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How To Describe Your Personal Fashion Style In A Three-Word Style Rule

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How To Describe Personal Style In A Three-Word Rule

Loise Lamba From The Emerald Beam

When it comes to personal style, describing your style in a three-word rule will make it easy for you to even dress up. It will help you build a wardrobe that you will truly love.

Ask the Instagram fashionistas to describe their style and listen to how they coin a 3-word rule for that! At least , at We What Wear, one of my favorite fashion blogs, the 3-Word Rule is elevated, trend-driven and cool.

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The three-word rule becomes your fashion formula and when you don’t know what to wear or even what to shop for in the first place, you can just think about your style in three words and follow your style mantra.

Simply think of powerful combinations that highly reflect of the adjectives that describe your style.

Play around with your wardrobe and rock these combos like you were born for it!

Interested in testing out this idea? Below is a cheat sheet with 10 questions for you to think about which will help you coin your 3-word style rule.

Afterwards, a list of adjectives to describe it. Whether it’s cool or elegant, polished or relaxed, determine which adjectives resonate with you the most. Ones that you will keep in mind as you stand before your closet or in a clothing mall.

Here goes!

When defining your three-word rule that perfectly describes your personal style, use these 10 questions that will help you define your personal style.

How To Describe Personal Style In A Three-Word Rule

Michelle from The Mbaire Wangui Blog

See The Contents

10 Questions that will help you define your three-word rule

1. What is your favorite item in your closet? One you feel most comfortable in?

2. What fashion piece in your closet do you wear repeatedly?

3. What items in your closet do you give for donations and why?

4. What is the most expensive thing in your closet and why did you buy it?

5. Do you prefer neutrals, pastels, or bold colors in your wardrobe?

6. Who’s style do you admire? Why? What are the core elements/principles of the style of others you admire?

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How To Describe Personal Style In A Three-Word Rule: Kimwana From Kimwana World

Kimwana From Kimwana World

7. What do you want your style to say on your behalf?

8. How does your current style need to change to say more of what you want it to say, or to say it better?

9. How would you describe your style right now?

10. What makes you feel/think those words describe your style?

Have you already zeroed in and found your 3-word rule? Found a personal style that’s truly you underneath those piles of clothes in your closet and those piles crammed in hangars?

Then let’s dive in to realize what these 11 fashion bloggers have to say about their 3-word style rule:

1. Loice Lamba From The Emerald Beam 

How To Describe Personal Style In A Three-Word Rule: Loise Lamba From Emerald Beam 

My style is effortless, chic and versatile.

I like to be comfortable, so I will wear anything that fits within my style aesthetic as long as it makes me look and feel good; because that’s the only way I will be confident.

Ideally I get my clothes tailored, so that they fit well since I believe that is the key to feeling great in your outfits.

My 5 must have fashion pieces include: a white t-shirt or a white button down shirt (plain or minimal graphics) , a well fitted pair of jeans (skinny or slim straight), a blazer , a pair of black sandal heels and plain white sneakers.

I do love a waist belt to cinch in my waist, a simple everyday watch and a stud at the least!

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2. Michelle from The Mbaire Wangui Blog

How To Describe Personal Style In A Three-Word Rule: Michelle from The Mbaire Wangui Blog

I can describe my style as eclectic, but it also goes without saying I believe that my style is aimed to build reality to my tagline, which is – TIMELESS, IMPRESSIVE, ELEGANT and VERSATILE!

When I say eclectic, I see myself as someone who is not constrained by the walls of fashion; I wear everything that works for me, which is very important especially if you are on a style journey!

The issue is most people do not wear what works for them and rather they go for what they think works for them…

I also see my style as timeless because I always tell myself at the back of my mind, if I put something out there… is it just for the “right now” or am I going to still like it a couple of years from now, if my answer is a yes!

Then I know I am taking a step in the right direction. This is to say that if someone also comes to my platform they could feel that something too could work for them, not the way people usually feel scared to go to a blogger’s page because their style only fits a certain ‘description’.

In my closet, you will never miss: (Ouuuh! This is tough… )Okay I am a shoe-addict so that counts as my first- A good shoe ;a basic body-con dress which I can style that to infinity ; Lipstick – because I am quite insecure about my lips; a Coat because I never freeze and shine; a watch! My mum tells me that a watch can turn a basic outfit into a bougie one!

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3. Fatma Repha From Thrifty Phat

Interview With Fashion Blogger Fatma Repha of Thrifty Phat

The best way to describe my personal style is: Simple, timeless and relatable.

Simple because I love easy, light and airy outfits; timeless because I can wear the same style 10-20yrs from now and relatable because anyone at any age can be comfortable wearing my style.

Must have fashion pieces in my closet include: a white and black t-shirt, a white button-down shirt, an LBD (Little Black Dress), white converse and a black leather jacket.

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 4.Patsy Mugabi From Justified Ecstacy

Patsy Mugambi From Justified Ecstacy

I am so African,sassy and unique!

So African because the fun fact is that every single outfit of mine has a bit of an African twist to it whether it’s Ankara ,an ornament or even my hair!

Life is too short to have an outfit without colour or I am just a sucker for all things from my roots !

Sassy! The best way to think about this is why be average when you can be a whole more than that? Like super duper and extra but finding a balance as well because less is more!

Unique! I love to recreate some of my fave fashion looks. In fact, I have been designing a few of my apparel pieces and hope to share them with my blog family.

In my closet, you will always find: a black leather jacket which helps me to level up my outfits since with each leather piece, I go from boring to bad and bougie ASAP!

Ankara pieces – Wakanda vibes read (what kind of vibes )do you get wearing something that reminds you that you are you’re ancestors wildest dream!? Almost half of my closet is full of Ankara pieces.

