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Meet The Fashion Blogger: Natonya Medford

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Hello world…

Today on the blog we have Natonya Medford, a US-based fashion blogger at Just Natonya. The first time I came across her blog was while participating on her campaign on Stylehub. Guess what intrigued me?

Her art of writing is just spectacular and again, her topics are just inspiring. Apart from inspiring ladies on how to dress like they were born for it, she also styles ladies. She’ll definitely tell us more about that lovelies…

Meet The Fashion Blogger: Natonya Medford

Simply Untamed Natonya

Thus, ride along and find out ‘who’s Natonya?’ from our interview…

  1. See The Contents

    Tell us more about Natonya? Or rather, Simply Untamed Natonya?

Just Natonya is a fashion and lifestyle blog about living a carefree stylish life.

Think of me as your online fashion guru, your personal style or the bestie who has all the fashion secrets and advice.

Not that I have insight into the industry personally but as someone who has a passion to help others, you can believe I will find out everything you need to know.

Meet The Fashion Blogger: Natonya Medford

I want everyone to feel beautiful, so I write inspirational posts about living your best life with motivational tips. Because I am a fashion enthusiast…whoop whoop!

You know I must give you the hottest trends with tips and tricks for you to become a style icon!

  1. You are a graduate in Public Relations under Fashion, right? Would you please tell us what being a Fashion PR entails?

Yes, I graduated my university with a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations, with a focus on fashion.

I scored with this major because I was able to combine two passions of mine, communication and fashion.

Not necessarily book definition but this is how I define it: Essentially PR is all about communicating a message effectively to an audience with the intent to persuade, motivate or inform.

When you combine PR and fashion you are communicating a brand’s campaign to not necessarily sell to the consumer because that’s the advertiser’s job, a Fashion PR practitioner’s job is to relate to the consumer. It’s like you’re the mediator between the brand and the audience.

Find out what the audience needs, what does the consumer gain and how do you elevate the brand to new heights to beat out competition. Whew! I hope this makes sense ?

  1. I totally love your fashion blog. You have a segment where you interview male models and it is total inspiration. What stirred this up? Because yes, your blog is a female fashion blog no doubt?

O totally, my fashion blog is female geared, but I also noticed a niche in the blogging world that is steadily growing, male fashion bloggers/models.

If I’m honest, I’m obsessed with men’s fashion. I like the simplicity to their style and how they pop one piece as a fashion statement, the way they accessorize and use of blended textures.

My curiosity to how they develop their style is what prompted me to create #StealHisStyle Series.  Would you believe me when I say some of my male blogger interviewees all say they get style and inspiration from female bloggers?

YES! I like it when we all can inspire and share, truly creates a world full of spiritual connections and genuine acknowledgement towards others.

My goal with the series is to have at least one interview per week and I hope to interview top male bloggers/models such as: Mariano Di Vaio who is the king of male fashion blogging, he exudes style variety.

Nicolas Simoes whose charismatic and sophisticated style effortlessly refreshes your take in men’s fashion. Renan Pacheco blends lifestyle and fashion together authentically. Andre Hamann, really want to pick his brain in how he started his clothing line, Haze & Glory.

  1. You’ve worked with big brands no doubt! From the likes of PERDITI, YOINS and StyleMoi. Would you please share with us your experience; from how to pitch to brands to the point of actually working with them. Moreover, what would you advise an upcoming blogger who would want to pitch to brands? It is obvious to see many holding back just because they don’t know of their first move.

Meet The Fashion Blogger: Natonya Medford

WOW! I would say I’m no expert in pitching to brands because every brand I worked with has come to me and most of that was by the discovering of my Polyvore (inserts crying face).

Now that Polyvore is no longer with us, I must go back to reaching out personally. I’m going to give you 3 tips in approaching brands/magazines:

a. Have an organic interest in the brand.

Don’t apply because you think you’ll get paid. Apply because you want to be a part of their movement, and the changes they are bringing to the industry.

b. Keep it brief! Seriously like no more than 250 words.

Executives and PR are so busy they don’t have much time to read long pitches, get to the point. IMPORTANT: Say why you’re interested, what you can bring, state your idea, ask for feedback and leave contact info.

c. Don’t be afraid to stick yourself out there because you’ll gain experience is reaching out to brands. It’s ok if you have a low following count because companies and brands are more focused on reach and engagement.

