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Style Talk: I’m Chic,Artsy And Sophisticated

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I’m chic, artsy, and sophisticated! What about you?

Well, do you have your own personal style? I hope you do because having your own personal style really helps in a lot of ways.

For instance: you will always know what outfits fit you comfortably, what to wear, and what not to wear. And because of this knowledge, you are actually able to determine how you spend on dressing up. It then becomes very easy to stick to a budget.

I remember sometimes back when I went thrifting and came home with a bag full of clothes: very trendy, affordable, and needed washing and ironing. This has never been an issue for me so I did that the following day. I was so happy to have landed such a huge bargain at the market since I’m very good at haggling for sure.

Anyway, I realized that as I started wearing the clothes, some of them actually ceased to impress me. That was when I started giving them away. Well, it’s never bad to give away but coming to think of it, why did I even buy a lot than I’d actually wear? I think I was just too spendthrift. And I’m certain that most of us usually are.

That was when I sat down and decided to learn my style so that when I’d go shopping, I’d only buy an outfit that solely falls under my style. And for a long time now, I’ve been able to control my spending on clothes, ensuring that I purchase only what impresses me and what I’ll wear for a long time to come.

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So, for my personal style, I’m chic, artsy, and sophisticated!

I'm Chic, Artsy And Sophisticated

Those three words fully describe my style. When you are learning your style, just coin a three-word rule that will fully describe it. It’s easier to go with a one-word rule but for someone who is very adventurous with dressing like me, and most of us, then a three-word rule is always best.

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Thus, when I’m out shopping, I’ll look at the cost of an outfit and see if it falls within my budget. If it does, I’ll go ahead and determine if its design impresses me and if it does, I’ll then determine what can easily be paired with it to achieve my style. All this has been made easy by true to my three-word rule.

Anyway, let’s look into my style:


Talk about chic style and talk about an outfit that adds a touch of feminism to your whole look. Basically, the look brings out your womanly side and also comes out as timeless and very classy.

The chic style will be reflected right from how you do your color coordination as you dress up to how you finish up with accessories. As a chic fashionista, I’ll go for being whimsical most of the time although monochromatic pieces are such a hit for me too!

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I'm Chic, Artsy And Sophisticated

When it comes to being WHIMSICAL….

I love having fun with my dressing and portraying confidence with a bright sense of style. Whimsical style entails playful prints, patterns, colors, textures, accessories, and statement fashion pieces. Basically, if your style is whimsical, you’ll always have that one piece or that strong color as part of your look that is absolutely striking!

Frankly, my closet is colorful. I don’t think you’d miss any bold color in it as much as neutrals are present. And also, you’ll find a couple of types of prints and florals in there. I love being quizzical!

So today, I went for my detailed pencil skirt. If you’re looking for a way to inject a feminine movement in your wardrobe, then add some zippers and slits in your wardrobe and you’ll be the Tropical Temptress around! How perfect for a getaway in summer!

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I'm Chic, Artsy And Sophisticated

What is artsy style?

As the name suggests, the artsy style invokes a level of creativity by the person. Usually, as much as I purchase ready-made clothes, I’m very careful with how I choose them to ensure I’m getting a piece that will make a statement when I dress it up or down. Usually, my style is as dramatic as possible.

Many times, my friends ask me where I get my clothes from since I usually pair them very differently. For example: since I’m slim, I’ve come to absolutely appreciate oversized fashion. So I tend to go for larger tops than me and pair with a skinny bottom or thigh highs. They absolutely love how I play around with large tops.

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Anyway, for today, I wore this bat top. I really love how dramatic this top is with so many details: from the bat sleeves to the high-neck design! Woohoo! Good enough, grey can be so luxurious.

Such a pair for my high wasted front-zipper skirt that screams of sass, right? The pair absolutely impressed me.


I'm Chic, Artsy And Sophisticated

Woohoo! This is what most of us love! Going sophisticated!

Sophisticated style simply stands for fine pieces of outfit that are polished and have quality. But a word of caution is that sophisticated style portrays modesty.

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As well, the colors in your outfit should perfectly coordinate to make it more polished. But if you are having trouble relating the colors to one another, then try subtle colors or neutrals, subtle prints, and patterns too.

Even if you’re the poorest fashionista around, you can hardly go wrong with a sophisticated style. I mean, if you just layer that sleek camel coat over your outfit, won’t you look instantly gorgeous? Or if you got that pair of velvet thigh-high boots, don’t you expect to run heads as you walk by?
Then that’s it! You got it! You rock it when sophisticated! You got that eye for quality!

