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How to Style Mom Jeans & Look Modern

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It’s no doubt that the Golden 90s era is back in the fashion scene and mom jeans, in particular, are here to stay!

How to Style Mom Jeans & Look Modern
Courtesy: Maeva Demoura

Mom jeans have taken street style by storm and right now, women are rocking them everywhere! Indeed, when you know how to style your mom jeans, you will love them and even look elegant!

Well, denim jeans are wardrobe must-haves for all women! They can be dressed down or up to achieve the casual or formal look that you desire. But with so many types of denim jeans, you might be asking yourself: what are mom jeans? How different are they?

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What are Mom Jeans?

Super flattering, effortless, and comfortable, mom jeans have a cinched waist, usually, a high waist, and baggy legs that taper at the ankles. Think of mom jeans as jeans with a pyramid cut that belongs in every women’s wardrobe.

Mom jeans have such a relaxed feel around the hips so they won’t flatten your bum, and thanks to their high waist, most body shapes are flattered with mom jeans.

How to Wear Mom Jeans for All Body Shapes

How to Style Mom Jeans & Look Modern
Courtesy: Varlesca Beata

Finding the perfect pair of jeans can be like solving a puzzle. It’s not just the jeans, the fit, material and cut that matter here, but also your body shape.

Good thing, mom jeans are here to save the day. These old-school jeans feature modern styles and are so easy to choose and dress up, no matter your body shape.

Before we share style ideas on how you can wear your mom jeans, let’s first talk about choosing the perfect mom jeans that will flatter your body shape:

Mom Jeans for Hourglass Women

With this body shape, the hip and bust measurements are nearly equal in size, with a narrower waist measurement. Also, top hourglass shapes will have their bust measurements are slightly larger than the hips.

To flatter your form, high waist jeans are an excellent choice for highlighting your natural waist. Avoid overly baggy legs but go for slimmer mom jeans to balance your contoured body shape. Wide-leg mom jeans with a beautiful fit around your hip area will work too!

Mom Jeans for Triangle or Pear-shaped Women

How to Style Mom Jeans & Look Modern
Courtesy: Mbaire Wangui
How to Style Mom Jeans & Look Modern
Courtesy: Munich G

Triangular-shaped or pear-shaped women have a slimmer upper body (the shoulders and bust area) and their hips and bottom are wider. Stylists recommend outfits that flatter the waistline.

How to Style Mom Jeans & Look Modern
Courtesy: Geny Maks

Similar to hourglass women, go for slimmer mom jeans with a high waist and great bottom-fit as these styles will hug your figure in all the right ways and eliminate extra fabric so there’s no slouch. Avoid baggy legs and try wide legs too..

Mom Jeans for the Rectangle Shape

If your waist measurements are almost the same as your hip or bust measurements, and your shoulders and hips are about the same width, you have a rectangular body type.

When dressing your rectangular, athletic, or straight—however, you refer to this body shape-use your outfit to balance your shoulders, bust, waist, and hips. Ideally, make sure your jeans complement the silhouette of your top.

Choose mom jeans with a slimmer silhouette that don’t drown your body. Straight mom jeans are the way to go- you can use belts to enhance and define your waist. If you love wide-leg jeans, pick the not-so-baggy ones and define your waist with a belt, still.

Remember, if you’re wearing a voluminous top, balance it out with something fitted on the bottom, and vice versa.

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Mom Jeans for Inverted-Triange or Apple Shapes

Women with an inverted triangle or apple shape have their shoulders and bust are larger than their relatively narrow hips.

It is also key to balance out your body when dressing up your shape. When picking your mom jeans, it’s all about adding volume and curves to your lower half.

Baggy-style jeans are great they help create curves around the hips and thighs. Flared jeans, straight-leg jeans, and cropped wide-leg jeans are no-brainers for balancing your shape. Cropped jeans are a great way to attract attention to your lower half.

Mom Jeans for Skinny, Petite Body Types

How to Style Mom Jeans & Look Modern
Courtesy: Varlesca Beata
How to Style Mom Jeans & Look Modern
Courtesy: Varlesca Beata

If you have a more petite frame, avoid too-baggy or too-big mom jeans that literally drown your frame. Instead, pick slimmer silhouettes, and those that taper around your ankles as well.

Mom Jeans for Tall Women

Tall women look flattering in high-waisted mom jeans with straight or slightly wide legs. Jeans with cropped legs and a tailored fit are particularly flattering as well.