Make sure you’re interacting with people to leave an influence on them because sometimes people with a large following don’t have the greatest engagement.

Meet The Fashion Blogger: Natonya Medford

  1. You are also an online wardrobe stylist; and the best part is that you offer a free super-amazing package. How has it been working with these gorgeous women trying to revamp their closets and walk out of the house looking too sassy?

 My online wardrobe styling services is new! YAY! Y’all feel free to let me style you, it’ll help me gain experience and you’ll get free personalized fashion services.

No, I’m not technically a professional but I have styled family and friends. I started this service because I was having a tough time finding styling gigs.

If you’re not in the “US fashion capitals” Los Angeles or New York City, styling jobs are super tough to find. So I had to get creative because I am not going to let my location stop me from pursuing my dream.

Being a stylist is way more than putting together cute outfits. It’s about being organized, understanding every BODY type and knowing which piece of fabric is flattering.

You need to patience in finding clothes to cater a person’s personality and unique figure, keep up with the latest trends, and discover clothes to fit the person’s budget.

I like making women feel beautiful, showing them how to style pieces they would never buy or see themselves wear.

Meet The Fashion Blogger: Natonya Medford

It’s liberating when I see the look on my mother’s face when she approves of a dress she might was hesitant about when I picked it for her.

Sometimes you get people who do not like the choices you made, this is when you remain positive, go back to the drawing board and find something 10x’s better.

  1. Suppose this is your ideal client: tall and curvy. Describe her look and where you’d shop the look from.

I suggest a tall and curvy client would benefit from stores like Eloquii, Ashley Stewart or Avenue who all carry various sizes catered to tall women for different occasions.

I would tailor her style to items suiting her personality and lifestyle. Such as a casual lady may appreciate the athleisure trend and a sophisticated woman may want to embrace a different take on dresses such as asymmetrical or empire waist. 

  1. As an icon on Polyvore. What can you say about the sudden sale of Polyvore to Ssense? An action that broke the wild influencer community apart from ruining our sets-creation hobby?

It’s a shame to see Polyvore sold to SSENSE. As loyal the Polyvorians were to the platform, you would expect the company to inform us about the abrupt change.

Polyvore was more than creating sets and discovering style, it was a community.

Polyvore allowed for men and women of all ages to come together and share their stories, fashion backgrounds and unique interests.

Truly disappointing because some people depended on the platform as an additional resource for their blog. I do hope other companies and platforms pay attention to the outrage and understand how valuable their platform is to consumers.

Never take advantage or people for granted.

  1. What is your go-to online resource for style inspiration? And why?

I read magazines print and online because for me, the material is a fashion tip book or your study guide to the latest trends and what’s in season.

Plus, it’s prep work for me to launch my own in the future ?. As for style, I can never get enough of my favorite blogger Camila Coelho, she is always uploading fresh content.

  1. I’m in love with your natural hair! I wish I’d keep mine as well. Share with us your secrets.

Thank you so much Dalene!

Well, I’ve been natural for three years and after heavy research and serious studying of my hair, I have finally learned how to grow it out. I would say less is more.

Try to get you routine refined, keep it consistent and your hair will flourish.

Meet The Fashion Blogger: Natonya Medford

Simply Untamed Natonya’s natural hair

Do what your hair likes.

Sometimes people try to tell you the things you can’t do but if it works for you, do it.

Example: if your hair likes sulfates or grease use it. Just don’t allow people to put you in a box because you’ll never reach your full potential.

One hair secret I discovered is how to properly use natural oils.

Check out my post on Sistah’s Place for the detailed version:

Promoted hair growth with natural oils by Natonya Medford

  1. What about your quick fix? What can you say transforms your look instantly?

I like style questions! Style is about comfort but embracing what you have. Okay, a quick fix for me is high-waisted jeans.

I’m learning how to flaunt my curves more and high-waisted jeans hug my hips giving this effortless appeal but comfortable sense of being stylish.

Meet The Fashion Blogger: Natonya Medford

Simply Untamed Natonya in black jeans

  1. Your 5 must-haves? And yes, your signature style?

Oh boy, this is an exciting question! My signature style is always a vibrant print, I really like mixing floral and stripes. Typically, you will catch me in a floral anything worn with heels or canvas sneakers.

