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Beauty Talk: The Best Skincare Tips For A Great Skin

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Is your skincare routine disappointing? Then you’re welcome to learn amazing skincare tips for a great skin here!

Everyone wants to achieve a flawless complexion and have that great skin but unfortunately, it is not as easy as we think, especially if you have skin conditions like acne, pimples, flaky skin, dry skin or oiliness.

Good thing is that when you maintain a skincare routine; most especially, if you understand what skincare tips work for you and faithfully follow up with them, you can achieve a great skin.

Well, I asked the experts- a makeup artist, beauty bloggers and skincare therapist for their best secrets to a great skin and let us hear what these skincare gurus have to say about getting a great skin.

They all shared the skincare tips that helped them achieve great skin.

Here’s what I asked them:

  • What are three basic skincare steps that have made your skin as great as it is?
  • Briefly tell us how you shop for skincare products.
  • Give a list of your must have skincare products including why you love them.

1. Kasia Olszewski;

The Beauty Blogger from Beauty For The Brain

Beauty Talk: The Best Skincare Tips For A Great Skin

Skincare hasn’t always been my favorite part of the day, but it is now a practice I am very fond of. So if I had to share three tips, they would be:

  • Stay Consistent. I’m not talking about product-wise, I’m talking about time wise. Make sure to do your routine every day (or night if that’s what you like.)
  • Experiment with Products. How will you know if another product is better for your skin if you never try it? Don’t be afraid to break out of your “one-product-comfort-zone.”
  • Don’t give up. You aren’t going to see results overnight, but that doesn’t mean you should give up!!

I personally shop for most of my skincare products online through Ulta or Amazon – it’s just more convenient. My go-to skincare products are:

  • Pacifica Seafoam Complete Facewash. If I had to choose one reason why I use this face wash, it would be because it doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin. I did a full review on this as well, which you can view
  • Coconut Oil. I know this isn’t a specific brand product, but coconut oil is the cure for everything! I specifically use this around the crevices of my nose and underneath my eyes to help with dryness.
  • Foreo Play Plus. This is a small cleanser device that has silicone bristles that vibrate to clean your pores. My skin is so sensitive, so I can’t use most brush bristle heads. And honestly, I can’t live without my Foreo.
  • Even in the Winter, sunscreen is so essential. I personally use a SPF 50+ from Pacifica.
  • Tonic or Toner. I use the Gem Water Cleansing Tonic from Pacifica to help get off any last-minute makeup. I love it because it’s so refreshing on my pores and easily cleans each crevice.

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2. Sophie;

The Makeup Artist

Beauty Talk: The Best Skincare Tips For A Great Skin

As a makeup artist, I understand that to for your makeup to look flawless and at its best, you must strive to have that great skin.

My basic skincare steps include cleansing, using a serum and moisturizing.

I’m a geek when it comes to beauty products so I always pay attention to the ingredients whenever in the products I use ensuring they won’t harm my face.

Since my skin is dehydrated, I look out for hyaluronic acid which is a super product when it comes to hydrating the skin.

It also has anti-aging properties. I also look out for aloe vera for its soothing properties.

My current skincare favorites include the Advanced night repair serum by Estee Lauder that’s a perfect night cream and face and body moisturizers by MAC which is super moisturizing and light on the skin.

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3. Bethany Boggs;

The Skin Therapist

Beauty Talk: The Best Skincare Tips For A Great Skin

Bethany Boggs is a licensed skin therapist. She is a “mommy” blogger, pregnancy, parenting and wellness writer and mommy of two.

Three of the most important things I do to maintain my skin’s appearance are:

  • I don’t buy cheap cleansers from drug stores. I stick with mainly Dermalogica. They are a salon quality brand that we were trained with at beauty school. They have cleansers for every skin type and a wide variety of products.
  • I use a facial mask at least once a week. These, I do buy cheap. Sometimes I will even make one but mostly I’ll buy the cheap one time use masks from Walmart. They work just as well and are fun to use.
  • I have eczema, so I use eczema lotion regularly when I am in the middle of an outbreak, if I’m not, I use Dermalogica moisturizer.

