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How To Have A Spa Day At Home

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How To Have A Spa Day At Home

Visiting the spa can actually be very expensive. No wonder many ladies do not visit the spa often. But good enough, many are opting to have a spa day at home! And you can too.

If you’re unsure about getting started with a spa day at home, we got you! But first off, it would be awesome to set the spa atmosphere right in your bathroom. Here is an article on how you can create a home spa right in your bathroom for the perfect spa feel.

How To Have A Spa Day At Home

Photo by Maya Antic

Apart from setting the environment ready, you need to set the mood too. Put on some calming music and have the perfect scent ready even before you get started.

Here is where your essential oils and the essential oils diffuser come into play. While lavender essential oils always smell great, it is even more refreshing to have eucalyptus which smells fresh and totally spa-like!

How To Have A Spa Day At Home

Photo by Holane

Scented candles would also be a good option if they are organic and utilize essential oils for their scents. However, we recommend them for a spa night. Apart from relaxing scents, they also offer such nice lighting that creates a perfect spa-like atmosphere.


Now that you have the environment, sounds, and smells all spa-like, let’s have our spa day at home already!

Put on Your ‘Spa-Wear’

We want a relaxed spa day at home, right?

So, get rid of your normal day-to-day clothing and put on your slippers, get that bathrobe or plush towels, and have your bath slippers on. Be sure to have your spa day at home kit that includes all the body and skin care products you will be using.

Prepare Your Spa Drink or Cocktail

How To Have A Spa Day At Home

Photo by Rork Jop

If there is one thing every lady enjoys from a spa experience, then it has to be sipping the nice healthy drinks for detoxification of your body, relaxation, or energizing effects too.

At home, you can always try fruit-infused water, flower-infused water, herb-infused water, or cocktails too. Here are 13 energizing spa drinks you should try on the New Beauty Blog.

Some of the amazing spa welcome drinks include: lemongrass spa drinks, sparkling cucumber blueberry spa water, berries and mint water, citrus cucumber spa water, fresh berry, and mint spa water, detox water or ginger-infused ‘healthier’ cocktail.

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Show Your Hands and Feet Some Love

The skin on your hands and feet tend to show off aging or dryness easily. While aging is a natural process, we can choose to delay the process through our lifestyle choices like taking care of our hands and feet early enough.

Thus, consider giving your hands and feet a spa treatment too.

To get started with your feet:

  • Deep cleanse them. In this case, remove any nail polish first. Add your regular body wash to a basin of warm water and soak your hands then feet for 10 minutes each as you relax. For instance, soak your feet while reading a book or playing a game on your phone.
  • Use a pumice stone/device to scrub below your feet and get rid of any dry, hard dead skin cells. Afterward, wipe your feet dry.
  • Do another deep soak for your feet using a basin of water with ACV and salt. This helps remove body odor, get rid of ingrown nails and fungus whilst balancing the pH levels of your skin.
  • Cut your nails to keep them neat.
  • Shave the hair on your legs. To do this, apply soap and shave according to your hair pattern. Rinse off then massage a conditioner over your legs. Shave again slowly before rinsing off for a glowing effect.
  • Dry your feet then file your nails.
  • Do a foot scrub to scrub your legs. This DIY scrub consisting of sugar, green tea and olive oil is perfect for hydrating, exfoliating and moisturizing your legs. This scrub will help fade stretch marks and scars on your body too. Leave your feet to stay for 15mins before washing with lukewarm water in circular motion.

While you leave your feet to stay with the feet scrub, you can go ahead and treat your hands.

To take care of your hands during your spa time: 

  • Wash your hands with gentle, natural soap.
  • Exfoliate your hands using a gentle hand scrub.
  • Wash off with cold water. Please avoid hot water, which is drying to the hands.
  • Moisturize your hands.


Frequently exposing our hands to the UV lamp during gel manicures accelerates the aging process. Thus, to slow this aging process:

  • Try to use gentle, natural soaps when washing your hands.
  • Use gloves when washing dishes, gardening, or cleaning.
  • Have several hand moisturizers around and everywhere– one in your car, your handbag, by the sink, at work, and on your bedside table.
  • At night, apply a thick layer of moisturizer and wear cotton gloves when you go to bed.

At this point, you can get back to your feet- rinse the scrub off and moisturize them before we give our hands and feet a mini manicure and pedicure respectively.

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Do a Mini Manicure and Pedicure

How To Have A Spa Day At Home

Photo by NCLA Beauty

There is just something beautiful about well-done manicure or pedicure- it looks and feels elegant, making you more confident. While the cost of salon manicures and pedicures can really add up over the course of a year, you want a DIY manicure and manicure at home.

Thus, try out these DIY beauty tricks during your spa day at home to make your hands and feet look instantly gorgeous.

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Give Yourself a Facial

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Who says you have to go to a fancy spa to revitalize your skin? Nobody! You can surely give yourself a good yet easy DIY facial just at home!

Here are the 10 steps to give yourself an easy DIY facial at home.


While giving yourself a facial, consider following the steps up to the point of using a mask, a clay mask or a snail slime mask. And as the mask works on your face, you can proceed to the next step.