Meet The Fashion Blogger: Natonya Medford

My top five must-haves include: High-waisted jeans. Denim jacket. Combat boots. Sunglasses. Luxury handbag.

Meet The Fashion Blogger: Natonya Medford

Simply Untamed Natonya’s luxury bag

  1. Tell us about your most humbling moment?

My most humbling moment was last year after being rejected for the 37th time in applying for a job. Yes, I applied to 37 jobs last year and was rejected by every single one.

It hurt but I realized God has bigger plans for me and right now working at a company isn’t the route. I had to realize I can’t do everything on my own. It’s ok to ask for help.

  1. What about your worst moment in this field? And how you eventually handled the circumstance?

My worst moment was pitching to do an interview with this male model on Instagram for a magazine.

The model was super kind and eager to participate but his agent was tough. I mean she tore down all my ideas and interview questions.

It was my first time pitching and it sucked because she declined the interview after all the negative feedback before it even started but this situation gave me thicker skin.

Not everyone will like your ideas, not all the time you’ll hear a yes but don’t give up, just know there is a higher meaning for the situation.

Prayer takes care of everything. I just called on God and he erased the mistakes and showed me the lessons I needed to learn so I could move forward.

  1. What is your advice to an upcoming fashion blogger who is uncertain about sharing her opinion now that the blogosphere is as ‘saturated’?

As my mother always taught me, “there is always room at the top”, never feel like there is no room for you.

Yes, the blogosphere is saturated but to me that means it’s growing. God made us all unique, which emphasizes how different but valuable our perspectives are in the world.

Just know your voice is meant to be heard. We all may say the same thing but the way we translate it can be interpreted many ways by others. Naturally, someone will find the information you promote valuable.

  1. What are your future aspirations?

My dream is to become a fashion editor, launch my own magazine and design a clothing line. I want to be in the fashion industry to change the perception of feeling like fashion define us.

I want to show the world, “We define fashion, don’t let it define you.”

Meet The Fashion Blogger: Natonya Medford

Meet The Fashion Blogger: Natonya Medford







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Well lovelies…

That’s Natonya! If you’re as inspired as I am, please feel free to let us know about your thoughts in the comment section below…



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  1. Iya - Louisa says

    I love getting to know your posts! I also agree with Natonya that the high waisted jeans are a quick but really affected look that anyone can pull off. They are my go to too!

  2. Natonya says

    The post is perfection! Thank you for interviewing me, it was a pleasure to collaborate with you Dalene. Let’s keep in touch and if you need anything, you know how to contact me. Talk to you in a few 🙂

    • Dalene Ekirapa says

      The pleasure is all mine Nat; I’m glad you shared with us as much to leave us inspired and yes, we’ll always keep in touch. Hugs!

  3. Laurence says

    Natonya has a good career, being a PR and into a fashion, at least she’s always know what’s the trend and how to address the audience fashion. My quick fix is also a high wasted, cause it gives me curves from waist to bottom 🙂

    • Dalene Ekirapa says

      You’re so right Laurence. That makes her so valuable. And yes, now I see why you both love high waisted jeans! If that’s the reason why, then they’re just a staple lol!

  4. Mayuri Saxena says

    This advice is the highlight of the interview, ““there is always room at the top”, never feel like there is no room for you.” It is so motivating and I am going to print it and keep it on my desktop. 🙂

    • Dalene Ekirapa says

      Oh Mayuri, you’re so right! That quote is worth bookmarking. I’m happy you’re so inspired and also took the time to stop by!

  5. Dovile says

    I always love reading about inspirational people. It helps me stay motivated. Thanks Natonya for sharing your tips about approaching blogs.

  6. Alison Rost says

    It was so nice getting to know Natonya! She’s so passionate about her work and she’s definitely a blogger to watch out for. I love her personal style as well!

  7. Karlyn Cruz says

    I have a pair of floral pants so similar to those! Thank you for the insightful interview. Very helpful especially how you mentioned information about reaching out to brands. Good luck to Natonya and of course you!

    • Dalene Ekirapa says

      You’re welcome Karlyn. Well, we all would love to work with more and more brands thus those tips are so helpful. All the best too…

  8. Jhilmil Bhansali says

    Absolutely loved this interview, she had so many points to speak up as a PR and as a fashion blogger. And yes, her hair are indeed fab, sometimes we have to have a simple care routine to have the natural things go well with our lifestyles.

