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How To Have A Spa Day At Home With Just One Bath Set!

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*Disclaimer: I received this Lavender spa day set to elevate my self-care sessions from Body and Earth. Get your bath sets from Amazon.

No one wouldn’t want to have a spa session. Good thing, setting up your spa day at home isn’t hard! If you’re looking to relax and unwind in the comfort of your bathroom, then you are in the right place.

Declutter your bathroom and make it comfortable so we can get started. And if you’re stressed about gathering supplies, I got you!

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I received the Lavender Spa Gift Set from Body and Earth which contains all the supplies you would need for a luxurious spa day at home. See my review below.

See The Contents

Lavender Spa Gift Set From Body & Earth Review

This spa gift set contains 19 pieces of luxurious body care products.

They include a shower gel, bubble bath, hand lotion, body Lotion, 2 bath bombs, bath salts, a body mist, body scrub, dry hair cap, a 40g scented candle, body butter, shampoo bar, pouf sponge, pumice, reed diffuser, and body brush in a beautiful gift paper box.

The bath products are infused with lavender, a relaxing scent that is known for spa use. Lavender is used in aromatherapy to help promote calmness and wellness as well as reduce stress, anxiety, and possibly even mild pain.

Lavender also leaves your skin soothed and feeling refreshed. Other nourtishing ingredients like Sunflower Seed Oil and Vitamin E are also included in the formulation help to moisturize and soften dry skin.

This spa gift set also comes in a beautiful paper box so it’s the perfect gift for her! Whether it’s on Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas Day or her birthday, she will love it!

Grab this set and let’s have a spa day at home!

How to Have a Spa Day At Home

How To Have A Spa Day At Home With Just One Bath Set!

Now that you have your bath supplies, it is time to indulge in an at-home spa treatment! 

1. Start with the Reed Diffuser

To enjoy your self-care time, start with the reed diffuser.

Reed diffusers are extremely popular in home fragrances right now; flame-free and do not require any heat.

They’re easy to use — simply place reeds into a glass jar with scented diffuser oil, the reeds soak up the scent, and radiate a nice aroma throughout your home – it’s that simple!

You’ll literally get taken away with the refreshing and floral lavender fragrance these reeddiffusers give off.

2. Turn Off the Lights & Light Up the Candle

Using candles in the bathroom can enhance your bathing experience. Candles help provide ambient lighting in your bathroom so it isn’t harsh or strong.

This provides a relaxing and calming atmoshere, and when scented, provide a beautiful scent that enhances relaxation.

Turn off your bathroom lights and take your senses to a whole new level with this lavender-scented candle, known for its relaxing propoerties!

3. Wear a Comfy Robe & Slippers

Ease into a comfy robe and slippers for your spa day at home. Whether you love to snuggle up in a robe after a long spa bath or a robe is your favorite thing to throw on during your morning routine, the perfect bathrobe is a comforting essential.

Turkish cotton and Egyptian cotton are very popular bathrobe materials, although cotton waffle weave is a pricier alternative for a bathrobe material. Finish with a comfy pair of bath slippers, and get into the spa mood.

4. Wear Some Eye Masks

You want to grab some eye patches for use under your eyes after depuffing your face. Just make sure your face is clean and has no makeup if you’re having a spa night.

Then, apply the eye masks to the skin around the eye to soften and soothe the area Just don’t use it for too long, but for the recommended time.

5. Wear A Clay Mask

Cleanse your face and if you like, give yourself a good steam before applying your favorite clay mask, covering all of the skin except the skin around your eyes.

This helps to draw dirt, oils and toxins out of the skin, resulting in deeply cleansed and softened skin.

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6. Do a Dry Brushing Session

How To Have A Spa Day At Home With Just One Bath Set!

This centuries-old beauty ritual involves taking a body brush, ideally one with a long handle and firm, natural bristles then use it to gently massage your body in an upward motion. 

The dry brush from this bath set from Body and Earth has a long handle with firm, natural bristles that work your skin gently.

The process of dry brushing sloughs off dead skin, promoted blood circulation for glowing skin, aids with lymohatic drainage and plumps the skin.

Dry brush before your bath and on dry skin, starting at your ankle and moving upwards in long motions on your limbs and focus on circular motions on your torso and back.

Remember not to go over an area for too long and afterwards, you can wash off any dead skin cells and flaky skin.

7. Prepare Your Tub

After dry brushing, it’s time for your bath! Get the tub ready by filling it with water. The water should feel warm, not hot, on your skin. 