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    That’s why many fashion lovers will always cherish proper outerwear, bags, accessories, and shoes!

    I'm Chic, Artsy And Sophisticated

    So yeah, you now know the easiest ways to going sophisticated but I actually prefer rocking my outerwear! Macy Stucke will rock a camel coat over her denim shorts, Maria Vizuette will comfortably layer a faux coat over her jeans while Lucia Musau will perfectly adorn in an Ankara kimono! The power of layering elegantly though!

    But mind you, sophisticated style will also show through your makeup, manicure, pedicure, skin, and hair since all these should look effortlessly pleasing. When it comes to makeup, keep it subtle. To your hair, dress it up with the jewels or hair accessories. Try to keep your jewelry to a minimum to look appropriate and classic. Depending on the occasion, dress up with jewelry.

    I'm Chic, Artsy And SophisticatedI'm Chic, Artsy And Sophisticated

    So yeah, the dramatic top was sophisticated enough. You agree, right? As well, I chose a statement pair of earrings for my accessories. I love it!

    Well, that’s my style! Chic, artsy, and sophisticated!


    Do you love it? And what’s your style too? Or what’s the three-word rule that describes your style perfectly? Or is it time to learn your style and change your wardrobe?

    Please share your thoughts with me below…


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    1. Estée Izaola says

      I love this so much, I’m definitely going to take a look at my style and find what three words best describe it. Right now all I know is that it’s feminine and classy.
      Also, your photos look so amazing, like they are from a fashion magazine. I’m so in love with your style and creativity. Sending you my best wishes.

      Estée Izaola |

    2. Alexandra says

      LOVE your three words and style – I need to work on mine too! 🙂
      I really love your outfit – those shoes and purse are stunning!

    3. Joan says

      I really need to figure out my style because honestly I am totally in a rut and have no idea what looks good on me anymore. I know what I like then put it on and looks like a paperbag so I guess I need to really figure out my real style.

    4. Terri Beavers says

      I have to admit, I have a few problems when it comes to fashion. But I do love this outfit, that skirt is stunning and the shoes tie everything together. You have great style! Thank for sharing.

    5. Genny Gall (whatsupdearie) says

      This is a current article that made me think about something that it’s going on on my head for months. I have been thinking about a style subscription, so I might try different styles and so on so at the end I would know which clothes I Absolutely Enjoy more.

    6. Tessa Christianson says

      Okay, this is SO smart! I know exactly what you mean about shopping and thinking you wanted items but then growing tired of them quickly- I am definitely guilty of that! Sometimes an item looks cute and is trendy, but in reality it really isn’t “me”. I am not exactly sure what my three words would be, but I tend to dress chic, sexy, or casual.. or some combination of the three! I might have to do some more thinking on that though 🙂

      • Dalene Ekirapa says

        Yes Tessa, do think about your three-word rule too. It can be so boring to ransack a closet full of boring items you initially thought were trendy lol!

    7. Jess says

      That’s a good idea to think about how I would define my style. I would agree to sophisticated, nerdy hippie lol

    8. What Corinne Did says

      Absolutely love your outfit! So chic and colorful! Everything goes together so well! I love the concept of 3 words to define your style. I think mine are comfortable, artsy and chic

    9. Norma says

      Awesome style! Love your three words and your pictures! My three words would be something like sports, comfort, and casual. I like to be comfortable all the time.

    10. Teresa says

      Great post! I liked your comment about buying thrift clothing then not liking some of it. I feel that I do that as well. I’ll buy something that is cheaper, then really not like it later instead of sticking with basics that are more my style overall.

      I also really really like that gray top in the pics! It’s classy and work into so many different outfits.

      • Dalene Ekirapa says

        So we can relate Teresa? Yey! Well, we have to limit our thrift shopping, ensuring we buy just what talks about us. Anyway, this grey top has to be one of my closet favs now!

    11. maysz says

      lovely your words ; how girly and beautiful! Oh! well, mine are Inner rock chic and funny; You’re so beautiful in your outfit.

    12. Wendy Lemeric says

      Oooh girl!!! I love your style! I have to say I dig your style. I love that top, that’s the kind of top I want to go for always. Thanks for the inspiration!

    13. Waren Jean Go says

      Your style is amazing! I love that purse with the outfit. Made everything look perfect!

    14. David Elliott says

      It’s so interesting to have the three-word rule about your fashion. It is so important to know what is important to you in fashion. You do look great in the outfit.

    15. Binge on Basics says

      I am in love with your impeccable fashion sense and your style game is always on point. This look is very chic and sophisticated, I must say. Also I love your skirt a lot!!

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