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How Do You Use Scalp Massager For Hair Growth?

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*Disclaimer: I received this scalp massager and scalp oil from Glammed Naturally Oil, and after 6 weeks, I share my honest review.

Can you really use a scalp massager for hair growth? Scroll down to get my verdict!

Well, every woman would love to have an amazing crown, and hair maintenance is due to help with this. Thus, having a hair routine -even a lazy hair routine for that matter.

If you’re like me, then you must know how relaxing it feels to lay your head in the sink at a hair salon while the stylist works her fingers into your scalp for a few minutes. This is undoubtedly the best part of your appointment- 100% because of that dreamy scalp massage.

How Do You Use Scalp Massager For Hair Growth?

The good news is that you can give yourself a scalp massage at the comfort of your home, while going about your hair routine.

Well, I have never really cared so much about my hair and recently just started my hair routine- around 2 months ago. And for sure, my hair is at its happiest state. I’ll share my complete hair routine (for beginners) in another article.

About My Hair: 4-C Hair with High Porosity

How Do You Use Scalp Massager For Hair Growth?

I have 4C hair that has high porosity. My hair is tight and fragile that it easily breaks. It rarely looks shiny, looks and feels dry and also, air drieds very quickly, let alone how quickly it absorbs hair products.

Before starting my natural hair journey two months ago, I’d lose a handful of hair each time I combed it because the breakage was that severe. My hair was always dry because I never bothered about it as long as it was plaited.

Also, it was thinning and looked very brown and I never knew that sun damage was happening to my hair as well, and it felt very coarse that it would make your teeth sensitive anytime I combed it without oiling it. It was that bad. (Look at the picture below to see the state of my hair 2 months ago)

How Do You Use Scalp Massager For Hair Growth?

Among my hair care products are a scalp massager and a hair growth oil which played a very significant role in my hair growth, 2 months later.

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Do You Need A Scalp Massager?

Scalp massagers target the scalp. And it is important to know that maintaining the scalp is the key for improved hair growth.

How Do You Use Scalp Massager For Hair Growth?

Typically, a scalp massage is done with your fingers and study shows that standardized scalp massages make the hair thicker.

During this study, a scalp massage device was used to give nine healthy males 4 minutes of systematic scalp massage every day for 24 weeks. The total quantity of hairs, hair thickness, and hair growth rate were all assessed.

24 weeks after starting the massage, there was an increase in hair thickness. The conclusion was that mechanical stress from the stretching forces is transmitted to human dermal papilla cells in subcutaneous tissue through standardized scalp massage which thus, increases hair thickness.

NOTE: The human dermal papilla cells are located at the bottom of scalp hair follicles, and play pivotal roles in hair formation, growth, and cycling. 

Do you then need a scalp massager for hair growth? Yes! Not only to heighten the experience of a scalp massage for that relaxing effect and for hair growth, but also for other amazing reasons as you’ll learn in this article.

What is a Scalp Massager?

How Do You Use Scalp Massager For Hair Growth?

A scalp massager is basically a hand-held brush-like device that looks to stimulate your scalp during a massage and also, helps clean and exfoliate your scalp.

I’m using this red scalp massage brush that I received from Glammed Naturally Oil. This scalp massager has silicone brushes that feel like a ton of baby-soft fingers massage your scalp every time you use it.

I use it when shampooing my hair and also, after oiling my scalp. I also use it alongside their hair growth oil.

How to Use a Scalp Massager For Hair Growth

Study shows that the mechanical stimulation of your scalp, for instance, using a scalp massager can help thicken your hair. And when coupled with hair growth oils and a good hair routine, your hair will enjoy growth and health.

I started my hair routine two months ago, basically washing it once to twice a month since I do not use a lot of products on my hair so it is not always so dirty.

I also wear a lot of protective styles and rarely manipulate my hair unless I’ve washed it or I’m plaiting my hair. So, it always has the time to grow comfortably.

How Do You Use Scalp Massager For Hair Growth?

