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How To Pose For Pictures Like A Fashion Blogger: What You Need + 15 Ideas To Try

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Have you found yourself going through your Instagram feed in order to find awesome poses for your next shoot? You see fashion enthusiasts posing for pictures like models and spend the whole night just trying out the pose?

Well, I got you! In this article , I share tips on how to pose for pictures like a fashion blogger.

But before you go on for your next shoot, here are some tips to keep in mind:

How To Look Good When Posing For Pictures

 Proper grooming is key!

How To Pose For Pictures Like A Fashion Blogger: What You Need + 15 Ideas To Try

In order to look good in photos, you must also look good in person unless you actually want to spend the whole day editing the photos in vain!

Get a good hairstyle, fix your nails, find some good clothes you’d want to shoot in and take good care of your skin.

You can always try makeup on if you’re good at it or just wear your natural skin provided it’s clean.

All these together ensure an awesome photo; unless you’re ready to hire a stylist and makeup artist.

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What You Need Before You Go Ahead And Pose For Your Pictures

Just get the camera ready

If you have the finances to hire a photographer, your work will be made easier.

This can be expensive in the long run so I always advise that as soon as you can, start investing in your own photography gear and learn to take good photos and editing them, if need be.

Otherwise, a good smartphone can work the trick out as you start.

My sis Natonya Medford shared some few tips on how to take the perfect selfies here.

When picking the right camera, here are some of the best DSLR cameras I recommend for beginners for shooting photos and videos too:

Nikon D5300

Canon EOS 700D (EURO REBEL T5I) 

Nikon D3400

Nikon D3300

Pentax k-S2

Apart from the DSLR, you will require vital accessories for your camera which will complete your photography gear.

You will realize that as you purchase your camera, it might possess a couple of the accessories.

But if not, do get them since you will need them as you grow in taking photos and videos professionally.

A good photography gear will include:

A powerbank, camera lens, external flash , memory card holder , camera straps, tripod with legs and the head, camera remote (especially if you’ll be shooting by yourself), lens cleaner, extra memory cards, memory card reader, external hard drive and a camera bag.

I personally use the Nikon D5300 with a 55mm lens for my pictures that I got from KEH- The Photographer’s Marketplace.

It is also important to note that there are some smart phones like the iPhone XS, Oppo F11 Pro, Huawei P30 Pro and the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 which will give such awesome shots.

At times, I use my smart phone, the Huawei P30 Pro.

As much as I take my photos in natural lighting, I love editing my photos since it provides such good branding and mood for a pic.

I personally use Lightroom on my Android phone (it is also available on desktop). You can download it here on iTunes or here on Play Store.

I follow those two tips any time I am in for a photoshoot. So let’s head on to posing for pictures like a fashion blogger! Here are poses to try:

15 Ideas To Try To Pose Like A Fashion Blogger 


How To Pose For Pictures Like A Fashion Blogger: What You Need + 15 Ideas To Try

This has to be my favorite poses of all time.

If you’ve seen me in most of my photos, I’m often sitting down and showing off my legs: either on a seat, short wall, down or even table.

You can sit and look at the camera straight, at an angle or look aside.

2. What about the stairs?

How To Pose For Pictures Like A Fashion Blogger: What You Need + 15 Ideas To Try

Yes please! You can always try climbing the stairs, sitting on it or even leaning on it. That pose is a million dollar pose.

Over here, I was climbing the stairs and turned my head slightly to face the camera.

3. Swing to the side.

How To Pose For Pictures Like A Fashion Blogger: What You Need + 15 Ideas To Try

Want to appear hippy even if you’re not as curvy? Then try slightly swing one hip to the side with your legs slightly apart.

The pose is so good especially when in high heels.

4. Play with your accessories or outfit.

How To Pose For Pictures Like A Fashion Blogger: What You Need + 15 Ideas To Try

I’ve always loved photos that were taken while I was unconscious about the photo.

Many at times, the photo was shot while I was playing with my bag, shoe or hat. Other times, I was busy fixing my outfit or pocketing.

That’s why I decided to make it an official pose. You can always play around with that gorgeous women’s top you got too!

You can do it girl!

5. Laugh

How To Pose For Pictures Like A Fashion Blogger: What You Need + 15 Ideas To Try

Trust me, it can be hard to smile on camera.

