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How to Have a Beauty Sleep – 20 Tips To Enjoy A Great Night’s Sleep

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Most likely, you know that enough sleep is fundamental for healthy skin. However, you might not be doing this as you should.

Many of us suffer tired, dull skin not only because we don’t take enough water but also because we just don’t have a good beauty rest. That’s why we’re going to help you fix this.

It’s time you also had a beauty sleep!

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So, Does Sleep Help Improve the Skin?

How to Have a Beauty Sleep - 20 Tips To Enjoy A Great Night's Sleep

As far as the skin is concerned, lack of sleep causes the stress hormone cortisol to be released, which in turn encourages inflammation in the skin, causing flare-ups in conditions like acne, psoriasis, and even eczema.

As well, well-rested people have shown beautiful signs of physical attractiveness including less puffy eyes, fewer wrinkles, fewer dark circles, no hanging eyelids, and redder eyes, a glowing complexion, and an overall cheerful personality.

This is not quite the case with those who lack enough rest.

While sleep deprivation affects your facial features, it may also carry social consequences for the sleep-deprived individual in everyday life.

Indeed, sleep is essential for the wellness of your mind, body, and soul. It’s your internal fountain of youth and a key element to beauty.

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So, let’s help you have more beauty sleep with these tips, dear lady!

20 Ways to Have a Beauty Sleep

1. Use Silk Beddings

How to Have a Beauty Sleep - 20 Tips To Enjoy A Great Night's Sleep

Are silk beddings better than cotton beddings? Absolutely!

Silk provides rejuvenation to skin, moisture to the hair, unparalleled warmth in the fall months, and a health benefit to allergy sufferers.

If you are ready to experience the best night’s sleep of your life, try silk bed sheets, pillowcases.

Silk bed sheets are hypoallergenic and can repel dust during the whole year around – they naturally repel mold, fungi, dust, and other allergens, keeping your airway clear and free from the things that irritate it most.

2. Get a Good Pillow

Do You Need A Pillow For A Good Night's Sleep? Here's My Verdict!

A good quality pillow is a must have whether you are a side sleeper or a back sleeper.

Well, side sleeping is recommended to be the healthiest sleeping position since it aids digestion, reduces heartburn by minimizing acid reflux, and reduces snoring by allowing for the maximum amount of airflow.

For side sleepers, a thicker and more supportive pillow that fills the gap between the neck and shoulders, and lifts the head just enough to keep it in line with the spine is a great choice.

We also advocate for sleeping on your back for good skin. Back sleeping is ideal as it does not apply much pressure on your facial skin; this will cause fewer fine lines so your skin looks younger and smoother. In this case, a flatter and softer pillow, to keep your head and neck in alignment, is a must-have.

Do You Need A Pillow For A Good Night's Sleep? Here's My Verdict!

We use the  Adjust-A-Loft Fiber Adjustable Comfort Pillow from Core Products which is an adjustable pillow. Thus, you can use it in its full height if you’re a side sleeper or remove some fiber fill to create a flatter pillow. You can literally adjust this pillow as you like without any mess.

Here is a complete review of the  Adjust-A-Loft Fiber Adjustable Comfort Pillow from Core Products

You also want to use a silk pillowcase to helps retain moisture in your skin, thus fewer wrinkles. Natural silk pillowcases are less absorbent than cotton.

Your skin and hair stay moisturized because your pillowcase isn’t absorbing all of the natural oils from your skin.

Quick  Tip…

Add a spritz of pillow spray designed to remedy sleeplessness. I love a good lavender classic.

3. Invest in a Good Quality Mattress

Need a good beauty sleep? Try a good quality mattress that can help further alleviate the stresses of the day helping to reduce body discomforts and aches.

This means you will wake feeling more energized and refreshed the next morning.

Here are tips to choose a good mattress.

4. Always Wash Off Before 2-3 Hours Before Bed

Whether balancing school, work, family, or all three at once, most women struggle to carve out enough time in their evenings to give their skin the care it deserves.

Have you tried washing off the dirt and sweat from the day? You’ll love how refreshing a warm evening shower feels.

Thus, take a warm bath two to three hours before bed to increase one’s chances of falling asleep and enjoying the coveted deep layers of sleep.

How to Have a Beauty Sleep - 20 Tips To Enjoy A Great Night's Sleep

However, if you are too busy for this, please create time to at least wash your face before going to bed.

Women should be sure to remove all makeup as well, as the foundation and other skin-covering cosmetics may plug the pores and prevent skin from breathing overnight.

Take two minutes before bed and wash with warm water and a gentle cleanser. Pat your face dry with a soft towel.

You can try these 9 ways you can take care of your skin before bedtime.

