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Tailwind A Better Way to Get Free Traffic from Instagram

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Tailwind A Better Way to Get Free Traffic from Instagram

Driving traffic from Instagram to your blog almost seems like a hustle, especially if you’re a small Instagrammer who is just beginning to use the platform. But thanks to the Tailwind, there is a better way to get free traffic from Instagram.

Before we discuss more the by Tailwind tool, let’s talk a little about Instagram as a source of influence.

Instagram is a visual platform that comes off as very important in this day and age when influencers and brands are leveraging the platform when it comes to gaining influence and making money online, in general.

Essentially, as a blogger, you will appreciate the use of Instagram in your marketing strategy.

Some of the main ways to drive traffic from Instagram include:

  • Adding your blog’s link to your Instagram profile. Instagram allows you to add one URL on your profile. Everyone does this and calls it a day. However, this is really not effective unless you have a ton of raving fans interested in what you do click through your profile every time. It is so possible though.
  • Adding your links to your stories. This is possible through the Swipe Up feature that is only available for those with 10,000+ followers.
  • Adding your links to your IG TV description. You can add a link easily to the description of your IG TV videos.
  • Linking to your products if you have an online shop. This shopping feature is only available in some countries like the USA and allows your followers to buy your products directly on Instagram. You can check for country requirements here.

As much as you can drive free traffic from Instagram to your blog, website, YouTube channel, online shop or any other online source, it is wise to have this as an additional source of traffic.

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Anyway, in this article, we will share how to drive free traffic from Instagram using the link tool by Tailwind.

What is the Tailwind

The Tailwind is a link-in-bio tool developed by Tailwind that allows you to feature as much content on a clean landing page for you to be able to drive free traffic to your other sources.

A ‘link-in-bio’ refers to a clickable hyperlink on your Instagram profile that directs your followers to wherever the link leads to.

The link tool by Tailwind is accessible for free to anyone as long as you have a Tailwind account.



What’s nice about Tailwind’s free trial is that the trial is based on 100 scheduled Pins or 30 scheduled Instagram Posts – NOT 14 or 30 day as other trials.

With the paid plan, you can also schedule your posts on Instagram as well as on Pinterest ( you’ll love Pinterest for driving tons of traffic to your blog, channel or online shop)

Why you should Use the Tailwind Link Tool?

The link tool is a real game-changer when it comes to your Instagram marketing game. Here is why you will love it:

  • The link tool allows you to feature lots of links, products or tools on your profile.

Originally, Instagram allows for just one website link. Thus, if you want to have more links, you will have to keep on switching your link multiple times.

Good enough, with the Tailwind link tool, you can add as many links as you wish and these will be featured on a landing page. Hence, your followers can click through.

  • You have access to analytics with the Tailwind link tool.

Normally, when you add your website link to your Instagram, you might never know just how many people clicked through to your site.

But thanks to this trackable link tool, you have access to proper analytics; showing the number of visits, your click-through rate and the links that were clicked through to. That way, you can be able to leverage it.

  • You can directly link to anything.

This has to be one of the best things about the Tailwind link tool. You can link directly to any product or site hence your followers have fast access to whatever you want them to.

  • It is easily customizable.

You can customize your landing page, and add colors and emojis to make it appealing to you and your audience.

  • It is automatic

Tailwind for Instagram is perfect for scheduling your posts automatically. Good enough, Tailwind allows you to automatically update your Smart.Bio page when a linked post that was scheduled gets published.


To schedule posts on Tailwind:

  1. Go to Dashboard> Publisher>Drafts
  2. Upload the image to be scheduled, add in your description with emojis and hashtags as preferred.
  3. At the bottom of the drafted post, paste in your link and add the post to Queue. That’s it!

Now let’s help you get the Link Tool by Tailwind too…

Tailwind A Better Way to Get Free Traffic from Instagram

How to Use the Tailwind Link Tool

1. Log In to Your Tailwind Account

Since this advanced link-in-bio tool is offered by Tailwind, you must have access to your Tailwind account. Log into your account and access your dashboard.

If you don’t have a Tailwind account, you can join Tailwind now and get a one-month free trial.

2. Claim Your Custom URL

Click on the left icon on your dashboard and click on

Claim your custom URL by choosing your name. For example, I use so you can choose a name that you like. It could be the name of your Instagram/blog/YouTube channel/shop/

You can also connect multiple IG accounts to claim each of their own link by hovering over your photo in the left-hand corner and clicking on “Add New Account”

Note: After claiming your custom URL, you’re automatically taken through the process of adding buttons to your landing page, adding links to the buttons or existing posts as well as how to customize your Smart.Bio.

