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Color Crush Cobalt Blue: How To Wear Cobalt Blue

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Cobalt blue?

It is a bold and strong color shade color shade as well.

According to Pantone Spring’s Color Report, it was one of the spring colors of 2017.

I mean, it is one of the energetic spring colors.

It symbolizes strength and confidence in conveying radiance.


Color Crush Cobalt Blue: How To Wear Cobalt Blue

Cobalt blue is a deep blue shade that is bright, and brighter than lapis blue. We all love cobalt blue for the much vibrancy it has,right?


Cobalt blue has been embraced widely in the design industry since clothes of all designs are produced for the color. But for a fact, blazers and dresses are the most dominant and yes, such look much better in cobalt blue; especially how the color stands out in such statement pieces.


Always keep your cobalt blue looking as professional since it is a laid-back and statement color. I mean, avoid mixing the color with much more of other colors whenever you wear cobalt blue, unless you want to look like a clown obviously which I’ sure no one would want.

Color Crush Cobalt Blue: How To Wear Cobalt Blue

Cobalt blue looks good when paired with neutrals. For instance; raw white pairs so well with cobalt blue and doesn’t bear a boring look while it still looks polished. As well, black is the ultimate pick for anyone caught up in a style rut. Just get a black match for your cobalt blue.

Opt for metallic accents to substitute neutrals when wearing the color. Metallic is the it-trend this season and has proven to be very much wearable and goes well with very many other colors.

But wait, you can also go for that monochromatic cobalt blue look. If you feel too lazy to get a pair for your color, then go monochrome.  You’ll see why that might be the best option…

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When accessories cobalt blue, coordinate between nude, neutrals and metallic for finer looks . We know that accessories can make or break an outfit and if worn the wrong way, that can hurt your style. Well, accessorizing cobalt blue can be very tricky.

Nude, black or metallic goes will flatter your blue since they allow the dress to remain vibrant and dominant. Many are loving metallic especially silver when it comes to pimping cobalt blue. I too wore a pair of silver loop earrings and had a chain neckband still in silver.

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With a full set of blues, my look was really going strong: from my cobalt blue shirt dress that I cinched with a blue belt , to my blue floppy hat and finally finishing it up with a pair of blue platform heels.

Color Crush Cobalt Blue: How To Wear Cobalt Blue

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    Shirt dresses and t-shirt dresses hit the streets hard in 2017 since everyone found them classic, wearable and very chic. I was also able to stock quite a number of them. I love how light this shirt dress is thus very good for hot seasons. Frankly, I’ve thrown this T-shirt dress over a set of black shorts and a black crop top and it more so acts like a light layer.

    All blue! I’m really crushing over this, aren’t you?

    Since cobalt blue grabs attention, wearing really bold makeup could bring out a clown-like appearance thus to approach it well, consider a more minimalist makeup. Nude makeup is always the best pick but if you want to experiment on color, you can go for softer colors like light pink, beige . But for me, nude was my thing today.

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    Color Crush Cobalt Blue: How To Wear Cobalt Blue Color Crush Cobalt Blue: How To Wear Cobalt Blue Color Crush Cobalt Blue: How To Wear Cobalt Blue


    I’d love to know your thoughts about this color I’m crushing on in the comment section below…



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    1. Ola says

      I love this striking blue color on you. I would probably never be able to walk in those shoes though. LOL!

    2. chelf says

      I agree with the whole monochrome vibe when it comes to such a vibrant colour (or any colour actually) and you sure look hot in blue! Lovely!

      • Dalene Ekirapa says

        Aaaw dear, thanks so much. Monochromatic actually is good for vibrant colors and even better if one doesn’t have to put up with other colors. Glad you stopped by!

    3. Star harford says

      You are right, I think cobalt blue would pair nicely with neutrals, especially white. It is such a beautiful colour and reminds me of summer!

    4. Laura Dove says

      Oh wow could this colour be any more vibrant?! I love it! I’m not sure it would suit me, I don’t tend to suit blue, but I love it on you!

      • Dalene Ekirapa says

        Hey Laura!
        Now that’s unfortunate that it wouldn’t look good on you. Perhaps some color experiments on you would do? Luke cobalt blue and neutrals. Anyway, glad you stopped by!

      • Dalene Ekirapa says

        Hey Laura!
        Now that’s unfortunate that it wouldn’t look good on you. Perhaps some color experiments on you would do? Like cobalt blue and neutrals. Anyway, glad you stopped by!

      • Dalene Ekirapa says

        Oh dear, thanks so much; mind you I treasure this floppy hat and I’ve kept it for too long. As well, my heel are gifted. I’m so lucky! Thanks for dropping by!

    5. Ana De- Jesus says

      I remember when I was doing my A-Levels and during my first year of university I had an obsession with cobalt blue and mint green and they were the two colours that I wore at the time. Now I tend to wear pastel blue, baby pink and burgundy with the occasional red but cobalt is still such a fun and bright colour. I definitely want that cobalt hat it is such a striking hat 🙂

    6. Alison Rost says

      Talk about a good pop of color especially during this season. I really like how you styled the dress, everything from the hat to the shoes is perfect with it!

    7. blair villanueva says

      Your whole look screams FABULOUS! I love cobalt blue because its stunning and standout from the crowd 🙂
      And its perfect for summer as well. Gorgeous!

    8. Akamatra says

      I think this color looks great on you. It’s not one of the colors that compliment me though.

    9. Lyosha says

      Wonderful look! I absolutely adore cobalt blue on you! and it also my favorite which makes this look my very best yours

    10. Razena says

      Cobalt Blue looks fabulous on you! I don’t think I’ve ever owned anything this color but with your tips on how to make it look glamorous I would definitely consider it now.

    11. Jennifer L says

      I was absolutely thrilled when Pantone came out with Cobalt blue cause it was such a gorgeous powerhouse color. Love how you styled the color from head to toe.

      • Dalene Ekirapa says

        Hey Jennifer! I did love it that Pantone also acknowledged the color; it is such a strong one and yes, I loved the whole look in cobalt blue for sure.

    12. Jennifer Prince says

      I love that color, and it looks so so good on you! It’s so cute with the hat, too. 🙂

    13. David Elliott says

      First of all, you look amazing in your outfit. But honestly the cobalt blue almost seems impossibly blue there. I know you said it stands out but it really REALLY stands out. It’s very beautiful. Thanks for tips on wearing the color.

    14. Array says

      Girl, you nailed it ! I don`t have the guts to wear all blue colour outfit or another block colour. Maybe I can master an all black one. I love how you played with accessories and the minimal make-up.
      Lots of love ♥♥♥

      • Dalene Ekirapa says

        Aaaw Cat, thanks for dropping by! I bet I’m too daring with even bold colors. You could give it a try especially with neutrals and nude makeup

    15. Jean says

      Cobalt blue is actually one of my fave colours, and you are totally rocking it in this outfit! I have a cobalt blue dress in my wardrobe that I have forgotten all about, and you have totally inspired me to wear it!

    16. Alex Rivera says

      I must say, you wear it well. The outfit and the shoes are amazing. I enjoyed the pics and the comprehensive write-up. Looking forward to reading more!

    17. Sigrid Says says

      Cobalt blue is love. That dress is so pretty something that I would want to wear myself. Nice monochromatic ensemble. In my case, I think I would prefer nude pumps with that dress. 😀 It;s just me.

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