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Fresh Content Works on Pinterest! Try These Best Practices for Traffic

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Fresh Content Works on Pinterest! Try These Best Practices for Traffic

Surely, fresh content works on Pinterest!

And regarding the 2020 Pinterest update, it came out so loud and clear that pinners favor recent and relevant content.

So, what is Fresh Content?

On Pinterest, fresh content on Pinterest refers to a new image that has not been shared to Pinterest before.

This includes images for new blog posts, new pages, new product listings, and new images for existing posts, products, and pages.

In this case, this can mean, new images even if they are linking to a blog post that already has some old pins on Pinterest.


Rewriting the pin descriptions and using new hashtags on a similar pin alone does not count as fresh content; a new image does.

The goal of all this new content is to inspire Pinners to engage with, save, and click on your Pins. Save time by batch scheduling those pins with Tailwind.

As well, pinning what your readers save from your blog now counts as duplicated content! While you might need more fresh content and choose to save to relevant boards what readers are saving from your site, you want to do this sparingly and with an appropriate time intervals too.

A Little Background…

When I went self-hosted back in February 2018, I really knew nothing about Pinterest and majorly, I used to participate in a ton of Facebook and Twitter threads just to get a few hundred views to my blog and this amounted to a thousand page views a month- but with over 4 hours of reciprocating on the threads daily.

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While it was actually hectic before you could get traffic, I do not regret participating in the threads at all because that is how I was able to find other bloggers who are doing amazing things!

That is how I came across Lady Boss Blogger who shares a couple of courses on how to leverage blogging for maximum success. That’s how I came across bloggers sharing content around increasing your blog traffic with Google and Pinterest. And slowly, I started purchasing these courses to get knowledgeable about blogging.

Some of the best courses that brought about my growth on Pinterest include: Emily’s Ultimate Pinterest Marketing Guide and Ell Duclos Pinterest Course. These courses helped me set foot on the right track and right now, I do not need to participate in countless threads just to get a considerable amount of traffic to the blog.

If you’d like to check out these only 3 courses I’ve used, here you go:



Fresh Content Works on Pinterest! Try These Best Pinterest Practices for Traffic

Fresh Content Works on Pinterest! Try These Best Pinterest Practices for Traffic

Anyway, it is true that there is just so much information out there regarding your blog’s growth. I know it since I’m certain I read over 1000 blogs in just that one year. But why didn’t I have the results to show it? (Just look at my statistics as I stated above): I never practiced anything!

Trust me, feeding yourself with the knowledge that you cannot exercise won’t help! Go ahead and put in the work. Try to practice whatever it is you learn from a course and give yourself at least 3 months of consistent work to see if the tips actually work. If they don’t, which I highly doubt, you can find other tips.

Anyway, I finally decided to stop participating in traffic threads (I haven’t left the groups yet since I still get more tips on how bloggers are hacking it and I love the inspiration) and concentrate on Pinterest from September 2019, many months later!

I had a pretty active Pinterest account by then since I used to pin recipes, travel tips and anything to do with lifestyle. But I had to make adjustments if I had to see growth to my blog. So what else did I do?

Fresh Content Works on Pinterest! Try These Best Practices for Traffic

Pinterest Tweaks for Traffic Growth

1. Optimize your Profile

Fresh Content Works on Pinterest! Try These Best Practices for Traffic

Your profile sells you first thus its optimization would help a great deal. So, instead of using a random name like mine, ‘Dalene Ekirapa’, go the extra mile and add more keywords to your name. For instance, Dalene Ekirapa- Food, Travel, Beauty and Home Décor Blogger.

Check out these other blogger’s profile too:

Fresh Content Works on Pinterest! Try These Best Pinterest Practices for Traffic

2. Create More Niche-Specific Boards per Topic

Fresh Content Works on Pinterest! Try These Best Pinterest Practices for Traffic

Essentially, you save your pins in boards. Thus, avoid having very broad boards. And if you already do, break the board into sections or create more boards that are more niched-down.

