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Sansiro For Women: K242

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Are you allergic to some smell? Or scent? You feel terrible migraines when you come close to someone wearing very thick cologne? Or even heavy perfumes and body lotions? If you are yet to, then you must be lucky!

I have to admit that I never wore cologne or perfumes since they would leave me nursing a chain of sneezes or gobbling down my throat a couple of pain relievers.

Smelling strong substances, no matter how sweet is a luxury for me and yes, I’ve embraced that an attempt to relieve myself off blocked nostrils.

But anyway, my hunt for the right perfume and cologne for me has always been there until I came across Sansiro! Well, basically, my friend Faithy is a dealer in perfumes and colognes and surely helped me with this search until I found the right one for me.

Drumrolls, please!!! Cheers to Sansiro for Women!

Sansiro for Women K242

Sansiro for Women comes in a small cute glass spray bottle with a plastic lid that has a handle.

This means that even if you won’t carry a purse all day long, you can simply tug the head of the bottle in your pocket and walk with it all time, if you’re the type who loves spraying yourself often…but I can assure you that with Sansiro For Women, you won’t need to do carry it all day! Curios why? Ride along…

Sansiro For Women comes in very many scents. Depending on your preference, the right product number will be fine for you. And to know the right one for you; just spray a little bit at the edge of your palm and smell the scent! Pick it if it is fine for you! I choose Sansiro for Women number K242.

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1. The spray is very soft and sweet.

Dating experts say that one can never forget the scent of their date, right? So if you want that sweet-scented perfume, just go for Sansiro For Women! Even for an allergic person like me, this perfume is just the best since I don’t have to deal with blocked nostrils any more while still being confident about my sweet scent.

2. Sansiro for Women is long-lasting.

Well lovelies, it is so hard to come across a soft yet long-lasting perfume, right? I’m sure you’ve noted that too. No wonder many go for strong perfumes and colognes which are sure to last all time long. But Sansiro for Women lasts a lot longer than you can imagine. I wear it every day and come back home in the evening still smelling so nice. Very awesome!

Sansiro for Women K242


A common practice is seeing people spray perfume or cologne over their clothes. Well loves, that is such a faulty practice that destroys and stains your clothes. So basically, apply perfume on your skin!

Here are the 5 spots you’ll need to spray for a long-lasting effect: your armpits, inner elbows, neck, palms and the bend of your arm just at the edge of the palm. I spray at all these spots and for sure, my sweet scent lasts all day.

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Sansiro for Women K242

Are you also allergic to strong scents thus prefer softer scents?So what perfume do you use and how much do you love it?

Please share your thoughts with me below…


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  1. Katie Kinsley says

    I do get headaches when I walk by the perfume counters or encounter someone who has heavily loaded themselves with a scent. I would’ve never thought to spray my armpits before – that is a new idea to me!

    • Dalene Ekirapa says

      We then sail in the same boat Katie. Anyway, spraying the armpits usually helps…. although you can leave that out if you’re using some deodorants. Hugs!

  2. Ana De- Jesus says

    I am sorry to hear that you have allergens to strong smelling perfumes but I am glad to hear that Sansiro for women’s fragrance is soft and sweet which means that it will not affect your allergens hopefully! And it is great that the fragrance lasts a while as well, making it better value for money.

    • Dalene Ekirapa says

      It’s kinda unfortunate since I admire other perfumes but can’t get to wear them. But I’m so glad I’m now using Sansiro. It definitely serves me.

  3. Faithy says

    Am amazed. ?
    What was a normal sell turned out to this beautiful description. I am so happy. I think I’ll employ you to be my marketing manager, lol. ?
    Thanks Dalene. Personally I use K90. The fragrance is equally awesome. Let me know when you exhaust K24 for a free one! ??

