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How To Infuse Meditation Into Your Busy Schedule

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Do you have a really busy schedule as a parent, student, employer or employee and you’d want to infuse meditation into that busy schedule so that you can get a hang around yourself? Then this is for you!

When we think of meditation, we often picture a monk sitting cross-legged on a mountain overlooking wispy clouds. Still and silent, where he’s probably been for days or, at the very least, hours.

Luckily, though, only monks meditate like this because only monks have dedicated their lives to this sort of practice. 

The good news is, you don’t at all have to meditate in this way for long extended periods of time to gain the benefits of meditation.

You really don’t have to dedicate a whole chunk of time to it at all. Meditation can be found in many forms and figuring out what works best for you is going to be the key to your successful meditation practice.

How To Infuse Meditation Into Your Busy Schedule

What is Meditation, exactly?

I had trouble understanding what exactly meditation was when it first started appearing on my radar. I knew what basically most people know about it: You sit cross-legged and still with your eyes closed. Great, but… I need some more instructions.

I could find plenty of guided meditations but not much explaining what it was EXACTLY. Even if you Google the definition of meditation you get “The act of meditating.” Gee, thanks to Google. 

Meditation is the act of controlling your thoughts and emotions.

It can be used in several different ways such as inviting inspiration, focusing your mind towards goals or working through emotional traumas. The uses and benefits are a mile long but that’s a whole different blog post.

So how do we infuse meditation into our stinking busy schedules in order to get these benefits and utilize these purposes? That really depends on who you are. 

The Classic Meditator

This is the person who enjoys or benefits from the sitting still and silent.

Some people, whether they enjoy it or not, need to practice this kind of meditation. If you’re constantly on the go, overwhelmed, anxious and have a mind and schedule that never slows down, this is the type of meditation you need to do.

Creating space for ourselves to just be

Even if it’s only for five minutes, is invaluable. You need to find balance in your life and meditation practice. That means focusing on what you get the least of, which is the pause.

Practice pausing throughout your day

The great thing about meditation is you don’t need a huge time commitment to get the benefits. Start with just a minute or two. When you wake up in the morning, pause before you check your phone or get out of bed. Just lie there for a moment and soak up the sensations you’re experiencing. Notice your breathing.

Use the time you’re waiting to fall asleep at night to practice

Pause between tasks, taking a minute or two to just sit in stillness or enjoy the view from the window. The goal is to slow everything down. Create the space for you to breathe and not feel so rushed. When this pause begins to get a little easier, and it will extend it more and more.

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    When showering, avoid the urge to turn on music or a podcast

    (Unless it’s meditation-related like soft instrumentals). Any time you can create space for nothingness and to simply exist is considered meditation. 

    How To Infuse Meditation Into Your Busy Schedule

    The Passive Meditator 

    This is the person who already does a lot of sitting in their everyday life.

    They could benefit from moving. Passive meditation can be taking a walk, cleaning or anything else that doesn’t require you to have your mind active.

    First, focus 

    This is perhaps the easier form of meditation but is only considered meditation if your mind is not occupied. You can focus on the task you are doing, repeat a mantra or direct your mind toward a certain topic. Create space to think and be.

    Enjoy the task you are doing

    Allow it to be what it is. Approach it with peace and love and not hostility. Allow it to take as long as it takes without a rush. Practice breathing with it. Experiment with it and do what feels right. 

    Our initial goal with any type of meditation is to create space and calm the mind. Once this is mastered, we can move on to other things like introspection, taming emotions and inviting inspiration. Meditation has many wonderful applications but it starts with everyday practice.

    The more you think about meditating, the more you will find little spaces within your normal day for it. 

    Go ahead and infuse meditation into your daily schedule!

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    How To Infuse Meditation Into Your Busy Schedule

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