5. Give your Skin a Nourishing Pump

After washing your face, remember to wear a good hydrating night cream or moisturizer on your face to ensure your skin is replenished as you sleep.

Look for a moisturizer that feels hydrating and soothing, but not overly heavy for bedtime.

You might also want to use a replenishing serum to help your skin in its repairing work which happens at night, especially using the right product.

To achieve vital, vibrant-looking skin, you could try Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair that maximizes renewal, repairing daily damage, and delivering continuous hydration in one quick hit.

Just wear your serum before the moisturizer before you pass out.

Remember to moisturize your lips too at night so that you can wake up to cute, hydrated lips.

6. Keep Your Hair Off

Your hair naturally accrues oil and dirt throughout the day, which can accumulate on your face while you sleep.

On the other hand, most women wash their hair at least once a week. That means you’d better keep your hair off your face as you sleep to ensure this dirt doesn’t get on your skin.

You can wear your hair up with a scrunchie or hairband or wear hair bonnets. I personally love wearing silk or satin bonnets to keep the hair off my face.

7. Use Silk Sleepwear

Silk is a natural fiber that’s extremely soft, comfy, and smooth, making it an ideal choice for a good night’s sleep.

Further, silk also enables your skin to breathe and is less likely to cause rashes or irritations, particularly if you choose loose-fitting luxury silk pajamas.

A beautiful set of silk pajamas/ nightdress/robe/nightgown will go a long way in keeping your skin gorgeous.

How to Have a Beauty Sleep - 20 Tips To Enjoy A Great Night's Sleep


Bamboo Sleepwear is also Great!

I received this bamboo PJs from GYS Store on Amazon. They are made from 95% viscose bamboo which is softer than cotton. It is lightweight, silky soft, comfortable, and cool to the touch. What makes this fabric remarkable is its temperature-regulating properties.

In the summer, when temperatures heat up, it keeps you cool and dry, and in the winter it keeps your skin warm. It’s super breathable and anti-bacterial, so you can wear them several times before washing it.

How to Have a Beauty Sleep - 20 Tips To Enjoy A Great Night's Sleep

For people who sweat when they sleep, the moisture-wicking fabric is key to a good night’s sleep. The PJs are also eco-friendly. They are made from bamboo, which grows quickly, requires little water, and needs no pesticides. So the PJs are as comfortable as they are sustainable.

They are also loose-fitting yet so chic that you can lounge with them in your house.

8. Put on your Sleep Eye Mask

Looking to have a well-deserved beauty sleep? Black it out into deep slumber after putting on your sleep eye mask.

Wearing a sleep mask reduces the time spent lying awake in bed because complete darkness boosts your body’s melatonin level which will send you to sleep much quicker than if you weren’t wearing a sleep eye mask.

9. Eliminate Caffeine Hours Before Bed

Caffeine is a stimulant, and it will prevent you from either falling asleep or having good quality sleep.

Thus, reduce your caffeine intake at least 6 hours before bed so that your body starts relaxing as soon as possible.

10. Eliminate Alcohol Before Bed

While alcohol can make you fall asleep, it distracts you from a sound sleep because it dehydrates you from within, keeps you from reaching the deep levels of sleep, and ensures you make a ton of bathroom rounds in the night.

You won’t have great beauty sleep!

11. Try Moon Milk For Quality Rest

11 Moon Milk Recipes Your Sleep Routine Needs

You might have already seen this Insta-worthy wellness trend- taking moon milk for a restful night’s sleep.

Moon milk is an Ayurvedic medicinal tradition that consists of drinking warm milk mixed with spices and adaptogens to help your body relax for a good night’s sleep and balance itself from a stress-caused day.

While there are many variations of moon milk, here are 11 Moon Milk Recipes Your Sleep Routine Needs.

12. Eat your Water Before Bed

Drinking water is always a key to healthy skin. While it is advisable to take water even at night, drinking water just before bedtime could result in disturbed sleep thanks to your nighttime toilet trips.

To hack this, eat your water- eat structured water in veggies and nuts that release hydration slowly.

Some of the best water-rich foods include: watermelons, cucumbers, broccoli, oranges, and apples. You can make a water-rich fruit bowl and munch them at least 3 hours before bed.

How to Have a Beauty Sleep - 20 Tips To Enjoy A Great Night's Sleep

Quick Tip…

On, Bangalore-based nutritionist Dr. Anju Sood says,

“It is best to avoid having anything right before bedtime as it can interfere with your sleep.

Eating fruits right before going to bed can release a lot of sugar, causing a spike in energy, when your body should be preparing to slow down and rest.

However, if a person is on diet and is hungry, we do end up advising him to take a fruit or two which are not so high in sugar, in order to prevent them from binging on something unhealthy.”

