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How to Slay the No-Makeup Makeup Game

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Even though the very idea of a no-makeup makeup look is an oxymoron at its finest, the truth is that a lot of ladies from all over the world love rocking such a look on a daily basis.

They say that it is quite simple and easy, but is that really the case?

Just stay with us and keep on reading to find out!

How to Slay the No-Makeup Makeup Game

4 Steps To Slay The No-Makeup Makeup Look

1. First of all, forget your favorite foundation

You’ve probably seen that coming, but if you didn’t, we should warn you that a no-makeup makeup look won’t require your favorite liquid foundation. It’s quite obvious, isn’t it?

This is particularly true for those heavy-duty, full-coverage foundations that often look too cakey on the face. So, you should completely stay away from this product and focus on your complexion instead.

Be sure to use a gentle scrub that will remove the dead skin cells and give your face a healthy and vibrant glow.

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Once that step is done, you can use a little bit of lightweight BB or CC cream in order to even out the skin tone and cover minor imperfections like enlarged pores or smaller breakouts.

It will definitely do the trick for your skin.

How to Slay the No-Makeup Makeup Game

2. Use your concealer wisely

After applying your BB/CC cream, you should use a concealer that works perfectly for your skin type.

Of course, you should also make sure that its shade fits flawlessly, so that you can achieve a true no-makeup makeup look without any troubles.

Some experts say that the secret to a fresh, even complexion actually lies in your concealer brush.

If you have any visible redness or blemishes, you should pick a flat brush with small synthetic bristles.

Remember that the most flattering way to apply this product is to draw a triangle with the point towards your cheeks and the base under your eyes.

Apart from concealing the minor flaws, this technique will also create the illusion that your face is lifted.

On the other hand, your fingers will do the best job when it comes to covering dark circles, so you should better pat the concealer in with your finger if you have them.

Then use a bit of translucent powder to set your T-zone and the under-eye area, and you’re good to go!

How to Slay the No-Makeup Makeup Game

3. Eyelash extensions will also do the trick

As you may have noticed by now, you’ve already used quite a few different products to achieve a perfect complexion.

However, when it comes to your eye look, we can say that you definitely don’t need a lot of products.

In fact, you actually don’t need any of them, as long as you have a set of amazing eyelash extensions that contribute to a fresh, natural look.

Australian ladies were among the first ones who recognized the importance of these, which is exactly why getting fabulous eyelash extension in Sydney has become extremely popular recently.

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How to Slay the No-Makeup Makeup Game

The reasons for that are more than good – apart from helping you achieve a completely natural, no-makeup makeup look, these will also save you some time on a daily basis. And why is that?

Well, that’s because you won’t need to apply several coats of mascara, as eyelash extensions don’t require any of the eye makeup products you used to apply before. If you’re intrigued, be sure to give them a try and you surely won’t regret it!

4. Make sure you groom your brows properly, too

We’re sure that you’ve already figured out the importance of well-groomed brows, as everyone’s raving about that issue all over the social media.

You should know that reasons for that are more than good, simply because your brows provide the perfect frame for your face – if groomed properly, of course.

So, the first step towards your perfectly shaped brows is brushing them upwards with a spoolie, so that all hairs are pointed in the same direction, and make the brows look as neat as possible.

You can even trim them a little bit if they’re too long.

When that’s done, you should fill them in with your favorite brow pencil and brush them upwards one more time. Then apply a clear brow gel in order to fix the hairs and help them stay in place, and you’re all done!

How to Slay the No-Makeup Makeup Game

As you can see, slaying your no-makeup makeup game is much easier than you probably thought.

All you have to do is to stick to our guidelines and keep your look as simple as possible in order to come up with the best result.

Of course, you should definitely use makeup products sparingly, as that’s the point of such a makeup look. Just bear our tips in mind and you won’t make a mistake!

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Jasmine Anderson!


Jasmine Anderson; How to Slay the No-Makeup Makeup Game

Jasmine Anderson is a lifestyle and beauty blogger and an incurable daydreamer. She loves makeup, lavender lemonade and her two cats.

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    1. Rachael Berthiaume says

      Hmm I know so little about makeup I thought the “no-makeup look” was actually not wearing any makeup haha. This post was super helpful and detailed for someone who doesn’t know all the tricks so thanks!!

      • Dalene Ekirapa says

        Haha! I get you Rachael, I hope that soon, you’ll start rocking the no-makeup makeup look since you’re not the makeup fan, right?

    2. Omar says

      I thought the process was going to be much more complicated. It’s a nice method that is effective and isn’t super time-consuming!

      • Dalene Ekirapa says

        You can say that again Omar!!!
        The process is just so easy to follow for that perfect no-makeup makeup look.
        Thanks for stopping by!

    3. Daisy says

      These are absolutely fabulous tips to help us look our best! I appreciate your tips very much!

    4. EINz says

      Oh, thanks for this! I will definitely follow the triangle trick in concealing. I am now using a gentle scrub and light BB and recently bought brightening dark circles from Tony Moly. I feel positive on this! ?

      • Dalene Ekirapa says

        Yeah! The triangle tip! I’m glad that Jasmine tipped all of us with that and it’s awesome to hear that you’ve actually been up with these tips!

