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  1. Tara says

    Love all of those looks you posted! I have to say, as good as the jeans are, that hair… wow it’s stunning, wish mine looked liked that, I permanently look like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards!

    • Dalene Ekirapa says

      Thanks Tara; and you’re right! Her style plus the hair is just so beautiful ??. But you’re better off since I wish I never had to deal with my natural African hair lol!

  2. EscapeWriters says

    Denim is all time hit in fashion. Denim bottoms are always first choice of any woman. Various style you suggested with denim bottoms are really aweaome?.

  3. Kate says

    Beautiful pictures and that girl is just gorgeous. Nice styles, my fav one is ripped blue jeans with high heels. It looks nice to show a bit of skin but still stay classy.

  4. Jennifer Prince says

    All of these looks are so fab and can cover many seasons. I love the look with the thigh high boots. Oh so pretty!!

  5. brandon hudson says

    I’m not the most hip when it comes to fashion but these looks were on point! So many different ways to rock denim, many of which look very clean and professional as well.

  6. Elizabeth O says

    This is a great post! You gave some great suggestions on different ways to rock jeans. I adore jeans I think they go so well with anything!

  7. Azlin Bloor says

    That’s a fantastic round up of ways to wear denim. I love all of them, the thigh high boots are a favourite of mine. And that long, striped kimono is so cool!

    • Dalene Ekirapa says

      That’s Mia Mia, a street style blogger that I featured and yes, she has this amazing style. However, I’d also want to know what she uses for her pics which are just perfect lol!?
      Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Brandy says

    These are all great ways to rock denim, I need to learn these type of styles and get some denim that allows me to look this way. Styling!

  9. Sigrid Says says

    I love the denim and boots combo! The slim fit jeans really do look good with boots. If it weren’t so hot in my country, I would go for this style 😀

  10. Kemi says

    I finally bought a distressed denim pair after swearing never to own one. Lol. They’re stretch and hug me like crazy and I’m gonna look for more. Help! I love all the styles; very stylish. Those thigh highs should not be in water or snow if they’re not waterproof as it’ll ruin them, but they’re gorge!!

    • Dalene Ekirapa says

      Haha…I think I’d change my mind too and get distressed jeans like you did since they’re so awesome lol! Well, the gorgeous look in thigh highs is speaking for itself!

    • Dalene Ekirapa says

      Ooops! Now that’s too bad! But I’m sure that if you let her see how it’s versatile, her opinion would be different perhaps.
      Anyway, glad you dropped by!

  11. Katherine Gamble says

    For my love of jeans, this post just set my world on fire! I admit that fashion is not my strong suit, but I will try to incorporate some of these tips. All the looks were super stylish and it’s great to see so many ways you could rock jeans. I feel an impromptu shopping trip. Great post!

  12. kallia says

    I am not one to wear stilleto heels on my daily life, but I basically live in kimonos! They can make a simple outfit extraordinary and give it that oomph!

  13. KIM says

    I’m a huge fan of denim and I love the style ideas you gave! My favorite denim bottoms are skinny jeans.

  14. sammi says

    Loved it. not just the pair of denims, but the way it is paired, the overall look. Mia Mia has got good pair of shades and great hair too.

  15. Amber Myers says

    I like her ideas! I basically just wear flip flops or sneakers with my denim bottoms though. I can’t do heels or stilettos. I’m all about comfort.

  16. anshul says

    Loved the post and the pictures too because they complement the message that you want to convey. I would love to share this post with my female friends.

  17. Olga Zak says

    Those looks it’s stunning. I love the style ideas you gave! My favorite denim bottoms are skinny jeans.

  18. Emma Riley says

    That is such a great tips and I do love her styles and those outfits are really good on Mia Mia. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  19. Abrah says

    Love the all-baby-blue look for me, as I’m petite. It creates an unbroken visual line. Thanks, gorgeous!

  20. Ruth I. says

    All the outfit looks amazing! I wish I can rock on those like her. She looks gorgeous!

  21. Jojo Hua says

    I usually don’t like wearing denim jeans because I find them to be not very glamourous. But Mia Mia makes it look so fabulous and amazing! I love how she accessorised them and paired them with different tops, footwear and bags!

  22. Fritha Quinn says

    I’d love to be able to rock a thigh high boot! I just don’t think I have the legs for them but you’ve made me want to give them a go x

  23. Tanya says

    Could she be any more stylish! I haven’t owned a pair of jeans in years but this has really inspired me to have a little denim shop. I think my favourite look is the denim shorts, star shirt and hat

  24. Anosa says

    The off the shoulder style will always be my favourtite. Theres something i love about rocking this look. My next fashion genture is double denim, but i have no idea where to start

  25. Leo T. Ly says

    Those looks definitely rocks and I think that the simple denim looks are beautiful. It doesn’t have to be flashy. Simplicity will do.

  26. Stella Gough says

    She is looking so stylish and adorable in all above the images. I also love to wear the denim apparels mostly which I usually buy online at an affordable price.

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