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Rules To Apply Perfume ft. the Tom Ford Rose Prick Perfume For Women

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The right fragrance can make you feel a million dollars; it’s that subtle yet incredible icing on the cake. And Tom Ford knows how to make every woman feel more feminine, thanks to their perfumes!

I’m currently using the Tom Ford Rose Prick perfume and I must say that it has supercharged my confidence even further.

Why Is Fragrance Important?

An amazing fragrance can subtly alter the mood of those around you in a positive way, particularly, if it makes you feel incredible! You will notice a positive subconscious shift in those around you because of your confident body language.

Above all, for women who desire to look and feel more elegant and sophisticated, then wearing a perfume that is perhaps a little more expensive and limited-edition than the norm will seem to trigger a feeling of elegance inside you. You will just feel more special and sophisticated.

Just like any other accessory to an outfit – such as a scarf, necklace, or pair of earrings, the fragrance is the most intimate way of sharing a little bit about your innermost thoughts and character.

Perfume Tip…

Always think about where you’re going before wearing your perfume. If you’re going to work or wearing it throughout the day, keep your scent subtle and not too oversaturated. This ensures your comfort and for those around you too.

On the flip side, if you’re going out, then keep it sensual. You want to stand out at the end of the day!

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How To Wear Perfume In Order To Leave A Lasting Impression

I Love the Tom Ford Perfume For Women! And Here Are The Rules On How To Apply Perfume

We are all born with five senses of scent, sight, taste, sound, and touch. Scent and sight are definitely the very first impression that someone may have of you, but it will likely be a scent that leaves a lasting impression. 

No wonder people wear scents on their first dates so that they can make an impact!

This brings me to my next point. If you are feeling confident and therefore attractive, then naturally you will leave a lasting impression. So, here’s how to wear perfume correctly and preserve the integrity of the scent:

1. Apply Perfume Directly On Moisturized Skin

To make your fragrance last longer, you want to apply it right after your shower and not on dry skin since the moisture helps lock in the scent. This keeps the scent better.

Also, moisturize your skin before wearing the perfume. If your skin is a bit oily (from using an oil-based moisturizer), spray a little perfume there. Oil helps trap fragrance and will keep the scent around that area for hours.

You can use an unscented body lotion or one with a similar scent for perfect layering!

Using matching scents assists your scent in lasting throughout the day. Consider investing in matching sets, for instance, using similarly scented lotions, body washes, deodorants, or creams.

Also, if you wear deodorant, pick one with a neutrals cent to ensure it does not interrupt the scent of your fragrance. Apply your deodorant first, then wear perfume on your pulse points.

Perfume Tip…

To make the scent of perfume last longer, apply a little Vaseline on your pulse points to hold the fragrance before spraying your perfume. 

2. Just Spray The Perfume On Pulse Points

Apply perfume to the right points to make the scent last longer. Thus, your pulse points ( areas where the arteries are closest to the skin’s surface and you can feel your heartbeat) should be the target areas.

These points emanate heat, which helps your fragrance release into the air. They include these spots:

  • Behind the ear. Also, spray perfume on top of your ears as this area is a little bit oilier and it holds scent.
  • At the base of the throat,
  • On the wrists,
  • Behind the knees,
  • Inside the inner elbow.

Give a direct spritz on these pulse points to keep your fragrance fresh around your skin all day. 

For the best fragrance experience, hold the bottle anywhere from three to six inches away. This prevents large perfume drops from falling on your skin.

Also, be careful to not overspray as too heavy perfumes might cause headaches not just to you but also to those around you. Thus, two to three sprays are often enough.

Perfume Tip…

Though you want to spray fragrance onto high-heat areas, you should avoid spraying perfume into your armpits. Combining sweat glands with high-alcohol fragrances could result in uncomfortable itching and burning of irritation.

3. Don’t Rub!

If you’ve been guilty of dabbing perfume on your wrist and rubbing them together or then pressing them together before reaching for your neck, please stop this bad perfume habit.

Rubbing breaks down the fragrance molecules faster, making the top noted disappear faster. Thus, the scent doesn’t last long.

To preserve the integrity of your fragrance and also ensure it lasts longer on your skin, just give a direct spray to either wrist or neck, and don’t rub them together.

Let the perfume sink in and then do absolutely nothing at all for a fragrance experience you’ll be able to smell all day.

Perfume Tip…

If you’ve worn too much perfume, feel free to remove some of it using makeup wipes then you can reapply in the right proportions.

4. Don’t Mist

Are you one of those ladies who sprays a cloud of perfume into the air and then walks through it?

Well, don’t do that as you’ll just be wasting the product and the scent will evaporate shortly afterward. Instead, use a direct spritz on moisturized skin to keep the perfume scent on you for longer.

5. Apply Perfume on your Hair Brush

Spraying an alcohol-based fragrance directly onto your hair will dry it out, so instead spray the fragrance on your hairbrush before running it through your hair. Your hair will be lightly scented and undamaged.

Remember to wash your hair because natural oils in your hair can affect the scent.

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Perfume Tip…

Always store your perfume bottles in a cool, dark, and dry place, like on the vanity, dresser, or in a closet. and away from windows. 

Also, avoid storing perfumes in your bathroom because high heat from steam, bright light, and humidity will break down the perfume and lessen the quality and intensity of the fragrance. 

The Tom Ford Rose Prick Perfume Review

The Tom Ford Rose Prick perfume was launched in 2020, and the fragrance is inspired by intoxicating and rare hybrids; a trilogy of Rose de Mai, Turkish, and the rare Bulgarian roses from Tom Ford’s own rose garden.