Here is what I mean, you can create a board of ‘Food and Easy Recipes. While it is a broad kind of board, it is specific in a way since you will only save food-related content. However, you can break the board into sections like Breakfast Ideas, Lunch Ideas, Dinner Ideas e.t.c

While I found this working, I also realized that it was much better to have more boards than sections. So, instead of having sections within a broad board, create niched-down boards. I mean, a board on Breakfast Recipes, Lunch Recipes, Dinner Recipes e.t.c


Having more boards is pretty awesome. But there’s a catch- you need to keep the boards active for them to blow up.

Pinning frequently in every board is key for growth because it makes your board more discoverable. If you cannot keep up with this, as you should, then just consider having sections that you should still keep active.

How do You Go About A New Board?

When starting a new board, fill it with 100 repins from other users. Then start to mix your own content. For every 10 pins, at least 7 pins should be users. You should start getting more clicks a day from the board to your blog.


Custom board covers aren’t necessary, but they bring your account together, catch the users’ attention, and help with branding. I recommend creating simple board covers.

Here is an example:

Fresh Content Works on Pinterest! Try These Best Pinterest Practices for Traffic

3. Optimize your Boards

When it comes to naming your boards, please do not go all fancy. Try to stick to the basic quick-to-search titles.

What I did, in this case, is this: if I wanted to open a board on bathroom ideas, I’d type the name out on the Pinterest Search area and take a keen look at the auto-suggested titles from Pinterest which show the most searched terms. I would then use the exact suggestion to name my board.

After naming the board, I had to describe it! In this case, I used the same method to find proper descriptions for my boards.

As well, the description would absolutely match everything I purposed to share on the board. For instance, on a ‘Blogging Tips’ board, I would say, ‘A board on how to start a blog, increase blog traffic, write optimized blog content and make money blogging’

Using hashtags on your board descriptions is also a plus. Again, I ensure to pin just that type of content within the board.


Optimizing your board titles and descriptions are KEY! Fill them with a few relevant keywords. Try not to overlap the keywords in the titled and descriptions, you want to think of as many as you can. For instance, ‘Desserts, Meals, Vegetarian, Healthy & Vegan Dishes

Follow the ‘trending tab’ closely! You can also see what’s been popular on Pinterest in the past 30 days by going to your Analytics- audience overview’

Fresh Content Works on Pinterest! Try These Best Pinterest Practices for Traffic

4. Pin… Like You Mean It!

Don’t be all over the place looking for more Pinterest tips-you know so much already! I did that for over 12 months and I had nothing to show for that. So, why not use the tips you have first?

And it’s so simple- PIN LIKE YOU MEAN IT!

With an optimized Pinterest profile and boards, create good pins and just keep on pinning!

Let’s talk more about this below…

So, Let’s Talk Fresh Content on Pinterest!

Emily, the Pinterest expert I follow for more tips says, ‘So many users either don’t have enough of their own pins or don’t have enough pins in general. If you don’t have enough of your own pins, you’re going to struggle to gain traffic. Thus, pinning more and fresh content is key.’


So how should you go about it?

How To Pin Fresh Content on Pinterest

*These are my personal results, based on a 6-months analysis of using Pinterest

1. Create More Blog Content

Having more blog content means you’ll surely have more pins for Pinterest. This also helps your blog rank on search. After all, content is king! So, if you need more fresh pins, try more fresh content!

However, be sure to learn how to write better, relatable content that adds value to your audience. That way, your audience will be happy to share it and even, stick around for many more years to come.

I publish 2-5 posts a week and since I always write and schedule content in advance, it really works well!


Be sure to break your posts into smaller paragraphs- about 3 to 5 sentences especially if your content is long. This encourages your readers to stick around.

Also, have good fonts for your blogs. Readable, not-too-small fonts enhance the users’ experience. While Google fonts are great and could help, Adobe fonts are the best! Try them!

2. Use Amazing, Optimized Images for your Blogs

Fresh Content Works on Pinterest! Try These Best Pinterest Practices for Traffic

Apart from content, visuals are key! They help break your posts and add appeal to your posts.

And when optimized by adding the ‘Alt Text’, good images guarantee you Search Engine Image Traffic. You want that!

Using beautiful images that are unique brings a variety on your blog, and also, on Pinterest.

