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Female Style Icons You Must Follow This Year

Celebrities have massive fan followings making it easy for them to be style icons for young girls willing to push the boundaries of fashion. Modern girls start exploring fashion at a very young age ... READ the POST

How To Describe Your Personal Fashion Style In A Three-Word Style Rule

When it comes to personal style, describing your style in a three-word rule will make it easy for you to even dress up. It will help you build a wardrobe that you will truly love. Ask the Instagram ... READ the POST

How To Wear Glitter Shoes Like A Style Pro

    What happens when gorgeous ladies get all dressed up with glitter shoes for a hot Valentine’s? Paparazzis, attention and chatter; that’s just what! I mean, when have you ever let a good ... READ the POST

What Body Splash Do You Use? How Do You Make It Last Longer?

What body splash are you using? A body splash, commonly known as a body mist or body spray is like a perfume but does not contain a high percentage of fragrance oils thus milder that perfume. They are ... READ the POST

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