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Style Talk: How To Find And Define Personal Style

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Style Talk: How To Find and Define Personal Style

Have a problem finding and defining your personal style? Then you must be always in a rut finding that cute dress to show up in at dinner,right?  It can be so overwhelming to realize that you have a closet full of ‘gorgeous’ clothes but you can’t even seem to decide on what pants you should out on to school!

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When you become that girl who rocks off- shoulders just because they are in trend or that colleague who wears high-wasted palazzo’s to work just because the boss wore them to work yesterday, then you become a lady of all shades. A lady who would even sacrifice comfort over trends.

Now that’s where personal style comes into play! With a defined personal style, you’ll know what piece works for you and what doesn’t , as much as they all might look good on you.

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Well, today, let us know about finding and defining personal style.

Ride along…


1. Take a note of your favorite wardrobe pieces.

Style Talk: How To Find and Define Personal Style

Do you like the free feel of over-sized tees and skinny jeans? Or the sexy vibe of bodycon dresses? Do you love clashing stripes and prints like a pro or rocking bold colors like they were meant for you?

Then there’s a high chance that your personal style rotates around that! So just go to your wardrobe and find all the wardrobe pieces that appeal to your liking.

Set them aside and learn to shop outfits in that category. It’s common to realize that you can never go wrong with that favorite fashion piece.

Personally, I have a huge crush on over-sized tops and skinny jeans so trust me, if you were to get into my closet, you’ll find a lot of that.

2. Take Note of Repeating pieces in your closet.

Do you have a closet full of graphic tees or denim jeans? Do you tend to purchase a lot of pencil skirts or thigh high boots? There’s a reason your closet has an excess of a certain item. These items simply appeal to you even more and you can’t get tired of having even more of them.

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We call them your style sweet spot so please, love them! As long as you are comfortable wearing them!

3. Identify the Odd Piece Out

If you take a hard look into your closet, will you see some tops that still have tags on? Or some animal print crop tops that no longer rock your vibe? Then you got it!

Find out why those pieces don’t work for you. Is it because those pants were too baggy for you? Or that crop top was too sexy for you? Then get rid of those pieces ASAP!


Those odd pieces in your closet that you don’t even wear already show that you are not comfortable trying them out. And when it comes to personal style, comfort is the mantra!

Style Talk: How To Find and Define Personal Style

4. Find some style inspiration about piecing items together.

You love the bohemian maxi skirt, right? But are you going to wear it with the same crop top from Monday to Monday? Hell no!

Now that you have a basic idea of what you like, what you don’t like, and the details that constitutes both, you’re ready to start combining your pieces into outfits. This will help you when you’re going out for shopping to ensure you only buy what constitutes your style.

To get this inspiration, head over to Instagram and look at how fashion bloggers rock their pants. Or even to Pinterest and see how fashion enthusiasts layer perfectly.

You’re allowed to take as much screenshots as you possibly can and as much notes as you can so that you can always refer to this information as you work on building your style. But remember, always go for what works best for you.

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5. Define your style with three words.

Style Talk: How To Find and Define Personal Style

Describing your personal style will help you clarify and define your look easily.

As you scroll down your Pinterest feed or Instagram fashion photos, be keen to note the vibe of every look.

Instead of just looking at them casually, look beyond the caption and focus on how the outfits are paired for a complete set. Afterwards, you can go ahead and describe the looks. I mean, is it edgy, sexy, whimsical or classic?

With this information in mind, go ahead and create a three-word rule that perfectly describes your style. But for me, I’m whimsical, chic and artsy.

6. Play around with looks.

Finding your personal style doesn’t mean that you will just rock one look all year around. It doesn’t have to be about sticking to an aesthetic as much as a certain look appeals to you.

For instance: do you love those skinny jeans for being figure hugging? Or that camel coat for being very conservative in color? Or do those white sneakers appeal to you just because they look sophisticated? Then hang in there!

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    I mean, instead of always showing up in a bohemian skirt everyday because it’s so comfy and flowy, find other wardrobe pieces that embrace this free vibe. Get those gowny maxis and have the same vibe and rock them too.

    The trick has to be in noticing what you specifically like about a certain look and working along that lane. I love all manner of over-sized outfits so you’ll find me with over-sized tees, pants, shirt dresses and even blouses!

    7. Find your signature piece.

    Style Talk: How To Find and Define Personal Style

    Macy Stucke has her gorgeous coats and beige stilettos, Maria Vizuette has her denim jeans and designer bags and Marii Pazz has her wide legged pants.

    All fashionable ladies own a signature item that they rock and this becomes part of their style identity. Who knows? Yours can be as simple as those aviator sunglasses or that sharp suit. Talk about pencil skirts and I’ll tell you about Prissy Savvy!

    So on your way to defining your personal style, remember to realize your signature piece too.

    8. Don’t forget about the accessories.

    Style Talk: How To Find and Define Personal Style

    Is that watch you got from Jord Watches a significant part of your style? Or that golden Rolex watch? Then you understand how accessories will always play a huge role in polishing your outfit. Never leave that piece of accessory out of your combination.

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    9. Rock Your Strengths

    Is your high heel game too strong that all eyes are always on you as you pass by? Or your pencil skirt vibe too hot that you get a ton of compliments whenever you put it on?

    Think about this…

    Have you ever dressed up and walked out of the door feeling like everyone was going to compliment you that day?Then you already know where to start!

