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How To Change Your Look For A Better Year

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How To Change Your Look For A Better Year

This year, it is all about focusing on your own self.

It’s the year we all concentrate on becoming better people with confidence that could kill and overall better wellbeing.

So, let’s bid a farewell to toxic people, outdated dresses, split ends, and change for the better this year using the following tips and tricks:

1. Change your hair color

It’s time to get that dramatic color change you dreamt of as a little girl.

Go for those purples, blues, pinks, or even the Kylie Jenner platinum blondes.

It all might seem too much to take at first, which is why you can try the all-new hair products which require little to no commitment as the pigment fades off in just a few days.

2. Get those scissors out!

How To Change Your Look For A Better Year

Let’s make it the year we splurge on experiences as opposed to materialistic things!

Get ready for some good DIYs which can change your look for the better.

For this DIY project, you would just need a pair of scissors and your wardrobe staples.

Let’s start with those pair of jeans which are well-loved but you just can’t let go of.

Cut the hems of that bad boy to transform it from run-of-the-mill to right on trend! For better tutorials, hit Youtube.

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3.Accentuate that smile

Nobody ever looks bad when they smile, it’s just science but you can definitely make it look a little better.

To beautify your smile, you don’t have to spend thousands on a dentist appointment; instead, you can just hit the closest Walmart or even Amazon for a bottle of charcoal powder.

Brighten your smile with a little charcoal powder.

It’s easy, fast, and cheap, yet the results are incredible.

It can also be a treat for your taste buds as the powder comes in four flavors which include peppermint, spearmint, and orange.

And hey! They’re not just cruelty-free but are also, organic.

4.Channel your inner nerd

It is the year we accept (with pride) as to who we are.

Time to say goodbye to those contacts which get dry way too often and switch to those cute glasses we were destined to wear and read in!

The frames of your glasses can really switch up your look, all for the better.

Switch up your glasses frames to a more modern style for a way to look trendy every darn day before you even put clothes on.

5.Experiment with makeup

How To Change Your Look For A Better Year

Makeup makes a serious dent in our banks, every other month and we’re not disappointed.

It helps us look even better than we already do. 2018 was full of “no makeup” makeups with loads of inner glow and rosy cheeks.

Let’s switch up our looks by deviating from the conventional and just go with our looks.

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A true makeup lover has a staple eyeliner they swear by for a particular eye look.

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    To spice things up and change your look, you can begin with experimenting with different eyeliner styles so that there’s never a day you look the same — even when using the same products Monday through Friday (and of course, the same face).

    There are various styles you can try ranging from the basic to a double up to slept-in smudge to the ultimate dramatic cat eyeliner.

    In addition to that, if you’re a beginner and struggle with contouring, it’s the right year to perfect that voodoo craft.

    The best way to go about it is by literally mapping out your face.

    Ignore all the charts that come up with 1,000 different areas and stick to three easy-to-remember regions.

    The regions include the “three motion: forehead, cheekbones and jawline” for bronzing followed by the blush on the apples of the cheeks and finally, highlighter on the high points of your face.

    Learning this will change how you wear makeup forever!

    6.Switch up the hair

    How To Change Your Look For A Better Year

    As indecisive as we are, cutting the hair is too much to take, and growing it out takes too long.

    Don’t worry, we found the middle ground. It’s time you change your look by rocking a bit of length as well as short hair!

    If you succumbed into the “lob” trend and got those locks cut, worry no more, it’s time for some extensions.

    It’s time to grow your hair overnight (or at least that’s how it’ll seem) with synthetic clip-on extensions.

    Synthetic clip-ons are not just cheaper than your natural hair but also give you the most natural look ever.

    Also, they are super voluminous and soft, so what are you waiting for?

    Well, if you were on the other end of the spectrum and want to go short but are too scared, try the faux bob trick.

    It’s a perfect way to spice things up for say, a date night or well, just a month or two for a change in your overall look.