I’m horribly bad at it so in as much as possible, I’m always laughing so that by the time the shot is taken, my pretty white teeth are out!

6. Walk towards the camera.

How To Pose For Pictures Like A Fashion Blogger: What You Need + 15 Ideas To Try

Micah Gianneli is such a pro at this pose. She confidently walks towards the camera while swinging her hips and all you can see is a curvaceous fashion blogger posing! You’ll love this pose!

At first, I found it hard to get the pose but here are a few tips I did to get the photo captured:

  • Got comfortable heels to ensure I walk well.
  • Walk slowly towards the camera for the shot to be captured. If you are a pro and your camera can take infinite shots, then you are lucky!

7. Walk away from the camera

How To Pose For Pictures Like A Fashion Blogger: What You Need + 15 Ideas To Try

Back shots can be super hot! And so easy unlike posing while towards the camera.

I saw Lucia Musau’s back shot and totally loved it! When in for a back shot, simply turn away from the camera and walk!

8. Walk by the camera.

How To Pose For Pictures Like A Fashion Blogger: What You Need + 15 Ideas To Try

The walk-by-the-camera shot always does it for fashion bloggers hitting the streets during fashion weeks.

To kill the pose, stand to the side of your camera and walk. In this case, the photographer captures your side look.

9. Play with your hair

How To Pose For Pictures Like A Fashion Blogger: What You Need + 15 Ideas To Try

Our hair is our crowning glory so better let that shine through even in your photos.

I love looking to one side, either fully or slightly while playing with my hair as the photographer captured the pose!

10. Cross your legs

How To Pose For Pictures Like A Fashion Blogger: What You Need + 15 Ideas To Try

If you want to appear slimmer and taller, then you should try crossing your legs. The pose is easily achievable in high heels.

11. Face the camera straight

How To Pose For Pictures Like A Fashion Blogger: What You Need + 15 Ideas To Try

This has to be a classic pose that every blogger uses in her photo shoots.

In this angle, your whole body faces the camera as the photographer.

If you need a bit of swag here, consider leaning against the wall and you can lift your leg back to the wall too..

12. One leg in front of the other

How To Pose For Pictures Like A Fashion Blogger: What You Need + 15 Ideas To Try

Now this pose will suit you either you wear high heels or flat shoes.

Simply put one foot in front of the other and lift your heel a little then say cheers!

13. Lie down

How To Pose For Pictures Like A Fashion Blogger: What You Need + 15 Ideas To Try

Want some beach vibes in your pictures? Then consider lying down.

As long as the surface is clean, go ahead and rock the pose!

If you are not so confident, try the pose the next time you’re on you beach vacay!

14. Look down

How To Pose For Pictures Like A Fashion Blogger: What You Need + 15 Ideas To Try

I personally love looking down when posing for my pictures since they tend to look like they were taken without my notice, just as I love it!

When looking down, don’t face down straight Instead, incline your neck at an angle so that your face is slightly visible.

15. Look Up

How To Pose For Pictures Like A Fashion Blogger: What You Need + 15 Ideas To Try

This is the opposite of the ‘look-down’ pose where you slightly incline your neck to lift your face upwards.

Well, I mostly use those 15 poses and you can try the ones you like next time you’re in for a photo shoot.

You can always mix up a couple of poses in one photo to make it bomb! I believe you’ll turn out just as a fashion blogger!

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    Anyway, how do you take photos? Do you have your own equipment or hire a photographer? And also, how do you pose for pictures? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below…


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    1. inbar says

      your photos are so beautiful, I do have the canon rebel camera, I would love to get advice on camera lenses I’m having dificult time trying to decide which ones I should add to my collection

      • Dalene Ekirapa says

        Thanks Sarah. Reminds me of when I started shooting. My first poses always looked so fake but with time when I learnt how to be myself in a pic, it became easier.

    2. Mandi Morrison says

      Really useful post. I don’t often do fashion posts but when I do I will take this into consideration as I feel uncomfortable in front of the camera.

    3. Diana says

      I hate being in front of the camera, but maybe I’m just not posing right. I’ll have to try some of these poses out next time!

    4. Nicole Anderson says

      You make this look so easy, I love your photos! Really useful post. I am not always that comfortable in front of the camera. Great tips, thanks for the post!

