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Why Do Women Love Brazilian Hair? Read This Before Your Buy

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Why is Brazilian human hair weaves loved by all women?

Have you ever wondered why women are making a switch regarding their choices of hairs? Some are switching from braids to human hair weave and back.

Do you know that there are different kinds of hair extensions and human hairs in the market on the shelves of top hairdressers and salons?

If you haven’t noticed the emerging trend in the extension industry or if you haven’t heard of the special human hair weaves that celebrities use and top stylist recommend, then you must have been living under a rock for a long time.

Women all over the world are opting for Brazilian hair extensions as the first choice for their frontals and closures and general human hair weaves.

They are fast dumping the conventional hair extensions from Indian hairs to Peruvian hairs to weave and curls because of the length, luster, and texture of Brazilian hairs.

Welcome to the only place where you will get all the information you need about Brazilian human hair extensions: from where to buy both online and offline to how to maintain your human hair weave.

What is a Brazilian Hair Extension?

Why Do Women Love Brazilian Hair? Read This Before Your Buy

Usually called virgin Brazilian hair.

They are extremely beautiful and great looking hair extensions which come with their characteristic, straight, wavy or curly patterns.

Women all over the world, especially women of color always choose Brazilian hairs above other hair extensions because of the quasi-ethnic hair textures and their longevity.

Virgin Brazilian hair is often harvested from donors who live in Brazil or other countries within the South American region. These hairs are not treated with chemicals, and are tangle-resistant, and non-bleached, which makes them perfect choices for the user who would love to bleach their hairs.

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Characteristics of Brazilian Hair Weaves

Why Do Women Love Brazilian Hair? Read This Before Your Buy

Every hair has its distinctive features, which makes them attractive to the users. Indian hairs are known for their beautiful hair follicles and natural texture and curls.

Peruvian hair is straight thick and are known for their coarseness and are more brown than black. Malaysian hairs are incredibly silky, incredibly soft, and very dense.

The reason women love Brazilian hair is that:

  • They have the curls of Indian hairs,
  • They have the thickness of Peruvian hair,
  • And the silkiness of Malaysian hairs.
  • The hairs don’t fizz, and if you are the lady that loves full hair or the gentleman that loves full hair on their women, you would like Brazilian hairs.

How to know a pure virgin Brazilian human hair?

Why Do Women Love Brazilian Hair? Read This Before Your Buy

Are you a lady who loves running their hands through hairs on sale or hairs of strangers (with permission of course)?

There is a secret on how to know if the hair you are running your hands through is authentic, virgin, and good enough to break the bank for.

Here’s How…

ONE: If you run your hand through the hair, you will feel the wavy texture thick and wavy hair texture that Brazilian hairs are famous for.

TWO: There is another way to test if you are holding in your hand a virgin Brazilian extension. This method is known as the flame test. The buyer will have to snipe a piece of the hair on display (please do not snipe off a strangers’ hair) and place it above a lighter or a candle.

If the hair is virgin, it will not produce bright flame on contact with the candle. If it isn’t it will produce bright flame, which means that Brazilian human hair is a synthetic hair.

 How to wear your Brazilian human hair stylishly?

There are different ways that ladies who have opted for the choice of Brazilian hairs wear their hairs. And if you are in love with your hair extension and you are at a loss of how to wear the hair, here is how to wear yours:

  • You can wear your hair extension as a straight hair extension.
  • You can wear your human hair as a full lace wig.
  • You can wear your beautiful hair as a frontal or as a closure

Why Women are Choosing Brazilian Human Hair Weave

At this point in this article, it is expected that you already know how this special human hair weave looks and feel.

But this doesn’t answer the silent question this article silently asked. ‘Why is Brazilian hair loved by most women’?

The Brazilian human hairs can be described as the only human hair that fits the description “best of all worlds”.

From their texture to their length. From the amazing curls to the characteristic dark shade, nothing comes close to the beauty of Brazilian hairs.

Women are looking for hair extensions that are tangle-free, kink-free and easy to maintain, and it is only Brazilian hairs that can best give this kind of experience.

If you are looking for women with class, the Brazilian says it all.

Guess what? If you maintain your Brazilian hair very well, you can use it for as long as three years. Now you should know why women can’t seem to do without this amazing hair extension!

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Why Do Women Love Brazilian Hair? Read This Before Your Buy

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Do you also wear the Brazilians? How do you style and care for it? If you don’t, why haven’t you acquired the extension?

Would love to hear your thoughts below…



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  1. Nia De la torre says

    I have thick long hair, so I’ve never needed any more than what’s on my head! I could see how this would be useful for people that style their hair frequently and dont want the damage!

  2. Luna S says

    I’ve never tried hair extensions but they look like they could add quite a bit of volume. Thanks for the post!

  3. LuciWest says

    This is so fascinating! No, I did not know about Brazilian Hair – and I didn’t know about all the different kinds of hair extensions. I used to buy cheap wigs and extensions when I was younger to change my look just for the evening. All the nuances have passed me by. Thank you for teaching me something new.
    xx Luci

  4. HilLesha says

    I have never tried extensions before, but I have always loved the look. I’ll have to keep this advice in mind for the future!

  5. Arun Dahiya says

    Wow, these hair extensions look so awesome. Love Brazilian extensions and the curls . I love to use these during parties etc to give different styles.

  6. Wren LaPorte says

    I have always loved watching people volume up their hair and I am like… if only I knew how to use extension and was not so cheap! lol, They look so amazing and useful in so many ways!

  7. Khushboo says

    I have never tried hair extension but dont mind trying it sometimes. Thanks for sharing this

  8. Blairvillanueva says

    I was born with a thicker hair strands and good volume, but gets oily easily.
    Maybe I will try Brazilian once.

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