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An Underarm Care Routine To Lighten Dark Underarms At Home

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Have you thought about how you can lighten your underarms in order to feel confident when you wear sleeveless tops?

An Underarm Care Routine To Lighten Dark Underarms At Home

Let’s face it. The underarms are one of the most forgotten places in our bodies that cause us to be so insecure! Think of all the times to had to skip your gym workouts because lifting your arms to show your dark underarms was just too unbearable. Actually, some people might tell you off for having dirty armpits when they are just dark.

For many people, dark underarms are a source of embarrassment. Darker underarm skin can keep you from dressing in sleeveless tops, wearing bathing suits in public, and participating in sports. Thus, a lack of confidence. But there is always a solution…

But first off, there are many causes of darker armpits including:

  • chemical irritants in your deodorants and antiperspirants,
  • regular shaving the underarms that can lead to excessive production of pigment cells,
  • friction from wearing tight clothes,
  • being obese (you want to watch your weight), and
  • other medical conditions like melasma.

While there are so many ways you can lighten your dark underarms, it is important to create an underarm routine that works for you. In this article, I share my underarm care routine including what products work for me.

My 6-Step Underarm Care Routine For Lighter Armpits

Underarms are an intertriginous region of the body, which means that due to the folding of the skin, it is vulnerable to becoming moist due to a lack of air circulation, and it may also host specific bacteria and fungal-yeast species.

Dr. Zalka on Vogue Magazine explains, “Proper care and washing are necessary to minimize unwanted moisture and maintain the natural balance of the microbiome.”

“However, doing so must be done with caution.” She suggests washing your underarms once a day (no more than twice a day unless you have a physically taxing work or hobby) and switching between pH-balanced body or underarm cleansers.

Thus, my 5-step underarm care routine to how you can lighten and nourish your underarms at home:

1. Cleanse Daily

When it comes to caring for your underarm skin, the most important step is to clean it thoroughly and on a daily basis. This will help prevent body odor from sweat, dirt, and bacteria.

However, since your underarm skin is delicate and prone to irritation, use a gentle cleanser. It’s important not to rub it too hard, but instead, clean it as gently as possible.

I use the hydrating foam cleanser from the Rituals of Sakura. It is very nourishing to the armpits and leaves them smelling so fresh!

An Underarm Care Routine To Lighten Dark Underarms At Home

2. Exfoliate

Exfoliating your armpits will bring such a huge difference to the overall look of your underarms. If you have dark armpits in particular, exfoliating will help slough off all the accumulated dead and dark skin cells. It also helps in skin regeneration, keeping it healthy.

Exfoliate your underarms once to twice a week (avoid over-exfoliating). While there are a ton of body scrubs you can use, we prefer a good physical scrub like a coffee body scrub with sugar and coconut oil because it also leaves your underarms clearer over time.

You can also use a chemical exfoliant to gently melt away the buildup. I love the Bia Exfoliating Face Wash by Codex Beauty that is a chemical exfoliant with jojoba grains that provide some physcial exfoliation.

Codex Beauty's Bia Exfoliating Face Wash Made My Skin Cleaner, Smoother & Softer

Usually, after cleansing my armpits, I squeeze out some product and scrub off my clean armpits gently to ensure no irritations. I then leave the scrub on my skin for a minute to three minutes before washing off.

TIP: Don’t scrub the area too excessively.

3. Moisturize

Moisturize your underarm after every shave or wax to reduce underarm irritations.

A natural and unscented moisturizing lotion applied to the area after shaving will help reduce irritation and prevent changes in the skin. You can choose one for sensitive skin. I personally use Lala Skin Essential’s Mango Papaya oil under my arms since it’s organic and smells heavenly!

This Mango Papaya Body Oil Is A Multitasker Soon to Replace Your Body Lotion!

I also moisturize my armpits right after cleansing and exfoliating in the shower using the Mango Papaya oil. A body lotion or cream will also come in handy.

4. Use an Underarm Brightener

To hasten the speed of your results, you need an underarm brightener. And depending on the level of hyper-pigmentation under your arms, your choice of underarm brightener will be different.

This will also affect how long it will take you to lighten your underarms. Personally, I’ve never had very dark armpits and I’m glad. However, everyone wants some brighter-looking underarms, right?

