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Tennis Skirts Outfits To Try: Stylish Ideas To Dress Up A Tennis Skirt

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Tennis skirts have been trending this summer and women are taking this athleisure trend to the streets. If you’ve scrolled through Instagram, you must have seen tennis skirts outfits that are super stylish for off-the-court wear.

Tennis skirts are super versatile because they can look chic, preppy, sporty, or flirty depending on how you dress it up.

Tennis Skirts Outfits To Try: Stylish Ideas To Dress Up A Tennis Skirt
Courtesy: Lucy Page

Given that sporty-chic styles aren’t going anywhere in the style world, we rounded up a bunch of fashionable tennis skirts outfits that’ll make you look like a grown woman.

So, don’t do away with wearing these skirts because, with our tips, you can wear tennis skirts and look classy.

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How to Dress Up A Tennis Skirt: Tips to Keep in Mind

Let’s admit it. Tennis skirts, particularly, in white have such a sporty vibe to them, thus they look super casual. Not every woman would want to look like they just came off the court.

That’s why we recommend dressing up your tennis skirt so your look is dressier and can be worn anywhere, even in a more formal setting. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

1. Wear White Tennis Skirts for Casual Looks

Tennis Skirts Outfits To Try: Stylish Ideas To Dress Up A Tennis Skirt
Courtesy: Emily Shak

For those continuing to celebrate the sport from home, the classic white tennis skirt remains to be the activewear of choice. These skirts have a casually cool vibe that is perfect for summer.

A white tennis skirt, cozy crewneck, high white socks, and white sneakers is an outfit combo that will never fail you. Add a button-down underneath the sweater to complete this preppy ‘fit or simple white tee.

While you can dress up a white tennis skirt with darker tops for a more formal look, they are perfect if you want a fun summer look. Another look that works is a white monochromatic ensemble!

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2. Dress up your Black Tennis Skirts for More Formal Occasions

The best go-to item for building an outfit when you have no idea what to wear is a black skirt. A classic black tennis skirt is the ultimate base for any look that’s posh and easy to wear. 

So, for a more classic look, go for a black tennis skirt and pick your favorite top, and wear it as it is or underneath an oversized blazer.

Finish your look with long boots or heels for a classier look, or white sneakers for a laid-back look.

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3. Try a Plaid Tennis Skirt

Plaid skirts — especially the short, pleated varieties — are popping up everywhere, inspiring us to get a little preppy. Particularly in the colder months, the plaid tennis skirt is the key to your enviable fall ensembles.

It’s incredibly versatile—depending on the style, you can wear a plaid skirt with heels for a night out, boots, or even flats. Plus, a plaid skirt can seamlessly transition from day to night.

Coordinate your plaid skirt with a matching blazer, pair with a neutral top in black or white; or even, pair with a top drawing its color from one of those of your skirt.

4. Wear Leather

When it’s still too early to break out the fall season’s heavier pieces like cozy sweaters, oversize coats, and over-the-knee boots, the leather skirt can pull double duty, and well into the season.

Leather skirts are cool, and they’ll add a dose of edge to any outfit. And for a tennis skirt, leather makes it such a sophisticated choice.

Whether paired with a tucked-in blouse or oversized sweater and a pair of high heels, boots, or sneakers, there’s a way to style a black leather tennis skirt for the change in seasons that anyone can get into.

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5. Be Graceful

The tennis skirt has really exploded as a street style favorite worn with anything from crop tops to oversized sweaters. However, for such a short outfit, you have to be graceful when you walk, bend and sit.

How you carry yourself in a tennis skirt matters. Sitting and bending takes a little practice to prevent flashing more than you wish the public around you to see.

To sit gracefully, press your legs and especially your knees together to avoid exposing yourself.

Always begin by smoothing your skirt down with a brush of the hands, step back toward the chair, keep your back straight as you lower yourself into the chair, and sit up straight, keeping your hands in your lap to keep your skirt from creeping up.

When bending in a tennis skirt, bend from the knees, not from the waist. For ensured coverage, use one hand to hold your skirt against your legs, just below the butt, as you bend.

Additionally, when you are treading in high heels or flats, your posture defines a lot about your walking style. Walk gracefully, giving your posture a little maintenance. Here’s how: pull out your neck, keep your shoulders straight and walk with an upright back.

Trust me, pulling your figure straight gives the illusion of a higher height than you actually have while posture maintenance arms you with confidence, which is great for your health and style figure.

Also, avoid running while in your tennis skirts, and instead, walk fast if you’re in a hurry.

6. Get Your Undergarments Right

Usually, tennis skirts have a short length and most of them feature built-in shorts that are stretchy and flexible, designed specifically for tennis players. Thus, called ‘skorts‘, or ‘skirts with built-in shorts‘.

In practice, other tennis players will almost always wear their tennis skirts with spandex-type ball-shorts with a pocket.