When I shop for skincare; I make sure I don’t look at price.

I generally will not buy generic or drugstore skincare products, I try to stick with Dermalogica. The only exceptions are Eczema lotions and body wash.

I buy Aveeno for those and I go to Walmart for my facial masks and get the 2.00 one time use, or 3-4 time use packs.

There are five products I highly recommend. I keep my skin looking smooth and break out free. People typically don’t believe I’m 30.

This is great to remove make up, it’s great to even removed oil-based stains in clothing (they showed us in beauty school) and it’s made to go as a pre-cleanser.

It helps remove oil and make up from your skin and works with the cleanser to get a deep cleanse.

  • Dermalogica Cleanser– they make a wide variety of cleansers for all skin types.
  • A good exfoliator.

The one I prefer is the Dermalogica’s microfoliant.

It’s made for all skin types and is gentle enough to use daily but using a normal exfoliator is best one to three times a week.

  • Good facial masks.

This is one of the few exceptions to my “no drug store” rule. I buy the 2.00 one time use masks from Walmart.

Clay based masks are good if you have oily or acne prone skin and if your skin is drier, you need one that says it’s for hydration or moisturizing.

Dermalogica has several, look for daytime so it will have an SPF since SPF is needed, even in the middle of winter.

These will vary depending on skin type/condition but Dermalogica has products for all skin types.

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4.  Rupy;

Beauty Blogger From The Beauty Flicks

Beauty Talk: The Best Skincare Tips For A Great Skin

Hi, My name is Rupy and I am a beauty and health blogger from India.

I love to use homemade remedies as well as some skin care products to pamper my skin.

At this time, my skin is at its best condition due to these products and remedies.

My daily skin care routine includes: cleansing, toning and moisturizing.

I follow these three basic steps every day before going to sleep. I prefer to use those beauty products that are paraben and sulfate free.

In addition, Skincare has to feel and smell good for me. So, I try to buy the products that smell good and feel light on my skin.

Must have products for me are: a cleanser, toner, moisturizer, Sunscreen lotion, rosewater and aloe vera gel ( A essential product for my skin and hair)

From all these skincare gurus, we learn these 10 important tips:


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Source: @JoyKendi

1.Find out your skin type.

This has to be the first step to a great skin because one you understand your skin type; you’ll know what products work best for you.

I mean, were you told that salicylic acid was good for oily skin? And hyaluronic acid great for dehydrated skin? Girl, you’ve got to use that!

2. Understand your skin condition in order to give your skin what it needs.

Your skin condition defines the situation your skin is at the moment. Do you have acne, rashes or eczema? Then have that in mind as you purchase your skincare products.

For instance: is it acne slowly becoming your point of concern? Then get pore purifiers that will ensure you get happy cleaner pores for acne-free skin.

3. Your cleanser is the most dangerous skincare product!

This I’ll agree with!

You must always be keen when buying cleansers, ensuring they serve the purpose. Is it removing makeup or just cleaning up sweat and dirt? As well, is it for your skin?

Since the cleanser is the first step of every skincare routine, it can distort or properly cleanse the whole of your face depending on how you get it.

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4. Don’t always go for random skincare products.

Just because your friend told you that the drugstore serum worked for them doesn’t mean it will work for you. Or that home remedy for acne.

You must get down to the basics of your skin and buy dermatologically-tested and approved skincare products.

Or rather, be very clean and open-minded when handling homemade recipes.

5. Be faithful to your skincare routine.

Once you establish what works for you, it takes time for your skin to show out its best. Should you use an acne cream twice a week or a spot treatment once a day?

Then follow that to the latter and yourself smile your way to a great skin.

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6. Look into ingredients of skin care products before buying them.

We have heard that parabens, sulfates, and alcohols are not favorable for our skin, right? Then why do you go for a cleanser with parabens which are known to disrupt hormone function?