Since pinners love fresh pins, sharing beautiful images that are not necessarily graphics, works! This is particular for fashion, food, hotels, beauty, décor, gardening, travel, DIY and other lifestyle-related posts.

Fresh Content Works on Pinterest! Try These Best Pinterest Practices for Traffic


Use clear, vertical (longer in length) images for your posts! It is easy to pin them and have them bring traction to your website.

Truly, it can be hard to create graphics when it comes to, for instance, fashion posts. In this case, pin your beautiful outfit photo without graphitizing it on Canva.

With a mix of beautifully-taken images and graphic images from Canva, Adobe Spark or PicMonkey, Pinterest will love you! They love me! Have a look at how I ensure the variety on the platform.

While free stock images can come in handy, I really don’t advocate for them. Honestly, I haven’t had success with them especially on Pinterest since you can find a ton of other pinners using the same images. Now that gets confusing for Pinterest since they don’t know which posts to rank for the image.

To solve this, you can take your own images if you’re a good photographer, use premium stock photos like Shutterstock, Creative Market or Adobe, or you can use other people’s images provided you’ve given them all the credits due and they allow for it.

3. Create More Different Pins per Blog Post

Fresh Content Works on Pinterest! Try These Best Pinterest Practices for Traffic

Good blog images guarantee more performing pins for a blog post. However, this might not be easily achieved for some posts like blogging-related posts. In this case, Canva, PicMonkey and Adobe Spark come in!

I mean, you got to create graphics for your posts. We call them, pinnable images too! Here is a video on how to create pins using Canva and pin creation using Adobe Spark.

But if you’re struggling to create good graphics for your posts, you can choose to purchase templates or have them made for you by a guru.

Quick Tip…

Longer, vertical pins work! I have used the pin size 600*900 for my pins and in comparison, to the 600*1200 pin size, the difference is notable. I have had tremendous success with the 600*1200 pins so surely, you can start with those.

Pin Consistently, and at Best Times

With this, pin more consistently and find templates that work for you. Over time, stick with the best pin templates that ensure maximum traffic. Also, be sure to use keywords in your descriptions as well as hashtags for better ranking.

One More Tip…

Find 3-10 pin templates to work with for your posts. To make them even more different, change your colors, the text overlay and even, move the background image a few pixels to bring about variety.

When it comes to pinning, be keen to observe your best times. With Tailwind, you are sure of this because the Pinterest scheduling tool shares your pins at the best times for maximum blog traffic thanks to its ‘Smart Schedule’ feature. Have a look at my schedule below:

Pinterest fresh content

You can also use your Google Analytics to observe times more readers visit your site from Pinterest.

Fresh Content Works on Pinterest! Try These Best Pinterest Practices for Traffic

Now pin at these times! Normally, if my best pinning time is at 8 am, I will start spreading my pins out from 8 am- 8:30 am. Astonishing enough, you might even get 100 clicks from a pin within that time frame.

Another Tip…

Tailwind recommends pinning between 15-25 pins a day with 50 pins being the maximum. Initially, I used to pin 50 pins a day and it actually worked. However, if you also have to pin this much, you must be extra careful to ensure Pinterest provides proper content distribution since in some cases, it comes out as spammy. That’s where a scheduler like Tailwind comes in to help you distribute your pins.

However, if you are pinning manually as I do too, this is how I do it:

Find 3-7 best pinning times in a day and pin 3-10 images at these times every day. You’ll be surprised to see how your pins can take off!

For instance, my best pinning times are at 5 am, 8 am, 8 pm, 11 pm, 1 am and 3 am EAT. Normally, I pin 3-10 pins at all of these times manually and if I’m too tired for this, I’ll use the Tailwind scheduler for the same or pin at least thrice a day, at these times.
And it works! Try it too!


4. Be Sure to Pin Manually Too

Fresh Content Works on Pinterest! Try These Best Pinterest Practices for Traffic

Pinterest is now favoring pins that have been pinned manually too. While you can always use the Tailwind scheduler, be sure to also pin manually each day.

Tailwind is meant to be good for scheduling your pins. I love it because it allows you to schedule unlimited number of pins spanning through months. Now, this comes in so handy! But you can also do it for free. When you post a pin, you’ll see the ‘schedule date’ feature. At the moment, Pinterest allows for scheduling up to 25 pins a day.


