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How To Radiate Your Feminine Energy Through Dance

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Let’s face it. There has never been such a time as now when women are so empowered and running empires. This is great. However, it’s a depiction of the masculine energy inside us, as women.

While we all want to achieve goals and get things done, it’s important to always step back a little, and into our feminine energy so that we can actually enjoy all the good things we are working hard for.

So, What Actually Is Feminine Energy?

While the ‘masculine energy‘ is the ‘doing energy‘, the ‘feminine energy‘ is the ‘being energy‘.

When you are in the feminine energy, you are receptive to life, situations, experiences, or people to fill you up. You are literally enjoying whatever it is you’re doing, or whoever you are with. Thus, in your “receptive mode

Your feminine energy is what balances life to create happy, meaningful and fulfilling experiences, relationships and more.

Thus, if you desire to have a balanced life, you must not only know how to get things done but also, how to enjoy them.

As A Woman, What Are The Benefits of Being In Your Feminine Energy?

While we all have some masculine energy in us, women were created by God to be more feminine. Thus, it’s important for women to engage their feminine side.

This is particularly important when it comes to our relationships, especially romantic relationships.

As a woman, being in your feminine energy allows you to:

1. Stay More Connected with your Feelings and Emotions.

Many things in life push us to be thinking, moving, controlling and working that we forget to epress our feelings. We then dry out, become ‘hard-hearted’ and emotionally shut-down.

This shouldn’t be the case because as women, we are emotional by nature. Thus, we should seek to regain the reconnection with ourselves, our emotions and feelings as well.

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2. Be Fully Present In The Moment

How many of us find ourselves cooking for our families but our minds are wandering and thinking about the kids and their homework, the boss who was rude today, and more? Many women, undoubtedly.

We never really get to experience the beauty of the moment because we’re constantly in our masculine state.

Thus, we must be deliberate about slowing down, including our minds so that we can be in the now.

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    Think about work when at work, about cooking when cooking, about love when with your partner, and just enjoy what the present has to offer.

    That way, you will find joy in each moment, no matter what life throws at you. And you will become irresistible, not just to men, but to other people, because you’re a joy magnet.

    How To Radiate Your Feminine Energy Through Dance
    Courtesy: Stella Rose Cherry

    Activity For You…

    For a start, just pause (even reading this article), breathe in and out, go open the window and let the cold breeze rub on your skin. Take it in for a few minutes. Then come back.

    3. Let Go Of Control

    Kudos to all moms out there. You’re busy making things work and happen for your family. But hey darling, don’t forget to take care of yourself too.

    At the end of the day, you only give what you have. And if you give too much love without seeing it being reciprocated, you will start to wither away, complain adn become a controlling freak. Even to your husband.

    That’s why you must desire to reconnect with your feminine side, and as you radiate feminine energy, you will find peace with yourself, family and even, work.

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    How To Radiate Your Feminine Energy Through Dance
    Courtesy: Stella Rose Cherry

    A woman who is connected to her feminine side is nurturing, and has trust.

    She allows the man in her life to be the man and lead the relationship right, she knows how to correct her man and kids with love, and she knows how to trust them to do what she desires to see.

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    Do you desire to be such a feminine woman, who is so beautiful inside out? Then it’s time to unblock that feminine energy so it can radiate everywhere!

    Let’s Go!

    How To Radiate Your Feminine Energy Through Dance

    How To Radiate Your Feminine Energy Through Dance
    Courtesy: Stella Rose Cherry

    Has life, career and stress hardened you out? What feminine aspects do you think are missing in your life?

    Are you over-controlling even in the smallest of matters?

    Are you trying to manage everyone around you?

    Are you always busy? Whether there are results to show or not?

    Are you a super mom or super wife trying to make everything work in the family?

    Are you such a people pleaser?

    Well, all of the above traits are signs that you’ve lost lost touch your femininity and it has gone into hiding. And this should not be the case.

    Ladies, I’ve been there and failed to attract good men because I was controlling, and lost a good one because I was managing him. I wasn’t soft or gentle in my speech (and this is something I’m working on) and forgot to care for myself physically.

    But I’m glad that I’ve been able to work on awakening my feminine side through self care, style and dance. (I’ll definitely share each of these in other articles)

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    While there are so many ways to awaken your feminine energy, we will talk about how dance can come in handy, in this article.

    How To Radiate Your Feminine Energy Through Dance
    Courtesy: Stella Rose Cherry

    Why Dance?

    Feminine energies have the qualities of softness, receptivity, and nurturing. However, do you feel out of touch with yourself and your feminine qualities? 

    You’re not alone!

    Thousands of other women around the world struggle with these issues, more so now, during a period of global pandemic.

    But there is a way to reconnect with these qualities and use them to improve yourself and your life. All you need to do is dive into your body and start the self-healing and self-empowerment!

    Imagine letting go of low vibrating emotions and empowering yourself through movement!

    Imagine a future in which you are able to let go of your body shame. Feel and heal from painful emotions. And empower and uplift yourself by using movement.

    Dance is powerful, and if you want to feel great even when in a crisis, no matter how big or small it is, then you ought to include dance in your routine.

    Ready To Embrace Your Feminine Side Through Dance?

    How To Radiate Your Feminine Energy Through Dance
    Courtesy: Kool Kelsey

    1. Get Moving

    Any little movement can encourage the mind to open, the body to relax, and the blood to flow.

    Relief is something everyone wants; and anyone who enjoys moving, however, knows that it can free up the heart, and the body follows.

    So get moving to loosen up the way you think. While it can feel a little embarrassing to dance and move about at first, thing is, you usually start to smile, then laugh. Then, you’re cheerful!

    2. Wear Unrestrictive Clothing

    In order to get moving, you need to wear comfortable clothing so that as you dance, you can move without any restrictions.

    Leggings are usually great, but basically, it should be anything you can move freely in.

    3. Indulge Your Senses

    How To Radiate Your Feminine Energy Through Dance
    Courtesy: Stella Rose Cherry

    The masculine largely gets lost in thought, while the feminine can get lost in the realm of the senses.

    Thus, as you dance, listen to your body as you dance, and engage all your senses. That way, you can experience how dance can actually awaken your feminine energy.

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    Dear ladies, we all want to feel feminine and in love with ourselves each day.

    However, it might not be easy if you’re facing a challenge. That means you must reset your mind so that you can go with the flow as you engage in dance in order to awaken your feminine energy.

    To re-connect with your feminine energy, get out of your head, and into your body by intentionally living in your body and making your life more sensually oriented.

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    How To Radiate Your Feminine Energy Through Dance

    Time to flow with your feminine energy!

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