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    It’s a new year and a new start. Start it with making changes that are fulfilling and make you happy. Make this year the year which not just made you look the best (like never before) but also a year you chase all your dreams down and live your very best life!



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    1. Alexandra says

      Okay – I seriously LOVE this post!
      You had me at “farewell to toxic people”, and it just got better.
      You have inspired me to make some changes in my look too, thank you!

    2. Sundeep says

      Thanks for sharing these ideas to change looks which can result to more confidence. I am sharing these ideas with few blogger friends they will love it.

    3. Liz Bayardelle says

      These are such great ideas! Every once in awhile I do get the urge to randomly cut my hair or change the color. It’s nice to have a change of pace.

    4. Joan says

      I have been thinking of changing up my hair this year. Still on the fen e but what do I got to lose, I will be doing it.

    5. Genny Gall (whatsupdearie) says

      Excellent tips, for sure!. And I am in, and one of the things that I already changed, it is my hair color and still doing more changes. what people say: New Year requires New Changes

    6. TheVirginiaNymph says

      I like all of your tips especially the one about the smile. I’ve been using a charcoal toothbrush for the past few weeks and I’m already a big fan. It sure couldn’t hurt to add charcoal powder to the brush!

    7. Amanda Yorton says

      I always think about changing my hair color. I haven’t dyed it in almost 5 years! And I have some gray hair now, so it would be fun to do a fun color!

    8. Latte Lindsay says

      These are great ideas. I need to wear glasses when I’m working or reading (otherwise I get horrid headaches) and I love switching up my glasses frames. Ditch the contacts! Embrace the frames!

    9. vidya says

      someone i met a few months ago told me that i would look good if i color my grays – not cover them up to make them disappear but highlight them a light purple instead 🙂 and my dd agreed.. now your post tempts me to go and try the same

    10. Sarah Bailey says

      These are some awesome ideas of ways to do something with your look. I like the idea of colouring your hair after all you don’t even have to make it permanent.

    11. Ola @ WanderWithOla says

      What a list of wonderful ideas! I am thinking of changing my hair colour indeed this year. Brightening our smile with charcoal powder sounds new to me. I am gonna have to check that one out!

    12. Karla says

      For the first time, I had my hair colored and permed. I felt awkward at first but after a month, I’ve learned to embrace my new look.

    13. Marjie Mare says

      This year I want to cut and dye my hair and have my ears pierced. 2019 is the year for big changes.

    14. Adriana Lopez says

      Like to switch up my makeup and change my hairdo but I love going shopping and finding new looks too. Thanks for the inspiration.

    15. Karen Monica says

      Honestly, I love this post. I need a new hair colour and I am going to experiment with makeup. I need a new look to get me more motivated.

    16. Claire Roach says

      I’m about to change my look drastically with weight loss and thought I may as well go the whole hog and change my boring old frumpy style too – thanks for the advice!

    17. Aditi says

      Fab ideas to change and charge up your look! I love my red glasses and do feel kinda like a cool nerd wearing them.

    18. David Elliott says

      Those are some very good ways to give yourself a new look. I’ve done the coloring of the hair although it only turned out as highlights. But it was a kind of fun look.

    19. Jenn says

      I think that it is amazing what just cutting your hair or changing the colour of it can do for your confidence and overall look. Throw in a bit of retail therapy and you are a whole new person!

    20. Kristine Nicole Alessandra says

      I have grown my hair long and I have been contemplating on cutting it short again. I just havent decided on the style. Bangs or not? Hair color or not? Ugh. So many choices. I hope I find one that would make me walk with confidence.

    21. Rimsha says

      These are some really interesting tips! Hair is definitely a huge factor in changing someones look whether it’s the colour or the style!

    22. blair villanueva says

      Sometimes by just changing your hairstyle and cut makes a huge different! More if you changes your hair color too!

    23. Bindu Thomas says

      Wow..What a fabulous ways to change our look. Hair is an integral part of every ones looks. I want to try these tips.

    24. chichi says

      DIY is such a great way to give a new lease to old items. I love fraying my jeans!

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