I’m using the Orginal Underarm Brightening & Deodorant Cream(aka the OG) from Forgotten Skincare. It is a deodorant cream rich in Vitamin C and Uva Ursi to brighten your dark armpits soon enough. (Scroll down to read my complete review of the OG)

An Underarm Care Routine To Lighten Dark Underarms At Home

5. Use A Natural or an Aluminium-Free Deodorant

Deodorants help prevent body odor. Our pits have glands that produce high-protein sweat, which attracts bacteria easily. It usually produces odorless sweat, but foul odors develop when it comes into contact with bacteria.

On the flip side, antiperspirants work by preventing sweat glands from producing odor. This can result in clogged pores, bumpy skin and further irritations.

Thus, choose natural deodorants. They allow the body to sweat normally while still working to eliminate odor. It’s important to remember that you’re supposed to sweat.

Ideally, an Aluminium-free deodorant should do the work.

Most deodorant and anti-perspirants contain aluminium as an ingredient that can clog the porest, irritate the skin, and cause inflammation which can lead to a thickening — and darkening — of the skin over time.” says board certified dermatopathologist, Gretchen Frieling, MD on Well and Good.

6. Stop Shaving

If you can , avoid shaving and go for laser hair removal or waxing– by a professional or get directions onw axing at home. This process is smoother and prevents ingrowns and armpit discolourations.

However, if you prefer shaving, avoid razor burn and razor bumps by using a shaving gel, or a moisturizing cleanser in a warm shower to ensure for a smooth shave. Sharper blades produce the best and cleanest shave.

Prep the night before if you’re prone to underarm irritations or want to avoid ingrown hairs as much as possible. Do so by applying a thin layer of moisturizer to your armpits the night before.

Also, avoid shaving underarm hair too often. (If I’m not working out or wearing any sleeveless tops, I don’t actually shave my armpits. So they are less irritated)

TIP: Wearing loose-fitting clothes to keep your underarms cool and dry, and if you notice any irritations, take a break from shaving and deodorant.

If you’re among the many having issues with the underarm area having hyper-pigmentation and shadows, you want to try Forgotten Skincare’s underarm brightening cream too!

*Disclaimer: I received The Orginal Underarm Brightening & Deodorant Cream(aka the OG) from Forgotten Skincare through Octoly. After using it for over 2 months. I share my honest review.

Forgotten Skincare’s Underarm Brightening Cream & Deodorant Review

The OG Cream is an all-natural, dark underarm lightening & deodorant cream that targets all your pit problems.

Such a multitasker it is as it is a perfect solution for dark uneven underarm skin tone, razor burn irritation, ingrown hairs, and embarrassing odor.

BEST FORCan be used on every skin tone. However, the more melanin in your underarm areas, the longer it will take to achieve brightening results.
Uva Ursi plant extract – the main active ingredient
Aqua, Safflower Oil, Cetearyl Alcohol, Glycerin, Glyceryl Stearate, Organic Sunflower Oil, Stearic Acid, Organic Aloe Leaf Juice, Salicylic Acid, Vitamin C, Avocado Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Squalane (From Olive Oil), Vitamin E, Uva Ursi (Bearberry) Extract, Organic Gotu Kola Extract, Honeysuckle Extract, Japanese Honeysuckle Extract, Equisetum Arvense (Horsetail) Extract, Wild Geranium Extract, Organic Dandelion Extract, Grapefruit Oil, Isopropyl Palmitate, Decyl Glucoside, Glyceryl Caprylate, Sodium Carbomer, Phenoxyethanol
POTENTIAL IRRITANTSSalicylic acid, for those who are sensitive to citrus or salicylic acid in products.
USESUnderarm brightening
IS IT CLEAN?Yes, it is a vegan and cruelty-free brightening cream that has no bleach, parabens, synthetics, silicones, baking soda, mineral oil, or any harsh preservatives
However, always refer to the symbol on the box for the shelf life of your product.

For longevity, store the product in a cool dry place, and do not store it in your shower as it is not meant to be used in the shower.
PRICE$32 for 100ml bottle
ABOUT THE BRANDForgotten Skincare creates bold skincare for all your forgotten places, allowing you to feel confident enough to let go and forget about any insecurities.

