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How To Get Brand Collaborations As An Influencer In Your Niche

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How To Get Brand Collaborations As An Influencer In Your Niche

Well, we all want to get huge brand collaborations but sometimes, we never know where to start!

We’ve seen influencers like Kathy Haan and other Instagram influencers working with brands and we can’t help admire the opportunity. Good enough, you not only have to be an Instagram influencer in order to get brand collaborations- you can use other platforms from your blog or YouTube channel to your Facebook page, Tiktok or even, a Twitter account. You just need to find a platform that works best for you!

Personally, as a lifestyle blogger, I have worked with Yoins, a fashion brand on a gifting campaign; I was hosted at Jukwaa Lounge for a sponsored review; I am on PR lists on gifting and sponsored campaigns with the current ones being Vanity Planet and Adoratherapy as their ambassadors. I have also received a ton of freebies in the form of Softwares and services for affiliate reviews.

Currently, apart from running two blogs, I’m a wardrobe stylist cum interior designer.

From all those collaborations I’ve done among others, I have been able to draw some lessons and here I share the tips with you.

5 Tips On How To Get Brand Collaborations

How To Get Brand Collaborations As An Influencer In Your Niche

Trends and huge shifts happen in the influencer marketing space. We’ve seen the rise of lifestyle influencers, the jump to Tiktok as an influencer marketing platform, and obviously, there is more to come!

All these dynamics can get you confused and disappointed when it comes to landing collaborations. However, I’ll share just 5 tips on how you can get brand collaborations, or continue landing more collaborations.

1. Find your niche.

You won’t always collaborate with every brand just because you don’t fall into their niche. So, it is preferable to find a niche and build a voice around it.

Do you love fashion? Then share more on fashion. Are you such a foodie? Then show us those great recipes. That way, you can collaborate with a beautiful brand in your niche, with them knowing that their product or service will resonate with your audience.

Check out one of my posts on how I talk about women’s fashion now that I am a fashion writer cum wardrobe stylist: How to Dress More Feminine & Love Yourself More

I also talk about women’s wellness in this post: How to Have a Spa Day at Home.

Essentially, always have something going around a niche you are passionate about. You can’t tell me that you would love to be the ambassador of a hair extensions brand yet you are not exposed in that niche. Because one way of garnering exposure in a niche is by sharing content around that- personally, you will learn about the best practices and also, be able to influence people on the same.

Again, it doesn’t have to be on a blog since a podcast, a YouTube channel, or even your social media-Instagram, Facebook page, Tiktok or Twitter- feed could do the magic for you!

Blogging Tools And Resources For Every Amazing Lifestyle Blog

Influencer Tip…

While social media is a good platform for influencer marketing, we also recommend having your own site which cannot be affected by social media trends. Have your own blog, a podcast to YouTube channel then, have social media platforms to back up your own line.

Here is how I started my two lifestyle blogs if you’re looking to have one tooHow to Start s Successful Lifestyle Blog

2. Find ‘that’ brand in your niche.

You found your voice, right? So the next thing to do is find brands you would love to collaborate within your niche.

Normally, I research these brands on Instagram, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, or even visit their physical stores and just see what’s going on there. I also have a look at their websites and wrap my mind around the kind of content they are up for.

Afterward, list down all these brands you’d love to work with.

3. Assess your favorite brands

Is Tyra Beauty a cosmetic brand you would want to work with? Then look at the content they share. Social media has made it very easy to learn about such.

For example, you can have a look at their Instagram account and see their feed from where you will draw pointers. I mean, do they love close-up pictures of ladies wearing highlighters? Or videos on makeup tutorials? Then that’s a point to note.

Also, you can visit their blogs and YouTube channel and see their structure of posts and videos. If they love their images in a certain way, note that too.

In short, just be very observant as you look up their online scenes in order to draw solid and workable steps for yourself.

How To Get Brand Collaborations

4. Organically and authentically speak about that brand in your niche.

So you have decided that you want to work with Villa Rosa Kempinski, the luxurious hotel, right? Or Chanel and Mac Cosmetics? Then speak about them organically!

For example, you can purchase their product and do an Instagram post, making sure to tag them. If you frequent at this, they could take notice.

As well, you can visit that hotel of your choice and share a blog post review then email the hotel letting them know you did that review.

Above all, maintain your integrity by being authentic in your imagery and content. I mean, you don’t have to steal someone’s Instagram photo and use it because that can harm your reputation.

Brands love working with people who already show that love for their products. Trust me, this can be such a nice way of getting the brands to notice you, and even if you might not get that collaboration, you could win a repost or tag.

Tell me if that alone isn’t great?

5. Resonate with the brand’s authenticity

How To Get Brand Collaborations

I was listening to Tyra Banks on the Simply YouTube channel ,wherein an interview, she said that what made her such a supermodel is the fact that she could resonate with every brand. She had different walks and poses for every brand on the runway! Isn’t that just so genius?

Well, that is such a lesson I learned!

That means that if you’d want to work with a skincare brand, and you’ve seen how they share their content, it’s time to put that into play!

I mean, you can structure your Instagram feed in a way that will appeal that brand. Or if you want to work in the luxury market, let the theme of luxury shine through your blog content in a way that will make such brand feel represented.

All this will be dictated by how you dress, where you visit, the products you use, your home décor, and much more.

That makes a brand trust you because they will believe that you understand their aesthetic hence it would be easy to work with you.

Also, be patient because it can take time before a brand can consider you. That means that you have to stay consistent; working to better yourself every time.

Never beat yourself up because you weren’t picked for a campaign but exercise patience and as you develop yourself, even more, brands will come knocking.

How To Get Brand Collaborations

So yeah, with those 5 tips, go ahead and get those brand collaborations like the pro you are! Remember, you don’t need a huge following in order to influence, you just need to authentically you and passionate about your niche!


Find Your niche.

Find that brand.

Assess the brand.

Speak about the brand.

Resonate with the brand.

And bag that collaboration!

Always remember to stay authentic by simply doing real things and giving real stories that will appeal to emotions; carrying your patience with you always!


How To Get Brand Collaborations As An Influencer In Your Niche

Influencer Tip…

Apart from maintaining authenticity as an influencer, Xavier in an interview with Glossy advises that influencers should remember to balance both aspirational and practical content, as well as, always share incorrect information. You have a voice so, sway and influence in a good way. Be relatable and valuable to remain relevant, despite the trends in the influencer marketing space.

So, how did you get to collaborate with brands as an influencer in your niche? And what have been the best collaborations you’ve done?

Please share your thoughts with us below…


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