    • Dalene Ekirapa says

      I’m glad you loved the interview Jhilmil; from her point of view as a fashion PR, I’ve had too much to learn. Thanks for riding along…

  9. Felicia says

    Ooh this was such an interesting read! I would love to go check out Natonya’s blog too!

  10. Annreeba says

    Thank you for the insightful interview. She had so many points to speak up as a PR and as a fashion blogger. She’s so passionate about her work.

  11. Cristina Coroiu says

    Her hair is amazing. I’m a bit obsessed with hairstyles 🙂 I also love high waist jeans. The photos are great, and so it’s the interview. You can see that she has style.

  12. Ashley Roberts says

    Great tips on reaching out to companies! And I love that Simply Untamed Natonya’s luxury bag! Super cute!

  13. Tammy says

    I’m so glad to see high waisted anything is still in fashion. I just can’t do the hip hugger look anymore. Great post.

  14. Aashima says

    Beautiful clicks. I particularly loved her denim jacket and RL bag. She sure has a great style statement.

  15. Natalie says

    That is so cool she has a segment where she interviews male models. I can see how they get inspiration from us ladies 🙂

    • Dalene Ekirapa says

      Yes Natalie; I’ve read through most of the interviews and there’s no doubt that even men get style inspo from ladies while we can also get some from them. Anyway, thanks for stopping by!

  16. Sarah Bailey says

    It is always great to get to know more about bloggers and I have to admit Natony Medford isn’t someone I have heard of before, so I shall be heading over to her blog in a moment, I love her style.

    • Dalene Ekirapa says

      You’re right Sarah; knowing more about other bloggers and their experiences can be very tipful. I’m sure you’ll love her blog just as I do. Thank you for stopping by!

  17. Kimberly C. says

    What a fun interview. I always enjoy reading how other influencers/bloggers experience collaborations with brands. Going to check her socials out now. Thx.

  18. Ana De- Jesus says

    I liked what Natonya said about when pitching to brands you should always have an organic interest. And she is right you want to work with brands that best represent you so don’t worry about what other people think. She seems very sweet and down to earth too.

    • Dalene Ekirapa says

      She definitely is down to earth and sweet… I’ve noted that for the time I’ve known her. Anyway, I’m glad that you second her on that Ana…I agree too.
      Thanks for stopping by beautiful!

  19. Christopher Mitchell says

    I like that she appreciated men’s fashion as well and seems to have a genuine passion for it. It seems like she’s intrigues with fashion in general!

    • Dalene Ekirapa says

      You’d totally love checking out the men’s section on her blog… it’s just so inspirational. Thanks for stopping by Christopher.

    • Dalene Ekirapa says

      Thank you Sam; and you’re right. Knowing about other bloggers’ experience can be very inspiring. You can definitely check out her page.

  20. Heidi says

    What a great interview. When it comes to fashion, I am a total fail. I’m pretty low maintenance, so if I ever decide to step it up, I’d for sure need someone like Natonya’s help!

    • Dalene Ekirapa says

      Thank you Heidi… I’m sure you’ll also love the styling services she offers now that her package is very awesome. Glad you dropped by!

  21. Jennifer L says

    Oh I just love reading about Natonya and her blogging journey. I really appreciated her advice on pitching to brands.

    • Dalene Ekirapa says

      I’m glad you loved the read Jennifer. Her advice on pitching to brands is so helpful to other bloggers and it’s good you agree too Hun.

  22. Renee @ The Good Hearted Woman says

    Natonya gives off such a confident, positive vibe! I really appreciate her advice about reaching out to brands – especially the piece about having an organic interest in the brand. Such important advice.

  23. Yaya says

    I loved getting to know her! I completely agree about Polyvore becoming Ssense. It’s such a shame as the Polyvore community was so close knit.

  24. Katie says

    I so agree! When looking for brands to work with, instead of focusing on how much you’ll get paid, it’s important to focus on choosing brands you genuinely WANT to work with.

  25. LavandaMichelle says

    Very great post! I never work with a brand just for the cash, I have to genuinely want to work for them–or else it seems fake or superficial. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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