Dear lady, please skip the salty midnight snacks that are a huge culprit for inflammation and under-eye bags. And try this healthier route.

13. Exercise Regularly

Charlene Gamaldo, M.D., medical director of Johns Hopkins Center for Sleep at Howard County General Hospital says on Hopkins Medicine that,

“moderate aerobic exercise increases the amount of slow-wave(deep) sleep you get where the brain and body have a chance to rejuvenate. Exercise can also help to stabilize your mood and decompress the mind, “a cognitive process that is important for naturally transitioning to sleep.”

However, some people notice that sleeping just before bed keeps them awake. If this is you, exercise lightly at least an hour before bed.

14. Practise Deep Breathing

You might want to add the easy, sleep-inducing practice of deep breathing to your bedtime ritual for you to have a great beauty sleep.

The 4-7-8 deep-breathing exercise is one popular deep breathing exercise you can do before bedtime. You can also try these other deep breathing techniques that will get you sleeping soundly like a baby.

15. Create a Relaxing Bedtime Routine

How to Have a Beauty Sleep - 20 Tips To Enjoy A Great Night's Sleep

Healthy sleep habits can not only grant you a deep beauty sleep but also make a big difference in your quality of life.

Thus, if you are looking to put yourself in the best state of mind for at least 6 hours of deep sleep?

Plan your bedtime routine so you wake up feeling well-rested and ready for the next day.

Some of the things you can incorporate in your relaxing bedtime routine include:

  • Making tomorrow’s to-dos on a list that you’ll wake up ready to crush your goals.
  • Keep a nightly journal, where you can record at least 3 beautiful things that happened that day, 3 things you’re grateful for, as well as any anxieties and frustrations.
  • Meditate for a while – you can also incorporate prayer or any other spiritual practice.
  • Taking at least 5 breaths to calm your nervous system.

16. Know your Bedtime and Stick to One Sleep Schedule

Never get into bed until right before it’s time to sleep because the more time you spend in the bed before you sleep, the more your body gets used to being awake in bed.

So, once you’re done with your bedtime routine, hop into bed just when you’re relaxed enough to sleep.

Also, keep your sleep cycle regular by sleeping at this time every day.

Also, wake up at the same time every day to keep this sleep schedule regular.

Quick Tip…

While naps taken during the day can help you recharge, lower tension, and revive your energy, just avoid naps especially in the afternoon if you have trouble sleeping.

17. Wind down

Your body needs time to shift into sleep mode, so spend the last hour before bed doing a calming activity such as reading, instead of using your laptop or phone which can make it harder to fall asleep.

18. Sleep on your Back

How to Have a Beauty Sleep - 20 Tips To Enjoy A Great Night's Sleep

Let’s face it. Most people tend to lie on their sides, pressing their faces, chests, and stomachs into their pillows and blankets.

However, this ‘comfortable’ way of sleeping allows your face to be pressed on the pillows and blankets causing premature aging.

This excessive pulling-over of your skin causes sleep wrinkles to develop on your skin, damaging your skin’s elasticity.

Instead, start sleeping on your back to give your skin a free-from-contact experience.

19. Minimize the Distractions

Your bedroom should only be used for sleep or having an intimate moment with your partner, at least.

Thus, to have a well-deserved beauty sleep, minimize the distractions hours before your bedtime.

You could start by turning off all electronics at least an hour before bed- keep your phone and laptop away hours before your bed.

Also, keep your bedroom free from any noise and distractions that can disturb your sleep, including your partner’s snoring!

In this case, wear earplugs at night to block out any noise.

How to Have a Beauty Sleep - 20 Tips To Enjoy A Great Night's Sleep

20. Create A Dreamy Environment

Your bedroom should just send off chill vibes for a dreamy night’s sleep.

Thus, evaluate your room to design your sleep environment to establish the conditions you need for sleep. Some of the ways you can do this include:

  • Keeping your bedroom cool – between 60 and 67 degrees.
  • Using blackout curtains, fans, and humidifiers to prevent skin dehydration as you sleep.
  • It should also be free from any harsh light. That’s why we love nightstands!

Pin This…

How to Have a Beauty Sleep - 20 Tips To Enjoy A Great Night's Sleep

If you still can’t get to sleep…

Don’t lie in bed tossing and turning if you’re restless.

Instead, get up and reset by meditation or reading for a short time before getting back to bed instead of staring at the ceiling.

People who practice self-care enjoy a greater beauty sleep and indeed, quality rest repairs your body for an overall charming personality and complexion.

So, start trying out these tips to have a great beauty sleep and share your experiences with us in the comments below…

Have your Beauty Sleep, Dear Lady!