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How To Wear High Low Style Like A Pro!

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High-low style?

When it comes to fashion, the high-low trick has to be the most effective methods of pairing clothes to ensure you look expensive.

When you see influencers and celebrities rocking a $600 Christian Louboutin stiletto pair and a $30 Forever 21 dress, you understand that indeed, high- low is the way to go!

If you are a savvy shopper or a serial shopper who wants to look terrific even without breaking the bank, then you have to master the art of wearing the high-low style.

As well, if you love playing around with dressy or laid-back combinations, the high-low combo will be great for you!

Well, what is high-low style?

How To Wear High Low Style Like A Pro!

High-Low Style is :

  • where you pair the most expensive pieces in your wardrobe with the most affordable, or rather, cheaper items for a nice fit and cost effective style. This is especially good if you are working on a tight budget.
  • It can also be combining high-fashion, tailored, and custom pieces with more casual, everyday pieces from your closet.

Since it is fun to create your personal style and define it than having a uniform high fashion style, it’s great to know how to pair and wear high-low like the fashionista you are!

Here are…

5 Rules To Keep In Mind When Going For The High-Low Style

1. Invest in quality pieces!

This has to be the main rule of high-low style!

Quality pieces will prove to be long lasting hence ensuring that you don’t have to keep on shopping the next time you are going out on a cocktail party.

Quality pieces are also more wearable since they don’t wear out easily.

Before going on a plunge, determine what items you would want to seriously spend on.

Some of the great fashion items you can spend on incluce:

  • Accessories like hats, hand bags, jewelry and shoes- trust me, accessories have the power to of instantly glaming up any outfit!
  • Bottoms like the denim jeans, office pants, maxi skirts and even shorts. Imagine having 5 different colored denim jeans from a designer store around the corner that you can switch up with various tops and wear all-month around! Or 2 pairs of great wide leg pants? What about 6 perfect high fashion shirts that you’ll obviously pair with a hundred tops all year round?

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  • Outerwear. Fashionistas say that for a flawless combination of style and comfort, a covetable outerwear will always work to do wonders to your overall style. Hence, investing in great outerwear for layering is essential for example purchasing a killer trench coat , or fur coat, or kimono, or cardigan or a sweater that is bold enough to liven up any outfit.

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2.  Be ready to experiment pieces.

Style is reinvented and as long as a combination makes you feel comfortable, it is worthy of a try out in the streets.

Go wild pairing your Guiseppe Zanotti over-the-knee boots and your Zara oversized top then see how it looks.

Is it gorgoues? Then you’re welcome to rock it! You want to experiment and try as many things as possible, so you can land upon something that’s uniquely your own.

Break the rules girl!

3. Don’t Spend On Trends

Cargo pants came with a bang! And became stale after a few months…

Would you prefer investing in a $300 cargo pants then? No!

I mean, there is no need of spending huge bucks on pieces that you’ll want to abandon in the next few months.

Instead, shop for them in low fashion stores and thrift stores to ensure your spending is secure.

Once you try them out a couple of times and it suits your hankering, then you can go ahead and shop for them in high-end.

One good example has to be when shopping for tops. Usually, tops will ever come in very many designs.

For example: ruffled hems, ruffled sleeves, long-sleeved, off-shoulders, one shoulder, strapless, cropped, lace, turtle-necks, polo-necks, caped , waist-tie tops and so much more.

Since ladies need a lot of tops for pairing, it is preferable to go for low fashion tops and have very many designs at a cheaper cost.

How To Wear High Low Style Like A Pro!

4. Source for low cost items that can pass for high-end

When going for low fashion pieces, don’t just buy cheap but be keen to ensure that the piece you are actually buying is worth it.

I mean, can it pass for a high-end piece?

If you have to look expensive without breaking the bank, then you should check for the state and quality of the cloth before buying it.

For example: check the fabrics to make sure they are not torn, stained and in good shape.

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5. Personalize the items

For your unique style to stand out, then you should own the piece.

Do you need to adjust the hemline or do away with the buttons and straps? Then go ahead!

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Well, here is what I do when going high-low:

a. Wear high end bottoms!

b. Pair with a low-cost top.

c. Finish off with high-end accessories.

How To Wear High Low Style Like A Pro!How To Wear High Low Style Like A Pro!Mixing high and low fashion


While almost every fast-fashion retailer makes designer dupes that you can always buy wannabe designer items and stand out in your matching.

But when in doubt about wearing high-low style, go monochromatic, keep things simple, shop quality and pair comfortably.