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Time for a Bath

How To Have A Spa Day At Home

Photo by Blue Bungalow

After you facial, it’s time to get everything off through a bath! Since we’re having a spa week, this shouldn’t be your normal bath.

Take things to the next level by either having a lush-inspired bath bomb, an aromatic bubble bath, a detox bath, a flower bath which leaves you feeling like a new woman, a scented milk bath, a bath oil or a sweet, herbal bath soak.

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Well, a ton of options here but let’s help you get started, try a quick flower bath.

Taking a floral bath is not only aesthetically pleasing—there are also numerous healing properties and physical benefits. By combining your favorite flower petals, herbs and oils, you can customize the perfect wellness treatment for yourself.

How To Have A Spa Day At Home

Photo by Ciara

If you’re looking for the right type of flowers to use for a floral bath, here are just a few you can use and their benefits to the skin:

  • Rose: Apart from performing your bath, they moisturize the skin.
  • Lavender:  Lessens acne, help lighten skin, and reduce wrinkles. It also calms the mind and relieves stress.
  • Jasmine: Provides natural moisture that won’t clog pores, protects your skin from environmental aggressors and enhances and uplifts mood.
  • Chamomile: Help soothe the skin, reducing redness and blemishes. It also soothes the skin.
  • Rosemary Petals: Reduces redness and puffiness from your skin. It also boosts blood circulation, boosts memory and decreases stress.
  • Peony: Helps reduce shine and control oil, reduces the look of dark spots, correct uneven skin tone, and gives the skin an overall luminous glow.
  • Lotus Flower: Soothes skin from redness and irritations as well as softening the skin and reducing anxiety.
  • Orchid: Reduces fine lines and wrinkles and contains antioxidant properties
How To Have A Spa Day At Home

Photo by Angela Giakas

Enjoy an at-home spa by adding your flower petal concoction into a hot bath, light some candles, have your face mask on and get ready to indulge in a selfcare ritual that will melt away any tensions and refresh the soul!

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    While you soak in the goodness of your flower bath, have some soothing music on as you grab your spa drink, read a book and lay your head on a comfortable folded towel. Otherwise, you can relax with chilled cucumber slices over your eyes.

    Wash Your Hair, Shower & Complete your Facial

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    Having a shower is essential after your bath.

    Get started by washing your hair: be sure to brush your hair before you wash it. Shampoo your hair thoroughly as you massage it before rinsing it. Use a hair conditioner to smoothen and protect your hair cuticles. After some time, wash it off with cold water.


    It is advisable not to wash your hair every day, and that means, washing your hair during your spa day at home is much more preferable.

    White the method of washing your hair actually depends on your hair type and styling habits, there are some common hair washing tips we must all follow. Thus, these 6 tips to wash your hair properly.

    After your hair wash, get a good bath. Using a body scrub, exfoliate your body skin and rinse it off before using a loofah and your shower gel or gently body wash to cleanse your skin.

    Be sure to also wash off your face mask while taking your shower with cold or lukewarm water. Afterward, finish up your facial using these 10 steps we shared here for a good at-home facial.

    How To Have A Spa Day At Home

    Photo by NCLA Beauty

    Remember to also scrub your lips gently and wear a hydrating lip mask for some glossy, plump lips.

    Moisturize & Give Yourself a Body Massage

    After a good shower, wipe yourself dry and moisturize your whole body using your preferred body lotion.  While moisturizing your body, be sure to rub the lotion gently while massaging your body.

    How To Have A Spa Day At Home

    Photo by Nivea

    When picking out your body lotion, we recommend looking out for natural ingredients that deeply nourish your skin. Some of these ingredients include: shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, olive oil, grape seed oil, hemp seed oil, jojoba oil, sunflower oil, avocado oil, safflower oil and almond oil. 

    If you want to take your home spa experience to the next level, why not try a home massage. Use these DIY self-massaging tips for a killer at-home massage.

    Wear your Socks & Gloves

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    Now that we’re getting to the end of our pampering session, wear a foot mask socks to just smoothen out your feet and give you baby skin. Using a foot mask and exfoliating socks, and gloves whitens, hydrates and exfoliates the feet or hands leaving them moisturized too.


    Wear the socks and gloves for up to 20 minutes while you cozy up in bed. Grab a book, your favorite magazine and a cup of your spa drink, tea or coffee.  We recommend lavender tea just for its calming and relaxation properties, that we so need at this time!

    And if you’re looking for a good book to read, we recommend checking out these books that really speak to the feminine woman:

    Cozy up Before Bed

    After a good read and drink, it’s time to get to bed. Remove your socks and gloves, and massage the essence on your feet and hand skin.

    Have a little cotton ball soaked in lavender essential oil under your pillow to provide relaxation properties as you sleep. You can also diffuse lavender into the air for a couple of minutes before taking a well-deserved beauty rest or a good nap.

    How To Have A Spa Day At Home

    Photo by Lizz Ifreitas

    Be sure to have your sleeping eye mask on or, some green tea bags or green tea eye patches for 15 minutes for refreshed eyes when you wake up.

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