I will also have white sneakers which go with literally all my Ankara shirts,dresses and tops, sunnies- If you’re reading this:Your future is so brings you going to need sunglasses!

Thanks to Angies Accessories, I switch my eye candy because of affordable deals! I literally own a plethora of these! If you have read up until this point you almost deserve a pair!

Moving on swiftly to a brown leather belt; I can’t be the only fan of tucking in my pieces!I love how belts accentuate the lower body features if I am being honest,I have to thank my belt for holding all my loose pieces together!

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5. Michelle Malonza From The Blooming Butterfly

Michelle Malonza From The Blooming Butterfly

I’m chic, classy and clean. My style is a form of expression and that makes me very intentional about the things I buy and wear.

A lot of the looks I put together are therefore very simple with one focal point that the outfit is usually created around.

Currently, I’m into accessories and interesting color combinations as the focus of my looks.

My closet must- haves that ensure I consistently achieve my personal style include: a black tube top, a statement hand bag, a monochrome dress, a black jacket/ coat and a pair of monochrome flats/ mules.

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I discovered my personal style at the beginning of my teens when my creative side became a prominent part of my life so my appearance became my way of connecting with the world outside my head.

Becoming very intentional about the pieces of clothing I bought and paired together as well as being aware of the clothing items I admired on other people, was essential in discovering my personal style.

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6. Warda Hassey From Um Rayana Blog

Warda Hassey From With Love Wardaah

My three-word style rule is classy, elegant and feminine.

I love looking elegant, but casual, making sure I dress according to my mood. In the winter months, I mostly wear darker clothes with nice stylish coats and heeled boots.

But in the summer, I love clothes that are a bit brighter. I say I’m very feminine since I never really wear trousers and I prefer skirts and dresses!

I almost never wear heels too as I can’t walk in them unless they are a few inches short so find me in my flats, boots or trainers!

My 5 closet must haves include: a black dress which is always my “go to” when im confused about what to wear, blazers which

I have recently grown fond of just because of elegant and classy they look. I’m a sucker for wide legged pants which can be styled differently and still look modest ; Boots, especially during the winter months, and a pleated skirt.

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7. Valerie From Valerie Lihabi

Valerie From Valerie Lihabi

My three word style rule is classy, sexy and fun!

My personal style is quite minimalistic in terms of my dressing and hair since I dress up or down depending on my moods and the weather.

I mix and match but prefer to keep things classic as it remains timeless; or give it a more contemporary twist by paying attention to the little details like cuts, textures, patterns, colors and accessories. Mind you, I ‘d rather look overdressed than be under dressed.

My 5 fashion must haves include a plain white tee/ black bodysuit, a classic blazer, a pair of well fitting dark wash denim jeans , a pair of black heels/flats and a classic LBD.

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8. Ameena Abdul From Am In A Femshion

Ameena Abdul From Am In A Femshion

Chic, Comfort and Modest! This 3-Word rule perfectly describe my style!

Modest because other than being a Muslim woman, I love being covered and it ties in perfectly with comfort because I am most comfortable when I have dressed up modestly and if you’re not comfortable then you’re not enjoying yourself and fashion if anything; should be fun!

Chic because there’s something about being elegant that makes me look put together which in turn makes me feel good. I think it’s important to feel good in your style, right?

Must haves in my closet include: Cover ups (blazers,kimonos etc), Hijabs in neutral colors(doesn’t this count? It is such a big component of my personal style),flat shoes and mini bags.

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9. Kimwana From Kimwana’s World

How To Describe Personal Style In A Three-Word Rule: Kimwana From Kimwana World

I’m classy, simple and colorful.

I believe in being simple because simple can be so beautiful. In essence, every simple woman tends to look classy and never seem to run out of fashion.

Normally, colors are good but every woman should try to explore them based on their age, environment, occasion and skin tone. This is what describes my style better.

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My 5 closet must haves include: a comfortable pair of shoes, a blazer/coat, a beautiful perfume, a cute classic bag, a pair of well-tailored trousers or jeans and a comfortable figure hugging dress.

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10.Azure From Azure Kange

How To Describe Personal Style In A Three-Word Rule: Azure From Azure Kange

Well, mine has to be a three word style statement and it is confidence is key because definitely, the secret to great style is to always feel confident in what you wear and feel good in it.

Anyway, I am simple and sophisticated – I always believe in simplicity with a dose of sophistication in attaining a great look.

In my closet, you’ll always find an elegant blazer, a well fitting pair of jeans ( in blue, black or grey), a pair of black pumps, chic flats and a cute little dress.

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11. Natonya Medford from Just Natonya

How To Describe Personal Style In A Three-Word Rule: Just Natonya

While promoting self love, I’m actually in the process of rediscovering my style.

Since I’m learning to embrace my body in a positive light, I realized that I like figure-flattering pieces such as bodycon dresses or high-waisted jeans to emphasize my curves.

I’m a huge fan of bold prints, patterns, mixed textures and colors. I like to stand out and wear unconventional pieces together such as combat boots and lace.

To describe my style, I am sophisticated, urban, grunge and bohemian. It may not make sense to some but that sums up my “always-changing” style, I guess for proper terms you could say I’m eclectic-chic.

Top must haves in my closet include bodycon dresses, floral print and striped pieces, booties, High waist jeans and midi rings.

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Well, it’s about time to also get your three-word style rule because that will significantly determine your wardrobe, right?

If you loved how gorgeous these fashion bloggers look like, please remember to leave your comment below…

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post between Dalene Ekirapa and all the fashion enthusiasts featured in the article who gave her honest contribution.





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