Keep your body shape in mind, and adjust accordingly. Whether they are tapered, you’ve cuffed them, or let them be, mom jeans are great for taller women too.

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Found your favorite mom jeans, so, what can you wear with mom jeans?

How to Style Mom Jeans & Look Modern

The key to looking stylish in mom jeans is flattering your body shape, and ensuring balance.

Regardless of your personal style, here is a variety of looks worth bookmarking for inspiration before wearing your mom jeans. These stylish women rock this ’90s trend and prove that mom jeans are a timeless classic that will work well in every wardrobe for seasons to come.

1. Pick Cropped Mom Jeans

How to Style Mom Jeans & Look Modern
Courtesy: She Nobu

Cropped mom jeans are fantastic, thus, their popularity. Such shorter hems work perfectly for accentuating your sneakers, booties, or high-heeled sandals, and don’t overwhelm your legs no matter how baggy they are.

2. Keep it High-Waisted

How to Style Mom Jeans & Look Modern
Courtesy: Jourdan Riane

Mom jeans have a higher perceived waistline. Let’s keep it that way!

When pairing, find tops that show off your waist like crop tops or use a belt to define your waistline.

3. Get the Details Right

How to Style Mom Jeans & Look Modern
Courtesy: Mia Mia Mine

Put a spin on the traditional plain mom jeans by picking a pair with a few rips. This adds more interest to your jeans and attracts attention to your lower body. When it gets cold, keep yourself warm by donning fishnets underneath.

4. Cuff your Mom Jeans

Cuffing jeans is a common fashion trick. And mom jeans, in particular, it’s a bomb trick! Why? Because it’s a way to change up your style and draw attention to your shoe game. You will love this trick!

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5. Wear with Fitted Tops

How to Style Mom Jeans & Look Modern
Courtesy: Charlie Kamale

Since mom jeans usually feature a fitted waist and wider legs, you can complete the look with a well-fitting top. Bodysuits are ideal! This helps balance your overall silhouette for a put-together look.

6. Or Cropped Tops

How to Style Mom Jeans & Look Modern
Courtesy: Charlie Kamale

Crop tops are great for mom jeans. However, ensure your mom jeans are well high-waisted and are sitting comfortably on your hips. It looks very unappealing when you’re constantly tugging at your crop top because your mom jeans are sliding down-Oops!

Styling Tip…

If you love bralettes, wear them with your mom jeans. Also, tank tops look great with your mom jeans. You can throw atop a chambray shirt or even a blazer. Level up with some high heels.

7. Tuck Your Larger Tops

How to Style Mom Jeans & Look Modern
Courtesy: Charlie Kamale
How to Style Mom Jeans & Look Modern
Courtesy: Charlie Kamale
How to Style Mom Jeans & Look Modern
Courtesy: Jourdan Riane

If you want to spice up your go-to mom jeans, try a chunky sneaker, or larger blouse and tuck it at the front. There’s just something cool about this look!

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8. Add a Belt

How to Style Mom Jeans & Look Modern
Courtesy: Jewel Coza

A statement belt is the best way of enhancing your waist when wearing mom jeans. The loose fit with a high waist or mom jeans creates an hourglass shape and elongates your legs so be sure to accessorize this beautiful look. 

9. Throw on a Blazer

How to Style Mom Jeans & Look Modern
Courtesy: Miss Muneri
How to Style Mom Jeans & Look Modern
Courtesy: Alexandra Lapp

Create an edgy appearance while looking effortlessly stylish by throwing on a sharp blazer. This makes your look more formal and if your work environment isn’t so formal, you can wear this look comfortably.

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10. Rock your Heels

How to Style Mom Jeans & Look Modern
Courtesy: Just Kaninte
How to Style Mom Jeans & Look Modern
Courtesy: Just Kaninte

Add your favorite heel to your look to lengthen your legs, and create a streamlined yet more upgraded aesthetic. Elegant women who want to appear more classy should try this!

11. Blue Washes Rock!

How to Style Mom Jeans & Look Modern
Courtesy: Loretta Hove

Mom jeans typically come in the classic blue color or in a wide range of blue washes. These colors look great and are easy to dress up or down for a more formal or casual link.

12. Try Some Sneakers

For a laidback feel with effortless styling, swap out your heels for sneakers to finish your look. 

This is perhaps one of the most trendy ways of wearing your mom jeans but make it look more elegant by picking cleaner and cuter sneakers. We love a good white pair!

Love mom jeans? How are you wearing yours?