3. Add New Button Links

Tailwind Smart.Bio- A Better Way to Get Free Traffic from Instagram

Click on the ‘Add New Button Links’ icon and some editable boxes will appear where you can add your link and its title.

Be sure to add as many links as you possibly want. For example: if you want more free traffic to your blog or YouTube channel, be sure to add links leading to several blog posts or YouTube videos.

Quick Tip:

Make your title as interesting as possible so as to get more clicks. You can add emojis too.

4. Add Instagram Post Links

Tailwind Smart.Bio- A Better Way to Get Free Traffic from Instagram

This slot fetches your Instagram posts starting from your latest posts and also allows you to link to them.

For example: if you had a travel Instagram post to Mauritius, you can add the link to your blog post on your visit to Mauritius right there. I have a couple of fashion posts in my latest feed so I added links to my fashion blog posts.

Note: All these Instagram posts with links go live and get featured below your button links on your Smart.Bio landing page.

Quick Tip:

Link to several of your sources (like more blog posts or YouTube videos) if you want to drive more free traffic from Instagram.

5. Customize Your Page

Tailwind Smart.Bio- A Better Way to Get Free Traffic from InstagramTailwind Smart.Bio- A Better Way to Get Free Traffic from Instagram

Once you’ve followed the entire above, click on the top icon and customize your page. Here, you will be able to edit the title of your page, your brand’s colors and the text that appears on your Instagram Post Links.

Adjust everything to your liking, and save your changes!

6. Add your custom URL to your Instagram profile

Tailwind Smart.Bio- A Better Way to Get Free Traffic from Instagram

You can do this as the last step or as the first step.

How to put a link on your Instagram Bio

Tailwind Smart.Bio- A Better Way to Get Free Traffic from Instagram

Access your Instagram profile > Click on Edit Profile > Click on Website > Add your URL > Save your changes and submit.

After adding, run the check to ensure Tailwind marks your link as active on your profile.

7. View Your

Click on the ‘View Your’ button on the top of the page to have access to your landing page.

Tailwind Smart.Bio- A Better Way to Get Free Traffic from Instagram

If it’s not appealing enough, repeat the process again. But clearly, setting up the Tailwind is as easy as ABC!

Tracking Your Performance

Tailwind Smart.Bio- A Better Way to Get Free Traffic from Instagram

Once you’ve set you’re your link and added it to your Instagram profile, your followers can click through to see your static landing page neatly laid out that they can easily access any of the products or links featured on your landing page.

Right on your Tailwind for Instagram dashboard, you can see your performance at the top of the page. The analytics show your total visits, link clicks, and your click-through rate.

This information is important because it allows you to include content that people are clicking through to even more.

My Statistics

These are my personal results but Tailwind also publishes the Typical Results of Tailwind Members every year, so you can see exactly what the average growth rate looks like for their members.

You May See That Here: Typical Results of Instagram Members using the Tailwind

Tailwind Smart.Bio- A Better Way to Get Free Traffic from InstagramTailwind Smart.Bio- A Better Way to Get Free Traffic from InstagramTailwind A Better Way to Get Free Traffic from InstagramTailwind A Better Way to Get Free Traffic from InstagramTailwind A Better Way to Get Free Traffic from Instagram

How Tailwind Is Being Used By Others

How to Improve Your Visits and Link Clicks

Since your landing page neatly showcases your static links and individual post links, your followers will have an easy time accessing anything that caught their eye thereby clicking through.

However, to improve your click-through rate, more promotion has to be done. Some of the quick tips include:

1. Tell your followers.

On your Instagram posts and stories, be sure to tell your audience that you’ve featured a lot of your content that can be accessed through the link in your bio.

Tease them a bit by telling them what they expect to see or get. You can narrate this in videos or photos too.

Above all, please keep at this ad tell your followers frequently. Trust me, in the end, they will be curious enough to click through.

Quick Tip:

Go live immediately after posting on Instagram to increase the reach of your post.

2. Promote your profile

To increase your visits, click-throughs, and followers, paying for ads does work.

What you have to ensure is that your campaign promotion is interesting enough for people to actually click through. And instead of linking to your Instagram profile while promoting your account, you can quickly link to your URL

3. Be active on the platform

Being active on Instagram through consistent posting, engaging with your audience, interacting with other accounts and sharing stories will gradually increase the size of your audience. This will significantly impact your click-through rate.


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Tailwind A Better Way to Get Free Traffic from Instagram

Well, do you also drive free traffic to your blog or YouTube channel from Instagram? Have you used the Tailwind scheduler or the link tool by Tailwind?

Please speak to us in the comments below…

Till Next Time!

DISCLOSURE: I was also compensated to create this post, though all opinions are my own.

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