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How To Repeat Clothes Without Anyone Taking Notice

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Raise your hands if you also repeat clothes?! Well, I do. And many other fashion enthusiasts do.

The first thing to note is that you can always repeat clothes without anyone taking notice. Secondly, repeating clothes is one easy way of keeping your wardrobe sustainable.

At the end of the day, zero-waste fashion is a wise move since it’s unlikely for one to wear literally every cloth in their large closet- preferences change let alone our body types! We’re also trying to be wise with our fashion shopping habits, right?

Anyway, before you go ahead and repeat clothes, there are a couple of tips you have to keep in mind. Read on…

7 Tips On How To Repeat Clothes Without Anyone Taking Notice

How To Repeat Clothes Without Anyone Taking Notice
Courtesy: Alena Alena
How To Repeat Clothes Without Anyone Taking Notice
Courtesy: Alena Alena

1. Learn to buy quality pieces.

Quality pieces are durable hence can be worn for a long time before actually changing your wardrobe.

However, people avoid buying these quality pieces just because of how costly they can be.

But hey! Better a few quality pieces that will last for 5 years than a lot of cheap shoddy clothes can only comfortably see you through three months.

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2. Mind the washing instructions for every cloth.

Another way of keeping your clothes longer is by faithfully following the washing instructions.

If jeans should be washed inside out in order to keep the color, why are you not doing that? And if you should not use bleach on your clothes, please don’t!

Other instructions by manufacturers include not ironing or ironing the clothes in low heat, steaming, or even using the dryer or not for the cloth!

Do follow them to the latter!

3. Always store your clothes well.

If your clothes are clean, hang them properly in your wardrobe. Items that require folding or ironing should be properly folded or ironed.

Also, there are covers for clothes so that as you hang them in your closet, dust won’t settle on them resulting in stains.

Another tip I advise is to frequently check on the health of your clothes and closet in general.

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    Dust off the shelves, wipe them clean, change the hangers and go for wooden hangers instead of metallic hangers which can produce rust and much more to just ensure your clothes always stay in good shape.

    4. Invest in basics

    How To Repeat Clothes Without Anyone Taking Notice
    Courtesy; Dilara
    How To Repeat Clothes Without Anyone Taking Notice
    Courtesy; Dilara
    How To Repeat Clothes Without Anyone Taking Notice
    Courtesy; Dilara

    No one should lack foundational wardrobe pieces!

    Talk about a pair of jeans or good pants, a nice tee and t-shirt, a good quality coat, dress, and skirt! Even if you have no profound sense of style, you should not miss these basics.

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    Why? It is so easy to wear them over and over. Think of this…would you wear a cocktail dress from Monday to Monday? No! But a pair of jeans, yes! Now you know!

    How To Repeat Clothes Without Anyone Taking Notice
    Courtesy: Mode by Rache
    How To Repeat Clothes Without Anyone Taking Notice
    Courtesy: Mode by Rache
    How To Repeat Clothes Without Anyone Taking Notice
    Courtesy: Mode by Rache
    How To Repeat Clothes Without Anyone Taking Notice
    Courtesy: Mode by Rache
    How To Repeat Clothes Without Anyone Taking Notice
    Courtesy: Mode by Rache

    To help you get started, you need the following fashion items in your wardrobe:

    • A white shirt.
    • A pair of Denim Jeans, in blue or black. Skinny jeans are perfect because they can transition from day to night, or informal to formal look with a simple switch. Think throwing a blazer atop!
    • A pair of formal pants, preferably in black or navy blue.
    • A Good Blazer, to upgrade all your informal looks.
    • A gorgeous coat. Mid-length to long coast are great as they are perfect even for the cold months. Pick your choice: teddy, fur, camel, and more!
    • A basic pencil skirt that can be dressed up or down.

    5. Invest in separates

    How To Repeat Clothes Without Anyone Taking Notice
    Courtesy: Lerato Kgamanyane

    By using the word ‘separates’, I mean outfits that can be mixed and match. We all love some good mixing and matching, right? That’s it!

    6. Don’t miss just a few accessories

    How To Repeat Clothes Without Anyone Taking Notice
    Courtesy: Dilek Pacacioglu

    Not everyone is a fan of accessories but they do count! You don’t need to stuff your look with all manner of chains but you can just get a couple.

    Talk about a scarf, a good bag, and shoes, some studs, a watch and sunglasses.

    There is power in accessorizing and one good accessory placed on the right part on your body can instantly make your look different!

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    7. Don’t forget about your makeup.

    How To Repeat Clothes Without Anyone Taking Notice
    Courtesy: Gorgeous Mbali
    How To Repeat Clothes Without Anyone Taking Notice
    Courtesy: Gorgeous Mbali
    How To Repeat Clothes Without Anyone Taking Notice
    Courtesy: Gorgeous Mbali

    There are different styles of makeup one can wear. Playing around with the eyes or lips especially can always give you a different look.

    Some of the common makeup looks include the no-makeup makeup look, a full face beat, nude makeup or a naked face too!

