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5 Signs You Need to Update Your Skincare Routine & How To Update It

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5 Signs You Need to Update Your Skincare Routine

Is it time to update your skincare routine? Are you wondering how you’ll go about updating your skincare routine?

Well, updating your skincare routine is an absolute must, especially when the seasons are about to change, but do you know why is it so important to re-evaluate it frequently?

If the answer is ‘no’, be sure to stay with us and learn to identify the five big signs that you need to update your current skincare routine.

Check them out and do it right!

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5 Big Signs You Need To Update Your Skincare Routine

1. You have absolutely no idea when your products will expire

5 Signs You Need to Update Your Skincare Routine

If you’re a girl who doesn’t love to make changes in the current skincare routine – this one is for you!

Using and re-purchasing the same products time after time can get extremely tricky, simply because at some point you won’t be able to tell when you opened a particular product and when it will expire.


Do skincare products expire? Yes, they do.

Well, if you have never thought about tossing your skincare products, I advise you to since all skincare products expire. After that, you can update your skincare routine.

According to some experts, face masks should be tossed after 3 months, products that target acne after 4-6 months, and moisturizers after one year.

Of course, you should always pay attention to their smell and texture, as these can tell you if the product has gone bad or not.

Some products like sunscreen will have their expiry dates listed on their packaging but most of the beauty products actually don’t show this properly making it hard to determine their expiry dates.

In this case, consider the kind of product it is, its packaging, if preservative-free, where and how you had been keeping it all the while.

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2. You’ve moved to a new place

5 Big Signs You Need To Update Your Skincare Routine

Moving to a whole new place can undoubtedly wreak havoc on your skin, so make sure to get properly ready for that – even if you consider moving across the country.

A change in climate often means different humidity levels and harsher weather conditions than your complexion is familiar with.


The seasons can play a huge part in causing your skin to react negatively.

For example: during winter, many experience dryness in the face and the skin feels tight.

Besides that, the water you will use to shower is likely to be either harder or softer, too, which is another potential problem you may face.

So, if you feel dried out, switch to a thicker moisturizer with a richer formula.

On the other hand, if the air is a bit wetter, you should definitely opt for a gel-like cream or a lightweight moisturizer.

To fix this:

  • In winter when the air is dry and your skin suffers dryness:

1. Use a facial oil over your moisturizer that perfectly locks in moisture in your skin.

2. Switch to a cleansing milk or cleansing lotion which are soft on the skin and help to soothe your skin instead of your normal cleansing gel.

3. Use a hydrating toner that ensures maximum hydration on your skin.

5 Big Signs You Need To Update Your Skincare Routine

  • In Summer when the air is hot and humid, and your skin suffers more sebum production:

1. Use a sulfate-free foaming cleanser that offers a refreshing feel after washing.

2. Go for lightweight, non-comedogenic moisturizers that will be light on the skin and still not clog your pores.

3. Use mattifying and oil-control lotions to control shine.

4. Let your sunscreen be your best friend.

Apart from seasons, there could be changes in food, water, climate, pollution, and other factors that could make your skin behave differently.

In such a case, listen to your skin and adjust your skincare routine accordingly.

For example: if the water is not good for your face, consider buying distilled water.

If the city is crowded and has too much dust, consider bringing a hat along and also, avoid wiping your face over and over until you can get clean water to clean your face.

Just listen to your skin and you won’t make a mistake!

3. You’re either too dry or too oily

5 Signs You Need to Update Your Skincare Routine

Another important thing that indicates that you should update your skincare routine is the overall condition of your skin.

If it gets too oily, be sure to cut down on your favorite cleansers and scrubs, as these are highly likely to cause excess oiliness when you use them too frequently.

On the other hand, dry patches on your skin can also be quite frustrating – and this is true for both your face and your body in general.

Be sure to understand that particular ingredients, like alcohol, salicylic acid, and fragrances can cause dryness, so get products that don’t contain them.

Salicylic acid is good and also exfoliates your skin.

However, you should not use salicylic acid too long since it strips your outer skin tissues and could cause a significant sebum production in the long run.

You could use it for around three months before switching to deep hydrating ingredients.

As for treating dryness on your body, you can always try a brand new moisturizer or opt for your favorite spa treatments that target such issues.

5 Big Signs You Need To Update Your Skincare Routine


If your skin feels too dry after using your skincare products, check the ingredients, and be sure to avoid alcohol.

Instead, go for skincare ingredients that are so moisturizing like hyaluronic acid. You might want to use a moisturizing serum.

If your skin is too oily, go for mattifying ingredients or those that reduce the production of excess sebum on the skin.

4. You’re constantly breaking out

5 Signs You Need to Update Your Skincare Routine

Even though a couple of zits from time to time shouldn’t be alarming, the truth is that constant breakouts show that something is definitely wrong with your skincare.