    Mind you whenever I wear some wide legged pants and a crop top finished with high heels, I always expect such compliments. And I take note of them. And make sure to take a photo too!

    If that speaks of you too, mind it. Instead of juggling between a huge pile of clothes for your next date night, simply get that bodycon dress that the whole village loves and rock it like the fashionista you are! In fact, buy even more of such pieces.

    10.Trust your guts.

    As you define your style, be sure to listen to your guts. Put on that bodycon dress and listen to how your body behaves in it. Do you feel too sexy to get out of the door in it? Then try the cocktail dress and if you’re all over smiling about it, then rock it!Your instincts will never let you down when it comes to your personal style so invite them as you make your outfit decision.


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    Style Talk: How To Find And Define Personal Style

    Well lovelies, with those 10 tips about finding and defining personal style, you can go ahead and determine yours!

    Remember to share with us your style or even your three-word style rule in the comments section below…

    As well, do you love my look?



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    1. Amber Myers says

      This looks like a great outfit. My mantra is comfort so I’m basically in jeans and t-shirts. I switch to hoodies when it’s cold. But I rarely dress up.

    2. Alexandra says

      Thank you for your tips.
      I will definitely be taking more consideration to my wardrobe now – I need to define my personal style some more without a doubt!

    3. Cristina Petrini says

      Finding your own style I think it’s a job and it’s right. I took years to succeed and define myself in fact, when some of my photos of the past are incredulous in front of some choices, questionable, style that I did!

    4. Alvern @ Success Unscrambled says

      Dalene, I was hoping you would take us through your capsule wardrobe to give us real-life examples of how you found your personal style. I dress for comfort with a touch of elegance using jeans, cardigans, party tops and scarves.

    5. Laura G says

      It’s hard to find your style. And then, once you found it, it’s even harder to find the clothes! Thanks for the advice!

    6. Jessica Joachim says

      You are rocking your personal style! I know my style has been evolving and right now I am loving where it is right now. Comfortable, casual, and still fun

    7. Kam Balitaan says

      I really feel like I need a new set of wardrobe! I’m moving to Europe from Asia so it’s quite an adjustment and I need to invest in some versatile pieces for changing seasons.

    8. Cynthia Nicoletti says

      What a great piece of clothing to have to mix and match. I am in need of a new statement piece to be able to use for different looks. Great photos you posted.

      • Dalene Ekirapa says

        Thanks Cynthia. Glad you love my look. Anyway, a statement can really speak so much about you. My statement always rotates around oversized pieces.

    9. Carla Necole says

      I can say that the one thing I neglect in fashion is accessories. They look good on others, but I always feel a little weird…like I didn’t get it right. Thanks for these fashion avatar tips!

    10. Rachel says

      It is funny, my friends and I always talk about what our style is. We have been friends since we were 14 and we have always had our own personal looks. It is just easier for us to identify it on each other than with ourselves.

    11. LuciWest says

      This is very fascinating. Never thought about defining my personal style – besides I wear a lot of black. Will consider my choices more closely now to see what I come up with.

    12. Kristine Nicole Alessandra says

      These are awesome tips. I am basically a jeans and tee kind of person. However, when the need arises for me to wear formal attire, that is when the dilemma begins. I have to find formal looking clothes that I feel comfortable wearing. I will have to take a good look at what’s in my closet right now. Maybe adding a few pieces that suits my personality would be a good way to start. Oh, and I love bangles and blings too. 🙂

    13. Jenn says

      This post really makes me want to open my wardrobe and chuck out a load of old clothes I have been hanging onto. I still have clothes from when I was 16 thinking I will wear them again, I won’t.

    14. Cătălina-Iuliana Nini says

      Finding and define personal style is not hard, yet so many people struggle with it. I guess mainly because they are afraid to experiment, play and they overthink about colour combinations, patterns and finding the right fit. But it`s fun, so much fun.

    15. Aishwarya Shenolikar says

      This is such a brilliant fashion article! I definitely agree with pairing items; my love for accessories knows no bounds. I guess I have to work on some of the other aspects like repeating because I tend to wear blue and black the most. Thanks for the tips!!

    16. Binge on Basics says

      This is a great guide for people who are often stuck with fashion dilemmas. I almost covered all these steps a while back when I had to define my personal style. I am fond of casual style more. My style mantra is styling basic and classic pieces with something that is currently on trend charts. It never goes wrong honestly. Bookmarked this post and share it with other people who would want to define their personal style.

    17. Jennifer L says

      Really great style tips! I love how you talk about looking at what we have in our closet and listening to what it says about our own unique style.

    18. Dhruva Sharma says

      Seems so easy but finding your style and defining it does need a lot of confidence. Love your post. I like the confidence captured in your pictures. Comfort comes bring confidence

    19. The Panicked Foodie says

      Ugh, my style is sweatpants and a t-shirt 🙁 This was a really great post, and had great actionable steps that I can use to find a style. I’ve always been somewhat of a plain jane, I think because I am afraid to step outside of my comfort zone. PS-your outfit looks so well put together. I wish I could rock a look like that!

    20. hannah william says

      I love your way of defining personal style & fashion. After reading your article i feel excited to take a look again to my wardrobe and dispose off all of my old stuff. I like your point regarding Find signature piece. Keep it up.

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