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How to Give Yourself A Facial at Home

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Who doesn’t want to treat themselves to a relaxing facial at home? If you are spending much time at home, always work from home or just have time at home, why now treat your skin to a luxurious spa treatment? With functional skincare products, you can turn your home into a spa thanks to these 10 steps to give yourself a facial at home.

Let’s already give ourselves a relaxing home facial!

To get started, consider these tips:

1. Remove Your Makeup, if you Have

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First things first! Makeup off, in case you had it on.

The days when you looked so pretty with your heavy makeup on call for thorough cleansing of the face to ensure it remains as clear and clean as possible. And attention should be paid to the highly-pigmented areas of your skin which are the eyes and the lips.

First, remove your makeup very well before you get into cleansing. You can either use an oil-based makeup remover, an oil cleanser, make-up cleansing wipes or micellar water depending on your skin type. I personally love using micellar water, coconut water or a makeup eraser. And after this step, wipe it away.

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2. Cleanse your Face!

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If you just removed your makeup, do a double cleanse by first cleansing your face again with the oil cleanser as you focus on highly pigmented areas like the eyes, nose, chin and the T-zone. Rinse your face clean with cold water. Afterward, use a foam cleanser to gently wash away any remaining particles from your face afterward.


In case you had no makeup on, simply get a foam cleanser that is gentle and hydrating and as you wash your face, rub the foam on your face and clean it using the ring finger to avoid exerting too much pressure on the skin. Wash it off with cold water.

In case you had sunscreen on during the day but with no makeup, or your face was oily during the day, you’ll still require doing a double cleanse as described above.

Otherwise, on flaky days, you’ll need to exfoliate your face gently then do a double cleanser while on sensitive days (like when your skin reacts badly with a product), you should go for a gentle cleanse with a hydrating mild foam cleanser.

3. Get Your Steamer Already

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Steaming your face is the most relaxing spa-like part. While you can easily use a basin with hot water and a towel above your head, the method is quite risky since you can incur burns if you don’t keep your face a few inches away from the basin. So take your home facial routine to the next level!

How? Try a facial steamer! Particularly, I use Vanity Planet’s Aera facial steamer. Doing several two-minutes steaming sessions will be enough. Steaming your face loosens dead skin cells, dirt, and oil plugs, allowing your pores to open up to other following skincare products.

Check out the Vanity Planet’s Aera Facial Steamer Review


We don’t recommend doing extractions and chemical peels at home because if not carefully done, you might suffer scarring and inflame your pimples. It really should only be safely performed by a professional.

4. Exfoliate

Regular exfoliation to remove dead skin cells it important for it also gives room for new skin to grow. While you can always use an exfoliating brush, there are amazing exfoliants suitable for your skin. I highly recommend using chemical exfoliates especially if your face is sensitive since physical exfoliants can cause skin irritation.

Simply smooth the scrub onto your entire face and use circular motions to exfoliate for one or two minutes.

5. Apply a Clay or Snail Mask

The use of a face mask can be a gamechanger in your ultimate goal for great skin. If you like the feeling of being pampered like you’re in a spa, then you should absolutely enjoy your masking moments. They are perfect for everyone’s skincare routine.

Masks are so great and you will love clay masks for tightening your pores, giving you a deeper cleanse with their drawing properties hence all impurities (like dirt, oil, and whiteheads) can be drawn away from your skin with continued use leaving it healthy; and depending on its ingredients, the mask can rehydrate and moisturize your face.

To use a clay mask, apply it on your face and leave it to dry for a few minutes. Remove your clay mask by rinsing it off with warm water and patting it dry with a clean towel.

Apart from a clay mask, you can choose a snail mask instead. Snail slime has been reported to smoothen out wrinkles and creases, clear acne and promote the elasticity of your skin.

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6. Tone

Use a gentle toner on a cotton pad to swipe away any remaining traces of the clay mask or exfoliator. It also gives you a smooth, clean and settled complexion.

Quick Tip…

For a refreshing experience, be sure to chill your toner in your refrigerator for about 30 minutes before use.

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7. Apply a Sheet Mask

Sheet masks are an absolute popular Korean skincare recommendation that we agree, works! Since most sheet masks are soaked in a serum-like formula with at least one active ingredient, be sure to pick your favorite mask depending on the mask’s properties.

Simply apply your chosen sheet mask over your face for ten to twenty minutes, then carefully pull off. Allow your face to absorb the mask’s goodies by not rinsing your face afterward.

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Quick Tip…

Pull off your sheet mask just before it dries since you don’t want it to absorb all the moisture from your face.

8. Treat

In case of dark spots, acne or dehydration, treat your face with the right corrector. It could be a spot treatment cream for dark spots and pimples or serum for brightening your face.

Quick Tip…

Treat one skin issue at a time to avoid much irritation. Never try to treat too many skin issues at once. For example, you can first treat acne using an anti-acne serum and once your skin is healed, you can go ahead and treat dullness using a brightening serum.

9. Eye Cream or Eye Patches

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Lightly dab your favorite eye cream under your brow bone, under your eyes and in the inner area by your nose. A good cream repairs and restores the eye area as it also minimizes dark circles and puffiness.

Be sure to spare your eyes from the cream. I personally love snail-infused eye creams as popularly used in K-Beauty.

10. Moisturize

Moisturizing your face is a good step to end your facial. If you treated your face, go for an oil-free moisturizer with no active ingredients like retinol or potentially irritating ingredients too.

Otherwise, if you haven’t treated your face, consider a moisturizer with an active ingredient like retinol.

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We really don’t recommend trying out anti-aging serums, creams and products when still young or if your face still shows no sign of aging yet. We’ve seen many young ladies, as young as 20, using anti-aging ingredients just to get clear skin without pimples. While this actually works, even dermatologists don’t recommend that for younger skin.

Check out this video that tells women to avoid using anti-aging creams and use this formula instead.

Surely, with the steps above including frequent and deep hydration/moisturizing of your skin, it will look so supple even without anti-aging treatments.

Go ahead and try this relaxing home facial!

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