And why your moisturizer that has sulfates that can significantly strip away the natural oils off your skin?

And again, alcohol can really dehydrate your skin!

I’d advise that as you buy a skincare product, google those main ingredients so that you’ll know what your skin will be feeding on as you use the product.

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7. Wear sunscreen.

With the dangerously increasing rates of skin cancer, we should be using sunblock as much as we can.

Dermatologists advise that sunblock should be worn last on our faces and twenty to thirty minutes before leaving the house to allow it to soak into the skin in order to properly function.

8. Listen to your skin.

Your skin will always let you know what works best for it.

For example: using clean hands, feel its texture to know even if you require an exfoliation.

Look at the mirror and see if you’re developing bumps and pimples to know if you should quit on a particular ingredient.

If you develop a habit of listening to your skin, you will only stick to what works best for you.

9. Get quality dermatological help for your skin at times.

Talk about hydra-facials, red light therapy, chemical peels, or dermatological prescription in regards to your skincare products.

In case your skin is in its worse condition, visit a dermatologist for medical help.

10. Don’t give up! Love your skin!

You will get great skin over time and not just overnight.

So, remember to keep on being happy and smile always. Eat healthy majorly incorporating fruits and vegetables in your diet and exercise as much as you can in order to detoxify your skin. Take a lot of water too! It really helps to hydrate your skin, inside-out!

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Well, it’s time to employ these skincare tips for that great skin, right?

Please share with us how you maintain your beautiful skin and what of these skincare tips will you be willing to incorporate in your skincare routine in the comments section below…

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Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post between Dalene Ekirapa and all the featured skincare enthusiasts who all gave their honest contribution.



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  1. Kathy Myers says

    I just recently really started taking care of my skin and having a nightly skin care regimen, I had no idea about the Dermalogica but will add it to my must-have list. I can already tell a difference!

  2. Kristine Nicole Alessandra says

    My biggest problem area is my heels. No matter what I do, they are always dry and cracked. I will have to find a solution to this skin issue I have had for years. Maybe because I am diabetic? I don’t know. Anyway, thank you for sharing your skin care tips!

  3. Jen says

    I admire women who follow a routine and regimen of cleansing, toning, moisturizer etc. I have never gotten used to that routine. I do it for a few days and then stop!

  4. Natalia says

    I’ve always wanted to have nice skin, unfortunately I’ve been struggling with acne for years. Hope these tips will help me to get rid off my problem soon! 🙂

  5. kumamonjeng says

    I think i need a dermalogical cleaner as I have been using make up almost every day and I guess it is good to have a total clean up for my pores.

  6. Brandy says

    These are some great skin care tips. I appreciate you sharing them, as I needed to hear some new tips. My skin is not enjoying winter season.

  7. Sundeep says

    These are some amazing tips. Without wasting time I am posting this blog to my beauty bloggers group. Thanks again

  8. Binge on Basics says

    This is a great skincare guide for a healthy and flawless looking skin. I also take care of my skin very much so I can relate to all these points. These are indeed the best tips

  9. GladysNava says

    Skin care is so so important, and those tips you share are awesome. Thanks for letting us know all that. Great tips!

  10. Gavin says

    I get my tips from my sis who is a beautician. After reading this though I might change a couple things around

  11. Alexandra Cook says

    I’ve recently started using toner in my routine. I’ve seen a big difference and I’m adding one thing at a time.

  12. Shweta koul says

    I totally agree with the one product comfort zone tip, we have to try other options also. I’ve recently switched to a new moisturizer for my face and the results are pretty awesome. my skin becomes great and flawless. Initially, I was worried about the results but know I’m pretty much satisfied.

  13. Kasia Olszewski says

    Thank you for allowing me to take part in this wonderful post! I enjoyed reading through the tips for the others as well, and I think I’ll be switching a few things around in my routine now.

  14. Bindu Thomas says

    These tips are really helpful for great skin. I’ll keep this in mind for sure. Thanks for sharing.

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