Warm water not only loosens your muscles to help you relax but also allows for the heat to increase your blood circulation, so the tissues can be refreshed quickly.

The rested position in the tub, the relaxed atmosphere that accompanies a bubble bath, and the warm water all work together to help you wind down after a long day.

8. Add Your Bath Salts, Bath Bomb & Bubble Bath

How To Have A Spa Day At Home With Just One Bath Set!

You want to add your bath salts. These lavender bath salts are made from Epsom salt so add a cup or at least three table spoons and they easily dissolve in warm bath water.

They help with relaxtion and stress relief as well as aches and pains. You can literally sigh!

Skin Tip…

Got no tub? No worries! Youc an always add two tablespoons of this lavender bath salts to warm bathing water and use for showering or simply soak your feet in it for 15 minutes. This improves circulation and also, soothes tired feet.

Throw in a bath bomb in your bath water and it dissolves and breaks apart, releasing all the good stuff inside: from delicious scents to skin smoothing emollients, which act as softeners on your skin.

Finish with a buble bath to pamper yourself a little bit so you can relax.

Now you’re ready to hop into your tub, soak up for your desired time, ensuring your don’t sleep in the tub. Enjoy music or the sweet lavender aroma from the scented candles and reed diffusers.

11. Hop in the Shower & Wash Your Hair

This bath set comes with a shampoo bar that allow you to clean your hair and leave it smelling like lavender. However, you can always use your normal shampoo and follow with your desired conditioner.

Wear a hair cap so your hair is deepely nourished while you continue to wash off.

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12. Wash Off

How To Have A Spa Day At Home With Just One Bath Set!

We recommended taking a good shower after your bath to rinse off any oils, masks, and conditioner that may linger on your body.

However, you can always shower before your bath to make it easier to exfoliate and also ensure you’re already nice and clean when you soak.

While showering, apply the shower gel on your pouf sponge and lather your body for a thorough cleanse.

If your feet feel rough and dry, use the pumice to slough off any dry skin so your feet are left baby-soft. Rinse off your hair and body too!

13. Use a Body Scrub

How To Have A Spa Day At Home With Just One Bath Set!

On clean skin, do a full-body scrub to keep your skin feeling fresh. Use circular motions to massage it onto the skin.

If the scrub has oils in it, like this Lavender body scrub, then allow them to sink into your skin for 3 minutes so you can reap more benefits of the body scrub.

Rinse and you can leave the shower!

13. Apply the Body Lotion

Pat your skin dry using a soft towel, and wear a moisturizer for your face.

Reach for this lavender body lotion and apply all over your body. Since botdy lotions are lighter, apply them first to offer more moisture and hydration to the skin.

14. Finish With Your Body Butter

Afterward, deeply nourish your body skin by apply the lavender body butter to help retain moisture, lubricate and nourish the skin.

Since the body butter is thicker, it helps deeply moisturize the skin so it is best for treating dry skin, rough patches, and dullness.

15. Spray Your Body Mist

A body mist is a very light, soft version of a fragrance. To maximise the lavender scent you already have from this complete lavender bath range, finish with a body mist and create a longer-lasting scent that you won’t need to keep topping up.

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16. Fix Your Nails

It’s now time to get your nails in good shape. Trim your nails now that you’re out of the shower and the nails are softer and easier to cut.

Smoothen uneven edges using a nail file and do not touch your cuticles. You want to moisturize after trimming to help keep your nails flexible. 

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How To Have A Spa Day At Home With Just One Bath Set!

17. Use a Jade Roller

Just before you get into your bath, depuff your face by using a jade roller and help with lymphatic drainage. What this does is push fluids to your lymph nodes, which subsequently process and filter them out of your system. 

  • When using a jade roller, start with your neck in an up-and-down motion to clear the lymph passageways before starting on your face. Move to the jawline and start at the center of the chin, moving outwards to your ears while rolling back and forth, and up to the cheekbones.
  • Move to your forehead, starting from the middle of my face and moving outward toward my temples. Use the smaller side under your eyes, in a horizontal movement toward the temple before moving down your nose in a horizontal motion.

Remember to use the jade roller lightly; avoid using too much pressure and let the stone do its thing. ‘Too much pressure can actually irritate your skin and break capillaries,’ celebrity esthetician Karee Hays says on Glamour.

How To Have A Spa Day At Home With Just One Bath Set!


If you’re looking to have a spa day at home? Then look no further because with the Lavender Bath Set from Body and Earth, you’ll have a complete range of products for your spa day at home!

It’s your turn to relax!