented soap so that eventually, the spray’s fumes can be profound.

This is called the art of layering fragrances since some scents are not as long lasting.

2. Use a complimentary lotion.

Once you have toweled off, apply a body lotion with the same scent all over your body while paying attention to the points that you’ll wear your body splash.

3. Wear your body splash on moist skin that has been oiled properly.

After your shower, pores tend to open up hence readily absorb the body mist to ensure it lasts longer.

4.Spritz on your pulse points.

Pulse points are known to harbor scents so always spritz on the wrists, inside of your elbows, front of the neck, back of the knees and even between the breasts.

While spraying, allow a foot distance when spraying towards yourself. This will ensure that the spray covers the entire skin since air around disperses it around.

If you use it as an underarm deodorant, you might still suffer from sweat so better use both the deodorant and the body mist.

5.Ensure the fragrance has dried on your skin before dressing up.

Give yourself a minute for the scent to dry up on your skin before actually dressing up; unless you want your clothes to wipe off the scent from your skin.

6.Spray your clean hair too.

You can also wear the spray on your hair although not directly since it can dry out your hair. What you should do is take the hair brush and spritz on it before combing your hair to give it a similar beautiful scent.

7. To ensure the body mist lasts throughout the day, spray on a small cotton ball or on ear buds and stash them in your bra or handbag for the fragrance fumes to last longer.

8.Spritz your clothing carefully too if you only require a little scent or even if you want an overall scent.

How? Spray a few inches away from your clothing; I mean, spritz in the air and walk through the mist to scent your clothes.

Best Body Mists & Body Splashes I’m Using

Depending on the occasion, I consider the type of scent I wear. I’ve used these 5 body mists below and currently, my favorite is the Tom Ford Rose Prick All-Over-Body Spray.

This is because I also have the Tom Ford Rose Prick Eau de Parfum and these scents pair perfectly with the Cherry Blossom Scent from my Rituals of Sakura bath set.

1. Rituals of Sakura Body Mist

What Body Splash Do You Use? How Do You Make It Last Longer?

This body mist features a delicate fragrance that is wonderfully relaxing, specifically, the cherry blossom scent. It smells so fresh, flowery and light thus perfect for layering.

This is my second best body mist for sure!

2. Tom Ford Beauty All-Over Body Spray

The Tom Ford Beaty All Over Body Spray – Soleil Neige is a clean, fresh and citrus-y scent that is quite delicate and can be sprayed over your body skin, hair, clothes and even linens.

This is a perfect summer mist when to intensity of a perfume or cologne wouldn’t seem appealing. Good thing, it tends to last quite longer, especially when you layer your scents.

3. Tom Ford Rose Prick All-Over Body Spray

Apart from its amazing packaging, the Tom Ford Rose Prick body spray is a floral fragrance that is very rosy. It also features a spicy top, that is, the first scent that hits your nose upon spraying.

The scent is very seductive and this enhances an aura of femininity. Would be perfect for a date, including a Valentine’s date night.

The scent typically lingers for about an hour then becomes a skin scent, and last a few more hours.

4. Philosophy Grace & Love Body Spritz 

If you have used Philosophy Grace perfumes, you can agree that they offer quality scents. And I absolutely love the Philosophy Grace & Love body spritz which gives off such a fresh and captivating scent.

I love fresh scents especially in the summer and this one lingers throughout the day.

5. Pacifica Beauty Island Vanilla Body Mist

This body spray is an affordable, alcohol-free body mist that allows you to cover your body in an amazing lightweight scent . It smells like chocolate and vanilla to me, however, this scent doesn’t last that long-thus the need to re-apply regularly throughout the day.

Also, spritz from a few inches so the mist doesn’t leave your skin feeling drenched.

Just like a little black dress, a signature scent can stick with you for life. Once you find ‘The Scent’ for you, it can be hard to let it go; it becomes part of your essence and spritzing it becomes a routine.

Just as it is for me since I’ve been using these for a few years now! I love them for being soft too!

Anyway, what do you think about these scents? And how much do you love my body sprays? What body splash are you using too? Or do you even use body mists?

I’d like to hear your thoughts!