The key steps in my routine include:

  • Moisturizing my hair every morning with fermented rice water and wearing a hair cap for an hour,
  • Shampooing my hair with an organic shampoo.
  • Deep conditioning my hair using a hair mask. I then twist out my hair and wear a cap before washing off,
  • Use a leave-in treatment before twisting out again,
  • Applying a scalp oil and massaging my hair.

Super basic and easy, right?

I use a scalp massager twice in my routine. Thus, once a week or twice at most during my hair wash days. Here’s how…

1. How to Use a Scalp Massager with a Shampoo

How Do You Use Scalp Massager For Hair Growth?

My scalp massager from Glammed Naturally Oil can be used on both dry and wet hair. It is neither electric nor battery-powered so you can use it in the shower on wet. This is why I enjoy using it while shampooing.

To do so, I simply wet my hair using rice water, which makes it quite hair to lather the shampoo but it still helps my hair become stronger and reduces breakages.

After applying shampoo over my wet hair, I use the scalp massage brush and massage my hair in rounds for abour two to three minutes. You can literally feel the blood flowing through your scalp. Trust me, it feels so relaxing!

The best thing about this is that it also helps scrape off dandruff and any product build-up from your scalp. It also buffs away dry, flaky skin and this is a great step because it leaves your scalp so clean, which the fingers might not be so good at.

2. How to Use a Scalp Massager with a Scalp Oil

How Do You Use Scalp Massager For Hair Growth?

Hair oiling is another practice that can help with hair growth, especially if you’re using hair oils with the best ingredients for hair growth. It softens the hair, giving it more luster, and also, when massaged into the scalp, it promotes blood circulation.

I’m using the Glammed Naturally Oil hair growth oil for my hair and scalp. Normally, I use it as the last step of my hair routine to seal in any moisture from my hair creams so my hair is not left to dry out quickly since it is highly porous.

This hair growth oil is specially formulated with 100% organic essential oils that promote hair growth and also, promotes thicker, shiny, long, and healthy hair.

It includes organic lavender oil, organic rosemary oil, organic extra virgin olive oil, organic castor seed oil, organic jojoba oil, sesame seed oil, and tea tree essential oil. It gives off a fresh minty scent and targets thinning hair.

I also massage this scalp oil into my scalp after making partitions in my hair using a pick comb. I then use the scalp massage brush to just massage the oil in a circular motion. This feels so good, you can literally fall asleep!

Results After 6 Weeks

While I started my hair routine two months ago, I started using this scalp massage brush and hair growth oil over 6 weeks ago from Glammed Naturally Oil.

How Do You Use Scalp Massager For Hair Growth?

I use the products every weekend during my wash days. Throughout the week, I apply the scalp oil into my scalp and gently use the scalp massage brush to massage my hair just before bed. This leaves me feel so relaxed and ready for bed.

These two steps in my routine have helped my hair grow thicker and longer. Precisely as follows:

  • Scalp massaging has helped with blood circulation within my scalp so all amazing ingredients from my organic haircare products absorb better.
  • It also cleans my scalp and hair so well, so it can get the benefits of my products much better.
  • Using a scalp oil protects my scalp especially when I wear protective styles that leave some parts of my scalp exposed. It also seals in any moisture so my hair has enough time to feel soft.

After 6 weeks, I must that my hair feels softer and more hydrated because even when I spray rice water to moisturize my hair and seal it with this oil, it can remain hydrated for over 10 hours when I’m indoors. If I’m going outdoors, I wear a hat.


How Do You Use Scalp Massager For Hair Growth?

Whether you’re a complete beginner or pro hairstylist, using a scalp massager coupled with a scalp oil would be an important investment into better and healthier hair growth.

It is easy to do, simply part your hair, apply your scalp oil and massage it gently using your scalp massage brush then watch your hair grow thicker. Check my before and afters above.

I’m using the scalp massage brush and hair growth oil from Glammed Naturally and yes, it is a powerful combo! Try it today! Remember to couple your hair growth journey with a workable hair routine!

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How Do You Use Scalp Massager For Hair Growth?

Have you used a scalp massager before?

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