About My Underarms & Underarm Care Routine

I’ve never had really dark underarms because I don’t shave on a typical basis. I do so occasionally and that has contributed to my bright-looking underarms as well.

However, they were slightly dark before (you will as you scroll below) and still needed further brightening.

I also don’t suffer any allergies from using deodorants. Never had bumps either in my armpits.

I’m used to cleaning my armpits well and wearing a deodorant. Since I don’t have such an active lifestyle, I don’t sweat a lot unless it’s very hot outdoors. For me, fresh-smelling deodorants are key when I’m outdoors. I always love my armpits smelling all nice!

The Scent

The OG Cream from Forgotten Skincare has a mild and slightly citrus fragrance thanks to grapefruit essential oil in it. I love it because my underarms get to smell fresh!

An Underarm Care Routine To Lighten Dark Underarms At Home

Texture & Feel

Forgotten Skincare’s Underarm Brightening and Deodorant Cream is a light, water-based cream that absorbs quickly into the skin after application. It is white in color and smooths really easily onto the skin.

Ingredients & Quality: Nature-Inspired!

This product really intrigues me because it combines some of the most powerful skin brighteners to even out dark underarm skin tone without any irritation.

It has Vitamin C and Uva Ursi plant extract. It also contains ale vera juice, jojoba oil, squalene, grapeseed oil, and other amazing plant extracts.

Actually, this is the first deodorant I’m using to have such a significant blend of plant extracts. I’ve never used one like this, and as a girl who loves organic skincare, I’m must say I already loved it.

An Underarm Care Routine To Lighten Dark Underarms At Home

But let’s look at what the active ingredients in this brightening cream and deodorant do:

Vitamin C and Uva Ursi Plant Extract: 

  • Reduce underarm darkness and uneven skin tone,
  • Leave the underarm hair and skin softer,
  • Prevents ingrown bumps and soothes any irritation due to razor burn or waxing.

Aloe Vera Juice: soothes irritated skin thus particularly good after shaving.

Salicylic Acid: this anti-acne ingredient helps prevent ingrown hair in your underarms due to razor burns and cuts. It also helps get rid of dead skin cells and bad bacteria on your skin, leaving room for brighter skin.

Berberis Vulgaris (Barberry) Extract: this antimicrobial ingredient may play a role in treating acne, a skin condition characterized by inflamed bumps and pimples. Arent ingrown bumps just quite common in the armpits?

Avocado Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Squalane (From Olive Oil), Organic Gotu Kola Extract, Honeysuckle Extract, Japanese Honeysuckle Extract, Equisetum Arvense (Horsetail) Extract, Wild Geranium Extract, Organic Dandelion Extract: these blend of oils help to moisturize and condition your underarm leaving your skin feeling fresh.

Grapefruit Oil: keeps your underarm smelling fresh!

The Forgotten Skincare underarm cream & deodorant claims to enhance, lighten, and even out the underarms, all while producing a powerful astringency and anti-inflammatory effect.

From the ingredient list above, we can already agree that the formulation is really good. Now let’s put it to the test!

How To Use Forgotten Skincare’s Underarm Brightening Cream

An Underarm Care Routine To Lighten Dark Underarms At Home

The OG cream targets hyper-pigmentation and seeks to combat those ingrown hairs to help you achieve brighter underarms.

While I’m always skeptical about how I shave to ensure I don’t get those ugly bumps, this brightening deodorant came in handy for me!

Enter your email address below to grab a free download where I share a quick way in which I shave my armpits (I have used this method for the times I shave – quite rarely though, to the point I don’t have those ingrowns, and much hyper-pigmentation)

With clean, fresh, and well-shaven armpits, we can go ahead and use our underarm brightening cream and deodorant.

But remember that after you shave, wait a little bit before putting on deodorant or antiperspirant. Applying deodorant to freshly shaven skin may cause some discomfort.

So, allow your skin time to rest to reduces the chances of irritation from the deodorant.


On the Mayo Clinic blog, ” an ingrown hair occurs when a shaved or tweezed hair grows back into the skin. It can cause inflammation, pain, and tiny bumps in the area where the hair was removed. Ingrown hair can affect anyone who removes hair by shaving, tweezing, or waxing. It is also important to note that shaving creates sharp edges in this type of hair, especially if the hair is dry when shaved.

