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10 Reasons Why Macy Stucke Should Be Your Style Icon

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DISCLAIMER: All photos are courtesy of Macy Stucke on Instagram

Before I became addicted to this world of fashion and style, I was a serious movie geek.

I fell for this niche at first sight when I came across this very gorgeous Ankara outfit at the mall and since then, I’m doing my best to embrace this fashion world as much as I possibly can.

Anyway, I remember how people would tease me for being slim while most of my friends are curvy.

Mind you, it would have been easy to consider undergoing hip boosting procedures and the like but thanks to my high self-esteem which wouldn’t allow room for that!

To ensure I didn’t suffer from this teasing, I promised that I’d always be the best dressed among my friends and that’s just how everyone came to appreciate me as much.

And I know that many go through such criticism daily but you’ve got to appreciate yourself. But how? Find inspiration.

There’s more to clothing than just adornment. It does more than merely just change how the world perceives us. It changes how we perceive ourselves. “ – Jacqueline Carey, Naamah’s Kiss

Ever since I came across Macy Stucke on Instagram, I just loved her. And yes, I loved her style even more.

Macy Stucke is a reknown fashion blogger at Stucke on Style and also does Instagram blogging where she whoops more than 314K followers who offer her massive engagement.

She is also a slim fashionista who’ll make you love your slim body even more. Wondering why? Ride along…

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1.She’ll Give A Whole New Meaning To Outerwear

Image consultants say that one of the easiest ways to instantly elevate an outfit is to get a statement outerwear.

Learn to embrace gorgeous layering pieces that you’ll need not only for cold days but for awesome days.

Macy Stucke wearing a gorgeous coat

Image Source: @Macy Stucke

From the long coats, to cape coats, to jackets, to trench coats, to kimonos, to blazers and even to long vests…name them.

Such layers would be perfect for a cool finish to any look.

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2. Shorts for the Win!

Macy Stucke in denim shorts

Image Source: @Macy Stucke

Showing off skin subtly is one of the best ways to look sexy and glamorous when trying out any look.

And showing skin doesn’t have to be a thing for the night only but also for the day. How?

If you are an avid follower of Macy Stucke on Instagram, you’ll know just how she loves taking her denim shorts to the streets!

3. A Touch of Camel

There’s just something so explicit about camel monochromes. When it comes to wearing camel, she does it even better!

Embracing camel from head to toe while letting the bag add a bit of contrast to the look is just admirable,right?

Well, floppy hats, sun hats, panama hats and cowboy hats are some of the type of hats you’ll need to stock in your closet.

They are such a perfect accessory that can not only work for a bad hair day but to also add a bit of sophistication to any look.

Macy Stucke wearing a camel floppy hat

Image Source: @Macy Stucke

Macy Stucke has this particular camel sun hat that is not only gorgeous but also goes so well with so many of her outfits; since camel is even such a neutral color to embrace this season.

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4.Denim Jeans Things!

If there is a type of pants anyone should be having, call them jeans. And especially skinny jeans.

They skim one’s figure so well and are also versatile.

And when they are in white, you can be sure of pairing them easily with other outfits.

Macy Stucke in skinny jeans

Image Source: @Macy Stucke

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5.Belts are her Thing!

Macy Stucke westing the Gucci belt

Image Source: @Macy Stucke

If you thought that belts were a man’s thing, then you are wrong.

It’s obvious to see many women not appreciating the polished touch a belt can add. Macy Stucke will hardly wear her denim shorts without a labeled belt.

I mean, the Gucci type and the fine metal detail takes the whole outfit to another level!

6. Designer Bags are a Huge Addition to her Looks

Frankly, I’ve never paid so much consideration to bags since I hardly walk around with them.

But wait, who can even leave a designer bag at home? A Gucci bag? Or a Chanel one? Just as Macy Stucke, I’d walk around with such a bag like crazy.

Macy Stucke carrying a designer bag

Image Source: @Macy Stucke

Not only are you assured of the durability of such a bag but also its sleek finish to your look.

7. She’ll Make You Reconsider Sunglasses

Macy Stucke wearing cute sunglasses

Image Source: @Macy Stucke

When it comes to eye wear, nothing spells chic like a cute pair of sunglasses.

Not only are sunglasses a fashion accessory but also  they also serve an important function in protecting the health of your eyes.

You definitely need a pair if you are the street guru!

8. She’ll Show you how Beige Stilettos are Versatile!

Macy Stucke in Beige stilletos

Image Source: @Macy Stucke

Before, I always thought that black or white stilettos were the way to go! But another color adds up; call it beige!

Nude heels are the perfect wardrobe staple because:

  • They go with everything. Many will agree that black can go with everything but for an even more polished color, get nude like beige. Beige even goes with denim! Definitely has no limits.
  • They’re classic. With a good quality pair that has no much trendy details, you can be sure of wearing them for years if you take good care of them.
Macy Stucke in beige stilletos

Image Source: @Macy Stucke

9. It is Normal to Repeat clothes and Look Amazing

Have you ever felt a bit awkward because you worry that people will note how you’ve wore Monday’s top on Wednesday?

Well, you are not alone! Even Macy Stucke does it!

Macy Stucke styling one top in various ways

Image Source: @Macy Stucke

But how does she do it?

  • She’ll switch up outfits and accessories! For instance: change the bottom or top, or add a layer to that look, use other accessories, or even change the shoe. That will not make it too obvious to people that you’ve repeated the outfit.

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10. ‘Anti-fit’ fashion and Thigh-Highs!

Macy Stucke in thigh highs

Image Source: @Macy Stucke

I’m glad that over-sized fashion is not only my jam but hers too.

She especially loves over-sized sweater dresses and shirt dresses; and finishes off her look with thigh high boots!

But how does she ensure she looks this good?

  • Goes long and loose– elongated hemlines of loose shirt dresses will leave you feeling confident about your look.
  • She is not shy– when wearing over-sized , one definitely needs a ton of confidence to walk around and look good and that’s just what she does best!
  • Prefers thigh highs! These integral wardrobe additions definitely give a fine and polished finish to any look.

Who wouldn’t even love such a combination?

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So are you convinced that Macy Stucke is a style guru? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below…