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How to Trim Your Eyebrows at Home {Jasclair’s Eyebrow Razor Review}

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Disclaimer: I received this 9-Pack Touch-up Eyebrow Razors from Jasclair Skincare for use to trim my eyebrows, thus, I share my honest review.

Let’s face it. If you regularly get your eyebrows shaped by a professional, you might be feeling a little bit stressed about the state of them right now, especially if you don’t know how to trim your eyebrows and shape them in the comfort of your home.

While tweezing, threading and waxing can give you such amazing eyebrows, not everyone is as good at them. But I believe we can all manage to trim our eyebrows using an eyebrow razor, right?

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How To Know & Map Out Your Eyebrow Shape

How to Trim & Shape Your Eyebrows at Home {Reviewing Jasclair’s Touch-up Eyebrow Razor}

Courtesy: Lucy MUA

The Beginning Of Your Eyebrows:

Brows should begin directly in line with the inner corners of the eyes.

To get this point, hold a ruler/eye pencil vertically in the inner corner of your eye and where the ruler/pencil intersects the line of your eyebrow, that’s the beginning point.

If your brow hair goes past this vertical line and towards the center of your forehead, you should remove this hair while trimming or threading your eyebrows.

On the other hand, if there is a gap between the vertical line and your eyebrows, you need to let your eyebrow hair grow back again, or , opt to fill this area with an eyebrow pencil.

How to Trim & Shape Your Eyebrows at Home {Reviewing Jasclair’s Touch-up Eyebrow Razor}

The Arch:

This is the highest point of your brow. However, due to all eyebrow mishaps, our natural arch has been removed or messed up with.

A good hack would be to angle the pencil to cross over your pupil, and it should land around where your arch is.

The End Point of your Brows:

The endpoint of your brow helps to balance your face. To get this point, angle your pencil or ruler farther to the outer corner of your eye to find where your arch should end.

You can also hold your pencil diagonally from the side of your nose to the outer corner of your eye, extending it to your brows. The endpoint of your brow us the place where the pencil intersects the brow.

Right now, you have a good idea on how to shape and map out your eyebrows.

Focus on this visual outline of your eyebrows because you need to get rid of any pesky stray hair outside these boundaries. You can even mark these points with an eyebrow pencil.

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Jasclair’s Touch-up Eyebrow Razor Review

How to Trim & Shape Your Eyebrows at Home {Reviewing Jasclair’s Touch-up Eyebrow Razor}

Jasclair’s touch-up eyebrow razor is a multipurpose razor, not just good for trimming your eyebrows fast enough at home but also for derma planning at home.

The 9-pack of sharp razors is designed for use by both men and women to delicately and safely shave unwanted hair while exfoliating the skin, resulting in improved overall texture and tone.

Price – $8.87 for a 9-pack


The touch-up eyebrow razors come in a pack of 9 razors, well-covered to maximize your safety.

How to Trim & Shape Your Eyebrows at Home {Reviewing Jasclair’s Touch-up Eyebrow Razor}

The blades are very sharp, ensuring you get done in a few seconds. It is easy to handle the razor thanks to its handle. Thus, it glides on the skin, making it easy to work on contoured places of your face.

Get Yours on Jasclair

How To Trim Your Eyebrows With A Touch-up Eyebrow Razor

Step 1: Get The Tools Ready

In this article, we share how to trim your eyebrows using a touch-up eyebrow razor. Thus, you’re going to need one. I received my touch-up eyebrow razors from Jasclair and I use it for trimming my eyebrows at home.

You also need a spoolie brush (or disposable mascara wand) to begin. This Eyelash & Brow Wand is my go-to.

How to Trim & Shape Your Eyebrows at Home {Reviewing Jasclair’s Touch-up Eyebrow Razor}

Have your moisturizer too, hydrating cream, or shaving cream nearby. I particularly use UNT Cosmetics’ Aqua Burst water cream which is very lightweight, easy to work with, and just perfect since it leaves no residues on my skin.

Step 2: Brush Your Eyebrows 

You need to first figure out what you’re working with. Run a spoolie brush through clean, dry brows, brushing the hairs up. This shows you how your eyebrows are naturally shaped if there are any long irregular hairs and if your eyebrows need filling.

Step 3: Apply A Little Moisturizer

Applying your favorite moisturizer or cream on brushed eyebrows helps to soften the hairs and this eases the process.

You might have cut yourself at some point because the hairs were too rough and the trim wasn’t smooth to the point you felt irritations around your brow area. If this is you too, using a moisturizer, or a cream before your start the process will come in handy!

3. The Trim

How to Trim & Shape Your Eyebrows at Home {Reviewing Jasclair’s Touch-up Eyebrow Razor}

Before trimming the hairs, use a spoolie brush or disposable mascara wand to brush the hairs from the inner edge of your eyebrow to your arch upwards. Remember to brush these hairs in the direction the hair grows.

Since you had already mapped out your eyebrow shape and already know what you’re working on, hold the eyebrow razor at a 45-degree angle and let’s begin!

Gently glide the razor in short, downward strokes at 45-degrees.

Trim the hairs that reach up to your arch at the top edge of your eyebrow, making sure to snip carefully and slowly to ensure no tragic mishaps.

Then, move to the section from your arch to the outer end of your eyebrow. These hairs grow downward, so brush them down and not up to see which hairs are too long.

Repeat the procedure on the lower edge of your brows.

Step back and check progress from a distance in the mirror.

Quick Tips…

Maintain uniform thickness from the inner start up to the arch, then taper thinner towards the outer points. This is applicable when trimming your eyebrows, and even when filling them in with your brow pencil.

When trimming, the ending tip of the brow should never drop below the level of the beginning of the brow. They sit on the same horizon line or the slightly higher, but never lower.

4. Finish With Your Moisturizer

After completion,  if needed, apply your favorite hydrating cream or moisturizer to sooth the skin around your brow area.

5. Fill In Your Eyebrows As Desired

How to Trim & Shape Your Eyebrows at Home {Reviewing Jasclair’s Touch-up Eyebrow Razor}

Now, it’s time to pull out your favorite brow enhancing products and fill in your brows in the exact shape that you want them. As you do so, brush the hairs up and out towards the end of the brow in a lazy “c” formation.


Choose a powder or pencil in a shade or two lighter than your brows’ natural color to fill in for added strength and boldness, if desired. And to control and groom any stray hairs. a clear mascara or brow gel is perfect!

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Who Is This Touch-up Eyebrow Razor For?

  • Any woman who loves quick fixes for the brows, even if you’re slow in shaping your brows, you can get them done if 5-10 minutes. Just concentrate, dear lady!
  • Anyone who hasn’t the time or inspiration to visit salons for eyebrow trimming.
  • Anyone who finds eyebrow waxing kinda painful, and micro-blading too long a process!


How to Trim & Shape Your Eyebrows at Home {Reviewing Jasclair’s Touch-up Eyebrow Razor}

Some people have faster-growing eyebrow hairs and will need to trim more often. If yours are shorter and more subdued, don’t overcompensate and trim too much. That’s when brows start to look patchy.

Above all, if you need a quicker way to trim your eyebrows at home, try a touch-up eyebrow razor.

How to Trim & Shape Your Eyebrows at Home {Reviewing Jasclair’s Touch-up Eyebrow Razor}

Particularly, I’ll be using Jasclair’s touch-up eyebrow razors to trim my eyebrows in seconds before I get my natural makeup game on! Just be sure to discard the razor when dull.

Get Your Touch-up Eyebrow Razor on Jasclair

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How do you trim your eyebrows? Please share your comments below…