    If you want to look different each time you have repeated clothes, consider switching up your makeup looks.

    Macy Stucke styling one top in various ways
    Image Source: Macy Stucke

    Remember, if you’re looking for where to start from when it comes to repeating clothes without anyone noticing that, then you had better get a good quality pair of jeans and take care of it so well!

    Have a look at Maria Vizuete of Mia Mia Mine, she rocks her denim jeans so gorgeously, you will appreciate the versatility of denim jeans!

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    Now with those 8 tips to consider before repeating clothes, go rock your outfits now! Cheers!

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    1. Amber Myers says

      So pretty! I really don’t care if people take notice that I’m wearing the same thing, ha. But I like your ideas. I tend to wear the same jeans often, plus my fave tops!

    2. Jessica Joachim says

      This is so great! I am all about basics and being able to wear the same pieces multiple ways. Taking care of quality clothes really helps save money in the long run as well.

    3. Chad says

      These are amazing tips! My wife is gonna love you for them, very creative and resourceful. Thanks a lot.

    4. Agnes Dela Cruz says

      Basic color tops can get you anywhere when it comes to styling your everyday outfit. I like your outfit combination.

    5. Ceci Rey says

      I love this! I have 5 daughters, and I am always preaching to buy a couple “staples” for their wardrobe. Then, change it up with other pieces and accessories. Let’s be real…that is the only way I can afford to buy them clothes. Thanks for sharing!

      • Dalene Ekirapa says

        Couldn’t agree more Ceci! For sustainable living, we must find a way of toning down our closets too. And that doesn’t have to be boring: staples+accessories win as you say!

    6. what corinne did says

      When I moved to NYC, I had to pack a really small quantity of clothes with me so I am constantly wearing the same pieces all the time. But then it just comes to how I mix and match and accessorize

      • Dalene Ekirapa says

        I can understand you Corinne. Before you get super settled in NYC and get to shop for more, it’ll be good to wear some pieces a couple of times. Glad you’re rocking that!

    7. Myrah Duque says

      These tips will come in handy for my traveling, thanks so much. I think we are the ones concerned about others noticing how many times we wear a piece.

      • Dalene Ekirapa says

        Haha! That’s true, reminds me of how I felt like I had all eye balls on me when I’d wear the same look just a day after. Felt like going back to change when I’m sure, no one, if so few, noticed.

    8. laurenofalltrades says

      This is how I pack for cruises since there’s limited space for luggage. I feel like my outfits are pretty boring though, so this gives me some great ideas for additions to my selections!

    9. Mavs Escala says

      I make sure I take care all of my clothes so they will always look new everytime I wear it!

    10. Alexandra Cook says

      I do things like that all the time with my jeans. They are good for a few days at best!

    11. Gavin says

      Repeat clothes? I wear pretty much the same clothes all the time and to be honest being a stay at home Dad they are becoming destroyed by the toddler!! Great tips to try keep them looking better for longer. Thanks

      • Dalene Ekirapa says

        Oops! With kids, I can relate. That’s why I’m always having my stay-at-home clothes that I repeat even more. Haha. Anyway, if the clothes are good, they’ll last longer.
        Thank you Gavin!

    12. Jennifer L says

      I’m definitely all about the repeat clothes lifestyle. I definitely try to invest in good quality essentials so they last me a long time.

    13. Sabrina Must says

      I’m the WORST at repeating outfits! I always stain stuff, or feel the need to buy something new for every occasion. Thanks for the tips though! Hopefully this will inspire me to put together some new outfits from my closet and save me some cash!

      • Dalene Ekirapa says

        Ooops! Perhaps you could divide your closet into clothes you wear in the house and what you can wear out. So that you can avoid staining what you can wear out. I do that and it helps.

    14. Annemarie LeBlanc says

      Love your tips and I agree with having the basics. It is easy to mix and match clothes and come up with a “new” outfit everytime!

    15. Sundeep says

      Very creative. Thanks for sharing the tips. I am sharing these tips with my wife she will definitely going to love all these tips

    16. Elena Toma says

      You look absolutely stunning no matter what you wear ! Amazing tips, I love monochromatic looks and a casual but still chic style .

    17. Bindu Thomas says

      Mix and match has always worked quite well for me. I really do not mind repeating clothes. These are great tips, especially when you need to travel light.

    18. Elizabeth O says

      Only the truly rich and wasteful can afford to never repeat what they wear. I mix and match my clothes all the time and basics go a long way… That said, I love those jeans you are wearing, they are fabulous on you.

      • Dalene Ekirapa says

        Thank you Elizabeth. Blue jeans can be such a time saver since they’re easy to style…and even repeat. All the way with some mix and match!

    19. Geraline Batarra says

      Oh these tips are so cool. I agree so much in not forgetting the make up and following the do and dont’s of the clothes the you buy… I always forget to do that.. ?

      • Dalene Ekirapa says

        Oops! I hope you don’t forget to get good clothes next time Geraline. That way, you can wear them over and again with confidence that they look good.

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