Some of the symptoms of ingrown hairs to look out for include: hyper-pigmentation, pain, and irritations, itching, small, solid & rounded bumps (papules) or in some cases, small, pus-filled, blister-like lesions (pustules).

Chronic ingrown hairs can lead to bacterial infection (from scratching), skin darkening (hyperpigmentation), permanent scarring (keloids), and Pseudofolliculitis barbae, also known as razor bumps.”

Thus, you want to prevent these ingrown hairs as early as possible to ensure you don’t have to struggle with these chronic ingrown hairs that can ruin your confidence to show off in sleeveless tops.

And it starts with a good shave then a good, refreshing brightening cream to bring your armpits back to life!

How Do I Use The Original Underarm Brightening & Deodorant Cream?

*This review is based on the 30-day trial of the OG Cream. For the 30 days, I used the OG on clean but unshaven armpits. However, for the next 14 days, I shaved my armpits and introduced exfoliation into my underarm care routine.

An Underarm Care Routine To Lighten Dark Underarms At Home

I use the OG Cream on clean armpits after my showers (at least once a day). I also stopped using all my other deodorants and solely used this.

To do so, take a small amount on your fingertips and apply to clean and dry underarms. The cream is absorbed and turns completely clear once absorbed. thus, no need to rinse off or wait.

After 30-days, the results were quite visible but not as much until I introduced exfoliation as well. I would exfoliate gently my armpits after cleansing then moisturize them. A few minutes later, I’d apply the OG Cream which is very moisturizing as well.

Actually, if you’ve had an awful experience with deodorants that leave your armpits with white stains, that also transfer to your cloth, worry no more! The OG cream does not transfer to your clothes and I love it for that!

How Much Should I Apply?

A pea-size amount should be enough for each underarm, normally from one pump. The cream is indeed easy to spread and quick-drying (bonus!).

Forgotten Skincare advises using just this amount daily since using more will not speed up results.

Thus, depending on your level of hyper-pigmentation, it could take more months for you to have those brighter underarms.

Take it a step at a time then once you’ve been able to lighten your underarms to your desired level, you can reduce use to as needed for the maintenance of discoloration and body odor.

If you’re a pregnant or breastfeeding mum, please consult your doctor before using the OG cream.

Results: Before & After Pics

I have been using the underarm brightening cream and deodorant, for over two months now(inconsistently), however, for a month, I did use it religiously everyday.

An Underarm Care Routine To Lighten Dark Underarms At Home
30 Days; Applying on Unshaven Armpits; No Exfoliation

After the 30 days, I introduced exfoliation on shaved armpits and for 14 more days, I used the OG Cream consistently

So far, I have been able to lighten my not-so-dark underarms.

Value For Price: Worth It!

For $32, it is worth getting this bottle. Good thing, the 100ml bottle lasts quite long.

Forgotten Skincare recommends using The Original 2X a day (apply morning and night) without deodorant for 2-3 weeks to allow your underarms to adjust. With one bottle, you can achieve this time period and longer actually.

Because brightening results take at least 8-12 weeks due to the natural active ingredients and your skin cycle.

An Underarm Care Routine To Lighten Dark Underarms At Home

My Verdict

Everyone loves a good multitasker, and I’m no exception! I love Forgotten Skincare’s Underarm Brightening Cream & Deodorant!

Not only does it prevent my underarms from smelling, but it also acts as a brightener, moisturizer, and deodorant, all in one!

I actually stopped using my other deodorants because they are synthetic-while this deodorant is such a heavenly organic blend. If you’re a very active person, it might not help with the sweat but will prevent body odor.

While I never had too much hyper-pigmentation, I can definitely see a difference after using this OG cream and deodorant.

Skin Tip…

I’ve also noticed that the cream will brighten your armpits to a significant level, beyond which it might not. So, start using it on clean, shaven and exfoliated armpits from Day 1 for faster and better results.

My underarms are much lighter than before which I am thankful for! Go ahead and give it a try!

Created with sensitive underarms in mind, The Original is the perfect solution for dark uneven skin tone, razor burn irritation, ingrown hairs, and embarrassing odor. Check it out here.

An Underarm Care Routine To Lighten Dark Underarms At Home

How do you lighten your underarms? Have you tried Forgotten Skincare’s Underarm Brightening Cream & Deodorant yet?

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