    • Dalene Ekirapa says

      Aaw Faithy…now who doesn’t love free gifts? I’ll definitely let you know once this one is over since I’ll be needing another one asap. I just love it. Thanks again Faithy

  4. Priyadarshani Panda says

    I am not allergic bt i don’t like strong perfumes. This looks perfect specially i love the handy design it is so easy to carry for the whole day use though its long lasting but a spray in your handbag is always welcome.

    • Dalene Ekirapa says

      It definitely is easy to carry around but again thanks to its long lasting scent, one wouldn’t require to do so. Anyway, thanks for stopping by!

  5. Sigrid Says says

    You know I used to be sensitive to scents. Thankfully, I got over it. But, I just can’t inhale the smell of cologne or perfume when I just sprayed it. As for this Sansiro, this is something that I would like to try, too.

  6. Blair Villanueva says

    I like that it is in a convenient and easy to carry container. Will check this brand asap!

  7. Nisha says

    I do love perfumes. I am sorry to hear that you are allergic to it. Please take care of yourself. I am happy to hear that you can use Sansiro, which is lighter than the other strong scented perfumes.

  8. Alison Rost says

    It sounds like a lovely perfume that’s perfect for the summer. I like light smelling perfume especially this season. It’s nice that you can easily carry it with you as well.

  9. Michael Satterfield says

    I have never heard of this before. But I think it would make a great gift for some of the ladies in my life. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Jennifer L says

    Oh wow Sansiro looks like a perfume my friend would adore. I’m more a light, fresh scent but she loves sweet scents so i know she’d love this. GOing to check this out for her.

  11. Monidipa Dutta says

    I don’t like strong perfumes. But sansiro sounds good. And must say the description ia beautiful. Will I find it online?

    • Dalene Ekirapa says

      It is awesome.My mum is even invading my perfume because of how long lasting it is. I even think I should get another one…haha! Thanks for stopping by!

  12. David Elliott says

    My mother has the same problems with the strong smells. She ends up having an allergic reaction to them. I will have to see if I can find some locally because this sounds great.

  13. Amira says

    I am not allergic to scents or perfumes but definitely did not know about Sansiro so I have to try it some day. Also I learned something new- the 5 spots where you should spray. I knew about some but definitely not all 5!

    • Dalene Ekirapa says

      Aaw…that’s cool Amira. Mind you, the 5 spots have their own ways of harbouring scents. Haha….anyway, glad you now know about Sansiro. Hugs!

  14. Azlin Bloor says

    I’m intrigued by this brand, Dalene. I am one of those who cannot stand many scents, especially floral ones. I start feeling nauseous. For years now, I’ve been using 2 musky scents, that are quite strong and are best suited to winter. So I am looking forward to finding something light for the summer.

    • Dalene Ekirapa says

      I’m glad you are Azlin. But as much as it’s light, it’s sweet…too bad dear. Although I’m sure you can find one that’s musky and soft too from Sansiro. Hugs!

  15. Nathan says

    Hmmm interesting brand to try out. I reckon its the armpits which cause sweat and the shoulders, These are the heat zones which you require to spray the perfume on.

  16. Simerbir Singh says

    One of my friends is allergic to the smell of the scents. I will prefer her to use this. Hope it works for her too. Thanks for sharing such a useful information.

  17. Michele Dennis says

    I guess I’m one of the lucky ones that doesn’t have any issues with smells triggering migraines. However, if I already have a migraine I do get smell sensitive… But perfumes and cologne do not trigger the headaches or migraines themselves. I’m so happy that you finally found a perfume that you enjoy and that doesn’t cause you any discomfort!

  18. Dee says

    I like perfumes a lot, however not too sweet, rich, I like fruity smell. And maybe spring flowers. Thank you for sharing

  19. EscapeWriters says

    Having an allergy to strong smell perfumes …sansiro is a soft and long lasting perfume so perfect for a person like me. Thanks for your review.

  20. eliza says

    Great post! Nice product review and this will be another good scent option for us ladies. Thanks for sharing!

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