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How To Wear Glitter Shoes Like A Style Pro

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What happens when gorgeous ladies get all dressed up with glitter shoes for a hot Valentine’s? Paparazzis, attention and chatter; that’s just what! I mean, when have you ever let a good pair of shoe miss your eye…especially if they were all sparkly?

Well, we are used to wearing red for Valentine’s, right? So this time, finish off your look with glitter shoes and tell me if you won’t have all eyes on you by the time you and your date walk in!

Yet again…you might be thinking of the best Valentine’s gift. If you’re in a rut, then here’s my advice today: get her a great pair of shoes; and glitter shoes for that matter! Well, girls love diamonds so for sure, sparkle is her thing!

Shoes make such great gifts; undoubtedly, even if you are the worst gifter, you’d want to give a worthy gift.

Here is why shoes make perfect gifts!

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1. A great pair of shoes fixes potential wardrobe crises.

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Have you ever worn this pretty dress but you went short of a great pair of shoes because unfortunately, sneakers and mules are your best friends?

Then you absolutely understand what the statement, “what will I wear tonight?” means!

So if you’re wondering what gift to give this season, get that great pair of shoes for her! You’ll have saved her a ton of dilemma!

2. Shoes are such practical gifts.

How To Wear Glitter Shoes

How many of you have gifts that you really don’t use? For instance: you were brought that video game set that not even your kid appreciates or even that dessert maker when you had already gotten a new one last week? So unfortunate even though courtesy tell s us to appreciate gifts!

Many guys and girls love shopping for shoes for their gifting and you should absolutely join this bandwagon. Even this Valentine’s, a great pair of shoes are worth it! Just know her shoe size!

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Well, now we know what to gift for Valentine’s, right? Some gorgeous pair of glitter shoes!

So after gifting, how do you wear glitter shoes to ensure you look as sophisticated?

How To Wear Glitter Shoes- 5 Tips!

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Glitter shoes are such a closet darling and we just love how edgy they can make our looks. But to ensure we look our best, here is a guide:

1. Avoid a sparkle overload.

You don’t want to look all starry by wearing an all-sparkly look and finishing off with glitter shoes! A lot of embellishments make your look so heavy and loud. And cheap!

One thing I’ve noted from street style fashion enthusiast like Macy Stucke and Maria Vizuete is that they prefer minimalism as a way to make any look appear expensive, even if it already is. Women's Grey Ankle Strap Heels Peep Toe Heels Pumps High Heel Shoes

So with this tip, go for plain looks or should I say, non-embellished outfits, that will be elevated by the touch of glitter from your glitter shoes.  For example, you could start by saying NO to that gorgeous sequin gown in your wardrobe and those dangly diamond jewelry in your jewelry box. Instead, get those cute studs, that thin necklace and glitter shoes for your black or red dress.

But then again, if you feel like your confidence is way above the roof and you’d want to look all sparkly in sequin; then get a mini dress or a knee-length fitting dress that will give room for your shoe to shine. I love to keep a glitter shoe and a sequin dress in the same color family if I have to do the combination for a sleeker vibe unlike wearing multiple colors of sparkle.

2. Boost the sparkle with minimal jewelry.

We want the glitter shoes to stand out so what better way is there that wearing that cute thin necklace than that chunky one you have? Trust me, minimal jewelry will also make your look expensive.

“But Dalene, I want that statement necklace I got yesterday, and that chunky bangle mom gave me!”

Well, we love attention but girl, say no to CHUNKY jewelry that will take away from your glitter shoes. Instead, wear those thin necklaces, that pair of diamond studs and that thin bangle! Good to go!

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3. Tone down the glitz with natural makeup.

Girl! Makeup will kill you look if you get it wrong! Valentine’s is a season to look all beautiful but I remind you, stay away from too much bold makeup if you want your glitter shoes to stand out.

Trust me; a no-makeup makeup look will do it for you! You can just get some more gloss on your lips or perhaps a red lip color if you can’t stay away from color.

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4. Bring along a glamorous bag.

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You don’t want to have that rusted shoulder bag you got from the store to Valentine’s date! I mean, now you want to kill you glamorous glitter vibe with some ugly bag?

I advise you to get that gorgeous purse that absolutely matches the luxurious vibe of your glitter shoes. I love metallic purses and clutches which are just of the right size and luxe to complete the look.

5. Ensure your toenails and feet are as cute.

Silver Glitter Sparkly Heels Peep Toe Stripper Heels Platform Pump

Who lied to you that ladies with long thin legs have it all?

With great toenails that are polished and properly filed, your open glitter shoes will thank you forever! Condition your toenails and keep your feet moisturized with a good body lotion.

Honey, with those 5 tips you’ll be good to go with your glitter shoes. Even as you dress up with your beautiful evening dress, you’ll look terrific!

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But remember; take care of your glitter shoes since many complain that the glitter can fall off.

So how do you take care of glitter shoes?

How To Wear Glitter Shoes

The easiest and best way to take care of this glitter fall-off is by using hair spray! I mean, always keep the glitter in place by spraying your hair spray directly on the glitter, and shake it lightly; if it doesn’t fall off, girl, you’re good to go!

Also remember not to rub your glitter shoes just on any surface because it can be rubbed off and as you wash it, just rinse it with cold water and after it air-dries, put some hair spray on it.

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So ladies, do you enjoy wearing glitter shoes? If so, let us know how you style them below…

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