BEST FORFor women. However, men too can wear it but it might be too light and not deep enough for men.
KEY INGREDIENTSRose de Mai, Turkish rose, Bulgarian rose
Top Notes: Sichuan Pepper and Turmeric
Heart Notes: Turkish Rose, Bulgarian Rose, May Rose
Base Notes: Patchouli, Tonka Bean
PACKAGINGThe 50 ml bottle comes in a matte opaque rose-pink finish, capped with a matte black metal inset.

Tom Ford Rose Prick is also available in an opulent 250 ml decanter, and 30ml and 100ml bottles.
ABOUT THE BRANDTom Ford is a designer label known for mastering and combining style and substance, debuting one timeless and covetable fragrance after another, both for women and men.

My Scent Choice

Growing up, I didn’t appreciate any scents, whether odor or good. I always preferred staying neutral because I’d get nauseated really quickly and throw up.

But over time, this sensitivity ceased and I started wearing more scents. I started using perfumed lotions, body creams, and soaps and by now, I’m definitely a scent lover!

My preferred scent is either fresh-smelling, deep woody, or subtle floral. I also don’t like highly concentrated perfumes at all! I also don’t like the fake, mass-market, or cheap perfumes because their formulations make me nauseated.

Fragrance Kind: Floral With A Touch of Spice

The Tom Ford Rose Prick perfume is a floral fragrance that is very rosey. It also features a spicy top, that is, the first scent that hits your nose upon spraying.

This perfume also has some sort of deepness to it: the bases of patchouli give it some earthiness to ground the fragrance making it last longer and tonka bean gives it some sweetness.

The scent is very seductive and this enhances an aura of femininity. Would be perfect for a date, including Valentine’s date night.


The spray gives a fine mist that can be too much for one spritz. So, hold the bottle a few inches away from you and just use one spritz.

Over-spraying can be quite overpowering and usually, I find that one to two spritz is enough for me.

Upon spraying, you get a spicy kick of a crisp peppery scent that fades almost too soon to reveal the rose notes.

A few seconds later as the perfume dries down, the rose is more evident but becomes a little creamy with a hint of spiciness in the background. And patchouli steps in, to ground the scent.


The Tom Ford Rose Prick perfume does not have that much of a projection. While you can really smell the scent right after application, it tends to fade away in a couple of minutes, at most 30 to 45 minutes.

As the perfume dries down, it becomes more like a skin scent and does not impact when you walk into a room. You might have to smell your skin directly to remember that you still have this beautiful scent going on.

Perfume Tip…

If you want to turn heads while walking into a room, then use another spritz of your perfume as soon as you get to the venue.

Spray cotton swabs with your Tom Ford perfume and place them in sandwich bags inside your bag for quick touch-ups throughout the day

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Lasting Power

This scent might last longer for women than men because of men’s high rate of metabolism that might end up breaking down the perfume particles too soon.

All in all, the scent still is not as long-lasting as you would prefer for such an amazing fragrance. The scent typically lingers for about an hour then becomes a skin scent, and lasts a few more hours.

After that, I can barely smell the projection, I have to smell my skin directly.

What I do, however, is smooth Vaseline petroleum jelly or body oil on my pulse points to help trap the fragrance so it can last longer.

Also, as the perfume settles, the rose scent is indeed unique, quite warm and still, a little sweet and spicy. It is also not heavy and leans more to a feminine scent.

Price & Value

The Tom Ford Rose Prick perfume is a pretty penny for sure.

Her soft baby pink and super minimalist packaging is splendid, and if you’re like me, you might end up buying it for the packaging too. She adorns your dresser for sure!

In fact, the inside of the packaging is black and we know that storing perfume in dark places enhances longevity.

However, for the high price point, you would want to buy impact and longevity. If these are your considerations when buying perfume, you might nit want to pick this one.

Verdict: Perfect for Women

I consider the Tom Ford Rose Prick perfume a sensual one because it becomes a skin scent too soon, and to experience its seductive power, you ought to smell it actually.

This makes it perfect for women and especially worn when going out on dates or to enhance the mood of any romantic moment with your partner.

It is gently sweet, not a heavy hitter, and very feminine. As a woman, you will feel more elegant and in touch with yourself when you wear this perfume.

As a woman, I would wear this scent for special occasions on not on a day-to-day basis. (Try the hacks I’ve shared within this article to make your scent more impactful, and last longer)

However, I don’t find this scent a good choice for men because it has a gentle and light sweetness to it that might not be appealing to men who prefer a darker and deeper sweetness.

If you’re looking for a new signature scent for a man or your beloved ones this season, we recommend wearing one of these 15 best fall fragrances at SenseOrient. They are masculine without being too strong and will keep you feeling confident all day long.

I would buy it again, for special occasions only! This is not your typical day-to-day fragrance.

Perfume Tip…

While spraying perfume on clothes makes it last longer, you might run the risk of staining your clothes, especially if it’s in silk or satin.

But if you can’t help it,  try spritzing some perfume in the air and waving your clothes around in it, or spritzing a bit on the inner lining of your coat or blazer. A light wafting of your favorite perfume will grab on to you, wherever you go.

However, it is better to avoid spraying it on clothes, and instead, apply on your pulse points, which are not covered with clothes.

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Rules To Apply Perfume ft. the Tom Ford Rose Prick Perfume For Women

Have you tried the Tom Ford Rose Prick perfume? What’s your experience? And how do you apply your perfume?

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