      • Dalene Ekirapa says

        You’re welcome Nicole. Used to be uncomfortable having photographers shoot until I made my best friend my photographer so I’m so comfy. And also, with a tripod, shooting alone is nice although harder at the start.

    5. laurenofalltrades says

      This is great advice. I don’t aspire to be a fashion blogger, but I do like looking purposeful when I’m in photos, so this is good to keep in mind!

    6. Joanna says

      I am terrible when it comes to taking photos of myself. I always just seem to stare at the camera as I don’t know how to pose. Your post is very useful for people like me.

      • Dalene Ekirapa says

        I’m glad to hear that Joanna. It definitely takes time to master taking photos of yourself. But you can always have someone doing so for you.

    7. Sarah Bailey says

      These are some really useful tips for people, I have to admit I am so awful at having my photo taken. I never know quite what to do when a camera comes out.

    8. Tara Pittman says

      Great tips that I should try when I am doing selfies. I am not a fashion blogger but these are tips that would be good for my fitness photos.

    9. Bindu Thomas says

      I have worked behind the scenes for photo-shoots, so I know that posing in front of a camera does take a lot of work and effort. Great tips for aspiring social media stars.

    10. Annemarie LeBlanc says

      I will try your tips. I don’t usually like how I look in photographs because I really don’t know how to pose! I will start with the sit down trick first. I like the way you made use of stairs and the many different poses you can do!

    11. Ewa says

      Amazing photos and amazing tips. Thanks for sharing 🙂 PS. I love your theme, so clear and beautiful!

    12. Claire Lee says

      Haha I love that brown floral shoes you are wearing!! So cute! Where did you get them? Also thank you for these poses, I always go with the same one.. LOL

    13. Stephanie | Adventures in Aussieland says

      Lovely pose ideas! I find my biggest struggle is that I take awesome photos of my friends. I’ll then show them exactly what I want framing wise and posing and then I get the camera back and they’ve snapped one photo from a not so flattering angle lol.

      • Dalene Ekirapa says

        Oooops! I can relate Stephanie. Especially when you had some amazing poses. When they say that it takes a whole village to get some awesome poses, I agree. Perhaps you could try work with a photographer too…and bring your friends along to see.

    14. Michele Dennis says

      Thank you for all these great tips!! I have been seriously considering starting a lifestyle blog. Posing for photos has always been an issue for me. I feel like camera’s just don’t like me…lol! Seriously though, I think I just need to learn how to pose properly, so I will be trying out your posing tips!!

      • Dalene Ekirapa says

        Way to go Michele. Trust me, I was there. It takes time to be cameras confident. You should see my pics when I was starting out. You’d laugh lol!

    15. Jennifer Tanney says

      I rarely attempt to get good pictures of myself. Most of what I get are selfies but I love the idea of the posted candid shots. Playing with some part of the outfit looks so cute and natural.

      • Dalene Ekirapa says

        Yes Jenni; that’s why I love the pose. Perhaps you should give some a try. Although I haven’t done a lot of selfies either.

    16. Swathi says

      You look beautiful , thanks for sharing tips , I am not that great with fashion but your tips make it seem really easy.

    17. Natonya says

      Dalene, I love Micah’s sense of style and the way she takes photos!First, you look fantastic in your photos, you should totally model, you look the part and you’re extremely confident in front of the camera. I really like the walking away but looking back at the camera pose, it’s super chic!! Thank you for the mention in your post, means a lot to me sis!

      Natonya |

      • Dalene Ekirapa says

        Best sis ever!!! You made me love Micah btw…I hope I can master how she walks…seems like I’m the one who’ll spend the night trying out the pose. Ha-ha. Anyway, thanks for the love sis!

    18. David Elliott says

      I never really thought about all of the different things you could do there to take a good fashion shot. Will give me some ideas about upping my Instagram game for sure.

    19. Ewuzie Kingsley says

      Your photos are Really cool and beautiful and are nice love the pose u really look good in person too, thanks for the pose tips I just recently acquired a Nikon D5300 camera and am still learning how it functions.

      • Dalene Ekirapa says

        Thank you Ewuzie. Congrats on your newly-acquired camera. What I’d advise, experiment as much as possible so that you can learn a lot about your camera. You can always start from YouTube tutorials as I did.
        Thank you!

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