You may be using the product that doesn’t agree with your skin type, or you’ve maybe used that particular product for too long – who knows, but you should definitely update your skincare routine as soon as possible.

Of course, you should also be aware of the fact that some products designed to treat acne will make your skin break out even more.

Reason? Well, it’s because certain products are designed to suck out the impurities that sit deep into your skin, which can result in a new breakout.

Just get properly informed and you’ll do a good job!

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5 Big Signs You Need To Update Your Skincare Routine


The easiest fix is to switch to gentle, calming, and soothing skin care ingredients formulated to work with sensitive skin.

Also, ensure you are keeping your skin as cool as possible by using hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid.

While ingredients like Centella Asiatica, chamomile, Bisabolol, Calendula Extract, Oatmeal, and cucumber seed oil are also good for sensitive skin, it is important to avoid ingredients like benzoyl peroxide if constantly breaking out.

Also, avoid physical scrubs and go for chemical exfoliators.

5. Your pores are visibly clogged

5 Signs You Need to Update Your Skincare Routine

Last but not least, you should undoubtedly update your skincare routine once you realize that your pores are visibly clogged.

So, if your pores are noticeably large, and you have a lot of blackheads or whiteheads that can’t be dealt with so easily, it’s about time you switched to deep-cleansing products that will do the job for you.

You should probably switch to a more lightweight moisturizer since heavy ones sometimes won’t let your skin breathe and therefore clog your pores.

If that still isn’t enough, you should see a dermatologist and get something that really works for your skin type.

5 Big Signs You Need To Update Your Skincare Routine


It’s about time you considered a deep cleanse to significantly unclog your pores in this case. Masks are very efficient in deep cleansing as well as skincare devices.

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5 Signs You Need to Update Your Skincare Routine


It is very important to know how to update your skincare routine once you understand that it is time you updated your skincare routine.

So how do you go about that?

Tips On How To Revamp Your Skincare Routine

TIP 1: Quit Your Current Skincare Products.

Before getting new skincare products, your skin could actually use a breather.

This is particularly important if you had been using prescribed products like benzoyl peroxide for your acne.

But since the skin tends to rupture as you quit with prescribed products, cut down the usage gradually until your skin can do without it.

This could take up to 6 months. In the meantime, you could be getting serious with your diet, detoxify your body and drink more water.

5 Big Signs You Need To Update Your Skincare Routine

TIP 2: Visit A Dermatologist

Professional help is very important especially when it comes to your skin.

Let your dermatologist advise you on the best procedures for your skin while you update your skincare.

This is particularly important when you have very sensitive skin.

TIP 3: Get A Serum For Your Skin

The serum is the most effective skincare product since it contains the most active ingredient for your condition.

For example: if you have acne, consider getting anti-acne serum while if you suffer from hyper-pigmentation, an even-out serum would come in handy.

TIP 4: Ensure You Have Sunscreen

Sunscreen is not only important for summer months but also, every other day since it helps against skin pigmentation from too many UV rays.

TIP 5: Go Neutral With Your Skincare Ingredients

Normally, when I feel like my skincare routine needs an update, I go for very gentle skincare ingredients like aloe vera for almost a month before I can move into another routine.

This allows the skin to regain its balance hence gets to work well even on a new regimen.

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5 Big Signs You Need To Update Your Skincare Routine

TIP 6: Go For Skincare Devices

Thanks to tech, maintaining a healthy skincare routine has been made easy.

Unlike before when one had to visit a dermatologist every time for a skin procedure or anesthetic for some deep skin cleanses, it is actually possible to do it at home.

5 Big Signs You Need To Update Your Skincare Routine

TIP 7: Embrace Smart Phone Skin Care

Apart from skincare devices, we also have skincare apps that can help you maintain a healthy skincare routine.

Recommended apps include:

  • Trove Skin – helps you track the progress of your skincare routine through a skin diary consisting of your scanned skin photos over time.
  • Skin Smart- your personal skincare journal. With this app, you can add all the skincare products you’re using, active ingredients, the time of use, and much more.

Hence, you can track your routine in a calendar as you visualize your progress.

This app is particularly important for those who have a lot of skincare products to use. It can also work on makeup products.

  • Think Dirty that makes it easy to learn about the potential toxic ingredients in your products.

This app will come in handy as you purchase skincare products since you can scan the bar code and Think Dirty will give you info about the product, track toxic ingredients allowing you to shop for cleaner products.

The app tells you the UV Index at a time, tells you how long you can be in the sun without sunscreen and also reminds you to wear sunscreen.

  • Drink Water Tracker that reminds you to drink water on time so that your skin can be healthier.

Each of these five issues is a clear sign that you need to update your skincare routine as soon as possible, so be sure to identify any of them in time and give your skin what it deserves – only the best!

Look good daily!


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