You can as well visibly branded items unless they are designer pieces.

Ready to use this style idea? Then speak to us in the comments below…


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    1. Brenda Maedi says

      Oh my goodness, you look so gorgeous Dalene. Well, if this is a high-low piece, then I just love it! Pairing low fashion tops and high fashion bottoms is the way to go!

    2. Taylor Aube says

      I love high low style and you are rocking this one. The pink color is so fabulous and this entire outfit looks so good on you!

    3. David Allen Elliott says

      I hadn’t heard of Hi-Lo fashion before. But thanks for the information. I will have to show my daughter this. She loves fashion although she mostly likes transforming older outfits into new fun outfits. She hasn’t been so much about designer fashion yet but I think she will be interested in this.

      • Dalene Ekirapa says

        Oh David, thanks for sharing this with your daughter. Now that she’s an upcoming fashionista, I bet she’ll love it too.
        Glad you dropped by!

    4. Kristi McAllister says

      I’m one of those people who can’t put anything together when it comes to fashion, but you are definitely a fashionista! Pink and black have always been one of my favorite color combinations and the shoes…I love, love, love the shoes. Now…can you be my personal shopper?! LOL

    5. Fatima Torres says

      You look fabulous in this statement skirt. I love the way you paired it with the solid tee

    6. Talya says

      I’m loving the high low vibe and that pink dress looks awesome on you. I love a bit of high low too!

    7. Iya - Louisa says

      This skirt is beautiful! Id never think of buying this colour as its so bright I just wouldn’t know what to pair it with! Until now aha.

    8. Maya says

      Interesting post. Had no idea what hi/low style was and hey, now I now. Thank for the post and the tips!

    9. Alison Rost says

      These are great tips! I’ve never been a fan of designer pieces, I’ve always believed that it’s all about the style and not the brand. Love the way to put together this look though! Also your shoes are lovely!

    10. Sayanti | says

      This is so great Dalene. I totally agree that we should go for comfortable shoes and a good purse because they can either make or break your look. Also, good shoes take you to good places. So, yes it is very important.

    11. Kusum says

      Hi-low fashion helps in more way than one, especially when you are new mom haha! That pink skirt is so cute on you.

      • Dalene Ekirapa says

        That’s so right Kusum; hi-lo is no doubt a proper way to get a clean and cute wardrobe that’s even withing budget. Anyway,I’m glad you stopped by new ma’am!

    12. Brandy says

      I saw this outfit on instagram and was more curious about it. Love how you are rocking the lo-hi style like a pro. Looks beautiful!

    13. Karla says

      I have a black and a white shirt that I always wear whenever I travel. I always pair them with skirts! Thanks to you I had more ideas on how to give more accents. Btw, you look amazing! I hope I can pull it off like you do.

      • Dalene Ekirapa says

        I’m glad I did Karla and there’s no doubt that you can pull of black and pink as well girl! We kinda share the same travel style lol!

    14. Rachel says

      I really like this idea of pairing high and low-end fashion items together! I think I’ll need to take a look at my wardrobe and see if I can create any interesting combinations that way.

      • Dalene Ekirapa says

        I’m glad the idea can relate to you too Rachel. Such enables us to create a personal style and also play around with different combos.
        Hugs girl!

    15. Brandon Hudson says

      Not really up on the latest fashion trends but this was a really interesting post. I like the idea of hi lo and will probably forward this post along to my lady friends!

      • Dalene Ekirapa says

        Thank you Hudson for the love…when it comes to mixing high-end and low-end fashion, this post will come in handy for them. And all of us too…

    16. Sigrid Says says

      Hmmmm hi-lo it is, huh? haha I would do this style but I didn’t know that it has a name. I was really curious to read your post. Nice ensemble, by the way.

      • Dalene Ekirapa says

        Thanks for the love Sigrid. But basically, Hi-Lo or rather,high-low style entails mixing high end and low end pieces for a nice style that sticks to budgets too. Hugs!

    17. Meyzel says

      You look gorgeous, as usual! I love your style and you are totally rockin’ That pink. Keep it up!

    18. Sam says

      You look fabulous! You really rock that skirt! I actually hadn’t heard of hi-lo until just now. Thanks for sharing!!

    19. Nina says

      The hot pink and black together look super together. Adding different accessories to an outfit really does elevate it.

    20. vidya says

      love, love, love that combination.. i love that you show so many bright (read – hot pink! — followed by mustard/fire colors) on your blog..

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