    5. The Panicked Foodie says

      Lot of great tips in here! I must admit that I am a pure no make-up person in that I wear nothing 🙂 But, I do like the idea of a little bit of concealer and eyelash extensions. I have blond hair, so it looks like I have zero eyelashes. This is definitely something I am going to look into! Thank you for all of these great tips. And the photo at the top is just stunning!

      • Dalene Ekirapa says

        Aaaw! Thank you; I’m happy to hear that you’ll try out the tips. I think I’ll join you in the eyelash game since I hardly try that out too.

    6. Nicole says

      Yet another reason for me to get lash extensions. I’ve been going and forth about it, wondering if it was worth the investment… overwhelmingly I’m hearing that , yes, it is worth it!!

    7. Joanna says

      I rarely wear any make-up because I live in a very hot country, where even the better foundation will start melting as you go outside, in summer. I agree with you that BB cream can make miracles and give you a wonderful natural look. I usually use a little bit of mascara, as I never managed to master the skill of eye lashes extensions application.

      • Dalene Ekirapa says

        Hi Joanna,
        You definitely live in a hot place lol! But I’m glad that BB cream works for you.
        Hope to share details on eyelash extensions application as time goes by too!
        Ride along…

    8. Amber Myers says

      I need to start wearing more makeup. I like this way of wearing it but making it seem like I’m not. I don’t like the caked on look. I’ll try some of these tips!

    9. Laurie McLean @ says

      I never knew that tip about concealer! Thanks for that. I also need to get my brow game going – I normally don’t fill or do anything with them.

    10. Renata - says

      Some great advice here. The lady looks gorgeous on that picture – if I had skin texture like that, I could easily refrain from using ‘cakey’ foundation ?

      • Dalene Ekirapa says

        She sure does Renata! And I absolutely understand why you’d prefer the ‘cakey’ style…but why not try this procedure out lol?

    11. Rose Sahetapy says

      I love how clear the steps you’ve shared in this post in order to create the effect no-make up with quite minimalist makeup. Eyelash extensions are something I’ve never done but I think it saved a lot of time and work when it comes to a quick makeup.

      • Dalene Ekirapa says

        You are so right Rose; eyelash extensions surely save time when it comes to quick makeup…but only if one knows how to get them done or even so, permanent ones can be better!
        Anyway, glad you loved the read!

    12. Brittany says

      She is so beautiful!! These are some great tips! I need a new concealer!! Oooh I never thought about eyelash extensions!

    13. Echo says

      How do I slay the no-makeup, make-up game? I just don’t wear makeup! Honestly, I hate how thick makeup and foundation feels. The most I ever do, is a little eye and lip.

    14. Adessa Marie Young says

      These are great tips, I have always wanted to achieve the no make up look. I just use my BB cream and apply some for my eyebrow, but the concealer part would also be a good idea. Thanks for sharing these.

    15. Pradnya says

      Very useful tips. I didn’t know that a brush could make that much of a difference in putting makeup. Thanks for sharing

    16. Danish @ Megnovo says

      I think this natural look is what women need, rather than caking up their beautiful face and deforming them to please people. This process will make you feel confident and pretty at the same time. Though the no-make up look still requires make up, but its not much effort.

      • Dalene Ekirapa says

        I agree Danish; but as much as it requires makeup, it requires little effort as compared to the full makeup look.
        Thanks for stopping by!

    17. Abrah says

      I really love the subtle fresh appearance of that “no makeup” look. Your tips are great!

    18. Morgan says

      Absolutely agree! I got eyelash extensions and my brows micro-bladed and it made all the difference in the world. Almost don’t have to wear any makeup now! Just keeping up with them can be a hassle haha

    19. Dogvills says

      Yay! I am happy to come across someone who likes the no make up make up look! I don’t usually wear make up but when I do, I use very light and “close to natural” shades. Nothing loud. Just simple and pretty!

    20. Laura Dove says

      Great tips! I never wear make up unless I am going somewhere pretty special! I much prefer a naked face and my skin is healthier for it.

    21. hey sharonoox says

      Great tips! Agree with you on the wearing of BB cream instead of foundation for a no makeup makeup look. I cannot leave the house without fixing my eye brows for sure.

      • Dalene Ekirapa says

        I think I’ll now need to get the BB cream since it’s this awesome! And yeah, brows do much talking so fixing them is as important!

      • Dalene Ekirapa says

        Yes Sondra! I also think that men could give this a try…infact, today’s men are trying this out!
        Anyway, thanks for stopping by!

    22. Princess Quinn says

      I love rocking the no make up look. It gives me that fresh and lighter aura. I just have to soften my lips and empahasize my eyes with long lashes and well groomed brows.

    23. Kiwi says

      These are some good tips. I consider myself pretty natural with my beauty regimen so this was some good info.

    24. Natonya says

      I definitely prefer a natural makeup look that highlights my features. Great point about caring for this skin first to applying makeup. I had no idea how to apply concealer until, really appreciate those tips. I use the IT Cosmetics CC cream, it’s really smooth and you don’t need to much or else it’ll look cakey 🙂 But more so for me, I like to wear my MAC powder foundation, it’s lightweight and doesn’t break me out! You actually gave me an idea to share my natural makeup routine on my blog. Thanks for this post Dalene 🙂

      Natonya |

      • Dalene Ekirapa says

        Anytime sis, you’re always welcome. You really know what works for your skin especially when it comes to such natural makeup looks. Of late, I’ve been wearing a naked face unless I’m in for a photo shoot. Sensitive skin lol!

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