And when you upload a pin, you have the option of adding a pin description. Your pin description should describe what the pin is about using keywords and also, you should consider using hashtags.

Just don’t stop pinning! I follow Emily, a Pinterest guru and here is her Pinterest tip on fresh content:

‘All you need to do is pin 10-20 of your own new pins each day. Repin 1 or 2 from other users a day. Just make sure you’re pinning YOUR content each day. It’s crucial to pin your own content each day, how else will you get blog clicks?’

5. Repin Too!

Honestly, I don’t repin much.

Normally, I pin at the best and most active boards first then the only time I repin is to share a pin from an active board to another niched-down board.

For example, if I pinned an outfit pin to my ‘Gorgeous Styles by Fashion Enthusiasts board, the next time, I will repin it to my ‘Gorgeous Dresses for Women board if it was a dress.

Thus, I find myself repining a pin according to the number of relevant, relatable and niched-down boards I have and that’s it!


When it comes to repinning, giving an appropriate time interval for your pins is important for maximum distribution. In that case, avoid repinning all your pins back-to-back and asap! For a recommendation, I learned from Anastacia Blogger, a time interval of 2 days between pins is best. I mean, this can be time between a pin and a repin or 2 pins pointing to the same board.

Repinning on Pinterest basically means you are taking a pin that already exists on the Pinterest platform, and saving it to your board(s). It’s okay to repin. However, Pinterest is advocating for more fresh content on their platform so let’s focus on that if we desire more traffic as online marketers.


Don’t miss out on seasonal traffic- think winter, summer, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s. Mother’s Day, Father’s Day e.t.c. Why? As seasons change, many people start focusing on what works for the season, so they would appreciate more of such content.

However, if you can’t always create new content, then give your old seasonal content a boost and create new pins for them.

Also, remember that Pinterest advocated for pinning seasonal content 45-60 days before the season for maximum performance. This also allows your readers to make any necessary purchases if they have to and using your affiliate links won’t be so bad, right?

But if I should encourage you, keep on pinning these seasonal pins till a few days to the season. And if you pin at the right time, your pins will still take off. I’ve had a pin just a day to Valentine’s and it performed well. However, it was quite late for my readers to use my affiliate links.

Pin This…

Fresh Content Works on Pinterest! Try These Best Practices for Traffic

Are you getting high monthly Pinterest viewers but not many website/blog clicks? Chances are you don’t have enough of your own pins! You need to change this, pin more of your OWN content!

I did this and from 7 Pinterest click-throughs a day, I’m currently at 500 Pinterest click-throughs a day, 6 months into Pinterest. In fact, these sharp spikes of consistent traffic caused by the blog to be suspended because my servers could not hold it. So, I had to upgrade to a larger plan.

Fresh Content Works on Pinterest! Try These Best Pinterest Practices for Traffic

If this is your case too, time to get your BlueHost Choice Plan. Grab your discount code HERE.


Quick Recap…

Thanks for reading through the whole post and I hope you at least try to implement these tips.

But before that, let’s do a quick recap on how to tweak your Pinterest account for growth and also, ensure you always have fresh content on Pinterest:

  • Add keywords to your profile
  • Create more niched-down boards or sections and keep them active
  • Use keyword-specific board titles and fill keywords in your descriptions
  • Create more valuable blog posts
  • Use terrific and unique vertical images for your blogs, and pin these!
  • Create multiple pins for every blog post
  • Find your best pinning times on Google or Tailwind Analytics
  • Share 10-30 different pins of your own content daily.
  • Pin 3-10 pins at each best pinning times, spread out through half the hour.
  • Pin your pins to the best and most active boards first then repin them just once to other niche-specific boards.
  • Spread out your pins and pin/schedule them at the best times.
  • Watch your traffic increase in order to monetize it!

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Fresh Content Works on Pinterest! Try These Best Practices for Traffic

Well, how are you ensuring you always have fresh content on Pinterest? What are your tips for traffic growth?

Kindly share your tips in the comments below…

         Rock Pinterest!

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