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DIY Sugar Peach Body Scrub With Argan Oil & Himalayan Salt For Nourished Skin

Have you treated yourself to an at-home spa of late with an easy-to-make body scrub? You might want to try a sugar peach body scrub too! Sugar, peach, argan oil, and Himalayan salt all combine to ... READ the POST

DIY Strawberry Body Scrub With Sea Salt For Clear, Toned Skin

Whether you're just trying to have a relaxing staycation or want to prepare your skin for a beautiful glow, making your own salt body scrub is a great, inexpensive way to get a spa-like treatment at ... READ the POST

DIY Natural Rose Sugar Body Scrub For Youthful Skin

Have you tried a natural, DIY rose sugar body scrub before? Well, sugar scrubs are great for exfoliating the skin! And depending on the ingredients you choose for your body scrub, your skin can ... READ the POST

DIY Coffee Body Scrub with Sugar and Coconut Oil For Clear, Glowing Skin

Have you tried a DIY coffee body scrub for a beautiful, glowing body skin? Well, most of us remember to exfoliate our faces but not our bodies. No wonder we suffer dry, dull body skin that doesn’t ... READ the POST

DIY Sugar Body Scrub with Lavender Flowers For Calm, Softer Skin

Did you already try our DIY coffee scrub with sugar and coconut oil to exfoliate your body skin, fade marks, and get youthful skin? Next time, try today’s DIY natural sugar body scrub with lavender ... READ the POST

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