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This Conditioning Shampoo Bar Sped Up My Hair Wash Day Routine!

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Disclaimer:  We received the Elegant Rose Boutique Silk Conditioner Shampoo Bar from Made For Me as mentioned in this article for free. Regardless, our beauty editor & blogger, Just Natonya got to independently research and test the product during her hair wash days. Thus, this recommendation shared is thoughtful and unbiased. 

Regardless of black, ginger, brown, blonde, gray, curly, afro, coily, wavy, or straight, all hair types can achieve their full potential in growth and health. Every woman desires to obtain voluminous tresses that are in good condition.

No matter the type, any woman can have the hair of her dreams by focusing on one main area, the scalp.

Healthy hair growth starts with the scalp, therefore it’s essential to use fresh and stimulating ingredients to keep the area clean and free of any issues.

Whether through hot oil treatments or repairing scrubs, the status of your scalp makes a difference in growing long healthy hair.

Background on My Curly Natural Hair

Lexi Noel Beauty's Hydrating Conditioner Restored My Type 4 Curls!

As someone with type 4 and high porosity natural hair, my main focus is adding moisture back into my curls.

High porosity strands thrive from the layering of products. I use butters and gels to lay my hair cuticles flat and lock in the moisture to keep my hair from drying out.

Dry hair causes breakage, which stunts hair growth.

Dirty hair can’t grow.

But with all the stuff I put on my hair throughout the week, it’s important I use a quality shampoo to remove product buildup so my hair continues to grow.

Since I have high porosity hair and my cuticles are raised, I need a shampoo that’s gentle but effective to avoid damage and limit frizz.

Elegant Rose Boutique Silk Conditioner Bar Review

This Conditioning Shampoo Bar Sped Up My Wash Day Routine!

To continue my hair growth journey, Dalene allowed me to use the Elegant Rose Boutique Silk Conditioner Shampoo Bar from madeFORme during my hair wash days.

After my pleasant experience with the Lexi Noel Beauty Hydrating Conditioner on my curly hair, I just knew the shampoo bar wouldn’t disappoint since madeFORme carries natural and organic beauty products for prominent results.

The shampoo bar soap is filled with organic oils such as palm, castor, wheat germ, avocado, jojoba to ensure each strand is properly nourished.

It also includes saponified coconut oil as a natural ingredient to give the shampoo a lather without adding sulfates. For extra moisturizing properties organic cocoa butter, Shea butter, water, and coconut milk is added.

Spoiler Alert:

Elegant Rose Boutique Silk Conditioning Shampoo Bar is excellent on my naturally coily hair and I’m definitely purchasing it for myself!

Here’s why:

This Conditioning Shampoo Bar Sped Up My Wash Day Routine!

Besides the use of organic ingredients, the shampoo bar gently removes product buildup and clarifies my hair.

After applying tons of gel to my curls weekly, I need a strong yet gentle shampoo to remove it so I have a clean base for my styling process.

However, the ultimate winning factor for me is no need to pre-poo! Typically on wash day, I have to pre-poo by detangling my coils with olive or avocado oil before shampooing to make the cleansing process faster and easier.

This conditioning shampoo bar is so moisturizing with enough slip to glide through my tangles and help reduce unnecessary breakage. So now I can remove the pre-poo step from my wash day routine.

Only one issue…

I’ll be honest, my only complaint is the misleading label. When I first used the shampoo, I thought it was a conditioner because the packaging label states “conditioner bar”.

I ended up applying it on my hair after cleansing my hair with a different shampoo only to realize the Elegant Rose Boutique conditioning bar was a shampoo because of the sudsy soapy consistency.

I would advise that Elegant Rose Boutique change the label to “conditioning shampoo bar” to avoid throwing off “first-time shampoo bar soap users” like myself.

How to use a shampoo bar on natural hair?

I suggest first drenching your hair in water, then wet the shampoo bar a bit, and lather it into your hands.

I did try rubbing the bar directly onto my hair shaft and scalp but found better results in lathering the bar into my hands and apply the suds to my hair and scalp.

Trying out these new organic products has made a huge difference in the growth and overall health of my hair.

As I continue down my hair journey, investing in top quality products made to enhance my locks and not limit growth with harsh ingredients is a priority over price. While I’m not trying to overspend on hair care stuff, I do want my purchasing habits as an investment.

Yes, some brands are quite expensive but those items tend to be highly concentrated and worth the money in the long-run. It’s just a matter of making a smart decision and an investment for proper results.

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    This Conditioning Shampoo Bar Sped Up My Wash Day Routine!


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