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How to Style Vintage Dresses & Look Elegant

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This article on how to style vintage dresses & look elegant features fashionista Rita Tesla who perfectly rocks her vintage dresses. Glam Up Lady!

How to Style Vintage Dresses & Look Elegant

Vintage clothing took the fashion scene by storm, seeing many women embrace the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s fashion. We loved them- think vintage dresses, wide-leg pants, polka dots, plaids and florals, over-seized blazers, crop tops, chokers, flared jeans, hoop earrings or even mules.

If you are in love with vintage fashion but do not want to look like you just wore a costume, let’s help you look modern.

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Quick Tips…

  1. When wearing vintage fashion, rework the styles to suit modern dressing. An example would be blending classic ’90s pieces like crop tops or chokers into your everyday wardrobe with skinny jeans and heeled boots.
  2. Avoid copying looks exactly as they were in the ’90s and back. Instead, mix and match with more modern and elegant pieces to make the look chicer.

Here is what J.J.Martin of Wallpaper Magazine had to say regarding wearing vintage fashion, on an interview with Who What Wear:

‘‘The greatest thing you can do for yourself is to mix vintage items with new, modern pieces.

I love a mannish white shirt with the 1950s printed skirt for example. But the easiest way to do this is with your shoe and handbag choices. Make sure they are not vintage if your dress or skirt is.

Flat sandals or flatform shoes with a thick straight platform (not wedge!) are very modern and make vintage pieces look super cool; so, does a clean, small handbag worn cross-body.’’

How to Style Vintage Dresses & Look Elegant

  1. Remember to accessorize with more elegant accessories just to take your look to the net level.

Among the most common looks for women from the ‘90s and back like the crop tops, flared jeans, and black leather jackets with shoulder pads, baby doll dresses over leggings were also such a thing.

However, in this modern-day and age, actually wearing leggings beneath your dress might not be well embraced, unless you did some cute stockings.

Modernize your look by adding modern accessories- think wide-brim hats, stylish sunglasses, chunky or dainty jewelry, fur scarves, polished bags, and terrific shoes.

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Styling Tip…

For more printed versions, rock your neutral accessories and jewelry, like white, black, or brown. An example would be adding silver and gold jewelry that classic look classic.

On the other hand, try bolder and more colorful accessories for laid-back vintage options.

How to Style Vintage Dresses & Look Elegant

Anyway, ladies, vintage dresses need a place in our wardrobes!

While dresses remain to be among the many must-haves in any woman’s wardrobe, vintage dresses cannot be neglected. These dresses are chicer, offering a feminine but not sexy vibe- just like how elegant ladies like it!

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If you’re in love with the retro look but you want to give your vintage dresses the modern twist that they deserve to be deemed chic in today’s style standards, check out these styling tips on how to style vintage dresses and look elegant:

How to Look Modern in Vintage Dresses

How to Style Vintage Dresses & Look Elegant

Want to jazz up your look, darling? Add timeless styles with feminine flair to your closet when you shop for vintage dresses.

Grab a collection of stunning retro dresses including a huge selection of styles to give you an eye-catching ensemble for every occasion.

From filly frocks that are perfect for a night on the town to simple everyday outfits that are easy to dress up or down, you’ll find a beautiful dress to suit your needs on our site. We love a good vintage party dress for an evening cocktail party!

Some of the gorgeous vintage dresses you can try include wrap dresses, swing dresses, fit & flare dresses as well as the famous maxi dresses.

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Flow with Its Vibe

How to Style Vintage Dresses & Look Elegant

The first step to nailing your look in a vintage dress is to just flow with its vibe!

You can notice that vintage dresses have delicate designs of laces, pleats, ribbons, stripes, and vintage prints. Thus, wear yours in the right place and for the right occasion.

An example would be wearing a floral dress or lace dress outdoors during the summer month, a tribal print dress while on an African safari, or a beautiful lace dress for a cocktail party.

Just because your dress is vintage does not mean you should wear it during grocery shopping since it already looks antique. Instead, depending on how sophisticated, classy, or elegant your vintage dress looks like, wear it appropriately.

TIP: Most printed versions of vintage clothing make for such great street style items when you’re rocking a casual, or smart-casual ensemble.

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Try Shorter

How to Style Vintage Dresses & Look Elegant

While many might actually think that all vintage dresses have to be in midi or maxi options, shorter dresses were actually a thing in the late 90s. So, lady, try a shorter vintage dress.

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Belt Your Maxi

How to Style Vintage Dresses & Look Elegant

Vintage clothing is usually very conservative, being zero skin. Some can get boring if you don’t know how to style them.

Thus, another great way to underline your uniqueness and make your vintage dress look modern is to add a stunning belt, particularly for shapeless and voluminous vintage dresses.

While you can either use a slim or wide belt, I personally love wide belts; and belts with a metallic accessory can really elevate and balance your vintage look.

Try A Luxe Coat

How to Style Vintage Dresses & Look Elegant

Take your vintage dress to the next level by throwing atop a luxe coat that attracts all eyeballs. A gorgeous blazer is also a great option!

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Nail your Bag & Shoes

How to Style Vintage Dresses & Look Elegant

If you always want to look put-together, nail your bag and shoes!

Pairing vintage clothing with decidedly modern shoes, bags and sunglasses is an easy way to dramatically ground an otherwise whimsical garment.

Styling Tip…

You can always pick a color present in your vintage dress and wear contemporary accessories in the same color just to keep overall look streamlined. As well, for an already-whimsical outfit, neutral accessories could quickly modernize your classic vintage dress

Pops of vibrant accessories also pair perfectly with solid-colored vintage clothing.

However, depending on how bold the color of your dress is, you might also consider neutral accessories. You want some silver accessories for an embroidered solid color straight dress.

Contemporary Makeup

How to Style Vintage Dresses & Look Elegant

A tried and true way of grounding a vintage outfit is to just go simple in hair and makeup such as wearing a polka-dotted dress with a slicked-back ballerina bun.

Vintage dresses are timeless, classic, and feminine enough for your wardrobe. No wonder we love the flirty maxi dresses, not just for summer, but all year round.

As long as you remember to mix vintage and modern pieces, including accessories, and wear confidence, your outfit will seem more relevant and elegant.

How to Style Vintage Dresses & Look Elegant


Always give your thrift-store vintage finds a mini-makeover by replacing the buttons. This can totally change the look of a vintage coat or dress.

Now it’s your turn lady, go ahead and style your vintage dress like a fashionista!