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MY STORY : Life Into Fashion Blogging

Life as a fashion blogger

My Life Into Fashion Blogging!

​Everyone has a story behind everything they do…why and how I got into the intoxicating world of fashion and having a soft spot for the gorgeous world of designs, colors and shapes is also my story…

“ Behind the wide, rolled-down curtains , I listen to the applaud to the previous model . She, with a fine petite body dressed in green African attire and carrying a pot, is just from the runway and it is my turn. Being the cultural night in school, I have crafted an African costume that was unique to my Iteso traditions since I always enjoy cultural distinctions.

Ahaaa! The music beats softly as I model through the runway. I had made myself up. My overall costume: a short skirt made from chunks of green interconnected palm leaves, a top ornamented with red intertwined hibiscus flowers and my sandals, bedecked with green leaves and red flowers.

Whilst, a wistful thought rides me back down to that first moment when I was introduced to the intoxicating world of fashion.  I was attending this music festival, busy socializing after our performance, trying to play ‘Tom and Jerry’ with other guys my age.

From our African perspective, we are taught that girls have to be curvy as they get into their teen years but this wasn’t my case because I was always the slim one among all my peers. Most of the time, people all around me would make fun of my tall yet slim shape to the point of calling names and feeling pity for me. Trust me, if that were you, undergoing hip boosting procedures would be one of your New Year resolutions.  And mind you, I felt pity for ‘me’…

Anyway, my girlfriends- Dorice, Millicent and I explored the arena, playing hard to get but only stopping for a chat with these ‘hot’ guys.  The game seemed so fun because after all, as a journalist in school, I had to gather news on how the whole event was. They even called me ‘Kameme Fm’ back at school to mean ‘that radio station’. Unfortunately, it reached this point where I was left alone and all my girlfriends were hooked up. Back then, that was disheartening although I had to wear that confident face as a journalist.

That was when I heard it: ‘Grace, it’s time to look your best!’

The flash of a sleeveless orange crop top and a knee-high brown Ankara pencil skirt crossed my mind. All with bold dizzying prints. For a moment, I was frozen. Something about the combination caught my mind and, though I didn’t understand, I couldn’t think otherwise. Taking a deeper thought, I shifted the ice cream I had over to one arm, and reached out for a pen in my sling bag. I imagined of dressing my petite shape in such a beautiful combination and all I could do is smile. Thought about attending fashion shows, going for photoshoots, being on the cover of huge publications like Elle and Vogue, rocking designer fashion pieces and running my own PR firm.

I want this! I assured myself…

I remained startled . And completely and totally enamored. After contemplating on what I now wanted , I knew that I was to run with this vision. I rushed back to the bus and rewrote this on my vision board that I would carry everywhere. This was the first time I prioritized something for socializing. Since then, I shifted my attention to the gorgeous world of designs, colors, and shapes.

I opted to surf through the Internet on fashion and Pinterest proved fashionable. Downloading uncountable pictures of fashion enthusiasts , buying the ‘Style ‘ and ‘Fashion ‘ magazines , following fashion blogs and piling up fashion pages I plucked from the Saturday Nation newspaper became my avocation. Consequently, I made my own fashion scrap book. All my discoveries from the numerous fashion trends were recorded here.  I’d decorate my bedroom wall with pictures of fashionistas; the white paint now embellished with Lucia Musau’s looks, Maria Vizutte’s denim styles, Macy Stucke’s coats, and designer inspirations from their blogs. The crazy patterns and wild mix of colors became spontaneous, and my eyes dwelt on more art-like outfits. It was a world I knew I had to be part of as much as I could not grasp more of it then.

Now cat walking out of the runway, I catch a glimpse of my friend. In my world, I hear her say, ‘This is where you belong!’

And here I am……

high school boyish

Dalene Ekirapa

I have come to discover that what I portray myself with my style tells more of how I feel about ME. Initially, I’d get succumbed to the pressure of adding weight since I’m flocked by curvy girlfriends. And even so, my efforts to be like them were in vain. It was then that I also thought about starting a blog to inspire slim fashion. I know many undergo such moments but you should enjoy being at your best.

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I do! That’s just it — that’s what my clothes help me to do. Fashion helps me whip up into a fantasy world — one where any color rules. Floral, denim, any print rules. Short , long , all materials flirt , and lets me put my hands around that dream ; daring me to incorporate it into my life. I only wish to continue until Dalene Ekirapa becomes a legacy that I will inspire more and more ladies to feel more confident about their bodies. And dress themselves with modesty, class and confidence!

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As a fashion blogger who over time also fell in love with all things lifestyle, I aim to share more on looking fashion-forward, beauty and skincare, food and restaurants as well as travel and décor. Indeed, Dalene Ekirapa is the Quintessence of Life and Style! I find pleasure in sharing my finds on this space.

For a typical work day, I see things from the end. As I plan by faith, I see this:

high school boyish

Early mornings of a prayer on my knees, reading the Bible, publishing a post and sharing my posts on social media and Pinterest and having sponsored or themed photoshoots;

Press reviews and meetings;

A beautiful work time with my staff:  looking into the day’s activities, talking about analytics, setting up an editorial calendar and discussing on content and blog sponsorships;

Nights of product launches, networking, dinners; reading my emails and that newest book on my shelf; writing my book; a skincare routine and close up the day with a payer on my knees.

And times of vacations!

And there you have it….that is my story as a fashion blogger!










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