With fashion designers incorporating tennis skirts within their collections, there are a ton of options to choose from, from tennis skorts to short pleated minis and flared minis; and many women are embracing the pleated minis which call for proper undergarments because they have no in-built shorts.

For practicality, get your undergarments right if you choose tennis skirts with no inside shorts. Spandex shorts, mid-thigh shorts, and biker shorts are perfect!

Whether you are bending down to pick something, it is crucial that you feel comfortable and covered. It’s always a relief to know that you are appropriately covered if your skirt blows around in the wind.

You can also decide to

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7. Show Skin Subtly

Tennis Skirts Outfits To Try: Stylish Ideas To Dress Up A Tennis Skirt
Courtesy: Mayarxwe

When putting together your tennis skirts outfits, you want to look feminine and not sexy and tacky. The key is to show off your legs (thanks to this mini skirt) and cover your top half to avoid drawing attention all over your body.

You only want to show off just the right amount of skin. For a short bottom, pair it with a modest top choice.

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You may think that a tennis skirt is too sexy, but once paired with the right laid-back pieces like an oversized sweater, a long coat, an oversized blazer, a t-shirt, or a longer blouse, it can be toned down and actually look pretty good. 

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Ready to dress up your tennis skirt? Bellow are fashionable outfits to try!

Tennis Skirts Outfits To Try: Stylish Ideas To Dress Up A Tennis Skirt
Courtesy: Diletta Menta

Fashionable Tennis Skirts Outfits To Wear & Look Stylish

Putting together a fashionable look in tennis skirts isn’t always about pairing it with skin-baring cutout or barely-there bralette. In fact, we’re fans of just a hint of skin, best issued through covered-up tops with a tinge of sexy appeal.

Here, our favorite eye-catching, entirely wearable looks for tennis skirts right now:

1. Pair with a Modest Blouse, Top or Shirt

Tennis Skirts Outfits To Try: Stylish Ideas To Dress Up A Tennis Skirt
Courtesy: Blue Mbombo
Tennis Skirts Outfits To Try: Stylish Ideas To Dress Up A Tennis Skirt
Courtesy: Sihlelee Carter

Strategically pair your tennis with a modest blouse, turtleneck top, or a white shirt.

By showing off some skin in a particular part of your body, in this case, your legs, then covering the rest will ensure you actually pull off a fashion statement!

2. Throw on a Blazer

Tennis Skirts Outfits To Try: Stylish Ideas To Dress Up A Tennis Skirt

Blazers are great! They immediately add an edge to a basic or casual outfit, and they can double as a dress, especially if they’re oversized.

If you want to go for an overall oversized look but want additional structure, opt for a statement belt to add extra definition.

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Tennis Skirts Outfits To Try: Stylish Ideas To Dress Up A Tennis Skirt
Courtesy: Wabosha Maxine

A long blazer vest also looks great when layered over your top paired with a tennis skirt. Finish the look with high heels and a gorgeous bag.

3. Try A Coat

Coat outfits are a modern classic, and the best way to stay warm, chic, sexy, and sophisticated when the temperatures start falling.

So, don’t pack away your tennis skirts and instead, finish with a pair of stockings before layering.

4. Sweaters are Great Pairs Too!

Tennis Skirts Outfits To Try: Stylish Ideas To Dress Up A Tennis Skirt
Courtesy: Victoria Fox

A slouchy-fit button-up sweater is as effortless as it is essential.

This wardrobe must-have is as easily worn with tennis skirts in the early days of fall as it is, and through the fluctuating temperatures of spring—meaning endless outfit possibilities.

Tennis Skirts Outfits To Try: Stylish Ideas To Dress Up A Tennis Skirt
Courtesy: Love B Style

Instead of layering with a button-up sweater, layer a sweater vest over a white shirt for optimal warmth but also to avoid feeling uncomfortable and bulky. 

5. Finish with Boots

Tennis Skirts Outfits To Try: Stylish Ideas To Dress Up A Tennis Skirt
Courtesy: Rachelward_e
Tennis Skirts Outfits To Try: Stylish Ideas To Dress Up A Tennis Skirt
Courtesy: Lily Ghalichi

Knee-high boots are a wardrobe staple that can instantly elevate any outfit. Black and brown knee-high boots are the most popular and often come in leather and suede.

As a closet must-have that you can dress up or down, wear your boots to finish your tennis skirts outfits for a stylish ensemble.

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6. Go Casual in White Sneakers

Timeless and stylish, you can always wear a white pair of sneakers and achieve that model-off-duty look. For a highly fashionable and sleek look, go with an all-white or all-black outfit with your white sneakers.

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7. Rock Matching Sets

Mixing colors and prints provide a contrast that will get you noticed, but if you want to play it safe, go for a monochromatic ensemble for a cute look.

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Ready to wear tennis skirts? Dress up in these fashionable tennis skirts outfits and impress!