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A Super Stylish Duo- High Heels With Jeans

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A Super Stylish Duo- High Heels With Jeans

There are combos that never disappoint! Talk about high heels with jeans! I am such a fan of Maria Vizuette’s – Mia Mia’s- style and she inspired me when it comes to rocking high heels with jeans.

You’ll see her in blue stilettos and her blue jeans. At times she wears beige strap heels with black jeans! I just love her style.

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And hold up! She inspired me to start embracing the super stylish duo – high heels with jeans! A completely awesome vibe!

Well, some of us are afraid of actually wearing high heels. It is either because they are too high to walk on comfortably or for health reasons.

Well, I am just like you since I hardly wear high heels and only have them for occasions, whilst having a pair of flat shoes in my bag. My reason is simple: I don’t like straining my leg muscles so in as much as possible, I’m in flat shoes.

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But I just learnt a couple of tips and got a number of products for foot care that will ensure you feel comfortable walking in high heels. Ride along…

A Super Stylish Duo- High Heels With Jeans



Moleskin is a thin yet heavy fabric that is soft on one side yet sticky on the other side. It is normally applied to the inside of shoes to improve fit and comfort.

Sticking moleskin to your heels rather than to your skin help to also cushion your feet from tight shoe straps.

2. Gel Insoles

Insoles are padded inserts that help prevent the issue of sliding feet especially if your feet sweat.

For example: getting insoles with arch shaping helps to get pressure off your toes. Also, the cushion helps to hold the ball of your feet in place hence no more sliding!

Shop Insoles Here

A Super Stylish Duo- High Heels With Jeans

3.Heel Grip Liners

To make any kind of high heel shoe wearable all day long, try it with a heel liner. They also prevent slipping of the feet once in high heels and prevent shoe rubbing!

Shop Heel Grip Liners Here

4. Toe Protectors

Do you feel like one or a couple of your toes ache while in high heels or after you remove them? Could be because your show was pinching?

Then it’s time you got toe protectors! Some tape the 3rd and 4th toes together to ease this pain but toe protectors are the best alternative.

Shop Toe Protectors Here

5. Heel Protectors

Heel protectors help to cushion the feet hence relieving heel pain especially after a long time of wearing the heels.

Shop Heel Protectors Here

A Super Stylish Duo- High Heels With Jeans

6. Foot Petals /Fore Foot Pads

Foot petals are ball-of-the-foot cushions applied at the tip-toe area of the feet that help to keep the feet from sliding forward.

Shop Foot Petals Here

7. Anti Blister Stick Balm

Worried about blisters and raw skin from wearing high heels all day long? Then the anti-blister balm is here to help you.

Apply the balm on your feet before putting on your high heels and you’ll be comfortable all day.

8. Pre-Heel Spray

Want to keep blisters at bay and let your feet thank you for it? Get a pre-heel blister spray to ensure you wear your favorite high heels without the fear of getting a painful blister or being forced to wear a foot bandage!

9. Foot Serum And Deodorant

A foot spray deodorant helps to prevent blisters and also prevent feet odor. But your feet will thank you for a great feet serum.

Why? A foot serum gets rid of dry and cracked heels for good. This makes them more appealing, giving you the confidence to wear open high heels.

 Feet Care Products

10. High Heel Stretcher

Bought a really hot pair of high heels that looks kinda small? Let’s stretch it a little into perfectly, fitting comfortable shoes in no time.

A small tip is also buying high heels in the evening when they are at the biggest.

Shop High Heel Stretcher Here

A Super Stylish Duo- High Heels With Jeans

Anyway, you can always get some, if not all of these products especially if you are a fan of walking in high heels.

Back to wearing high heels with jeans! Since the combination is so easy to pull off and helps to turn any casual look in jeans into dressy ASAP, you might want to give it a try.

Some of the few tips I keep in mind when wearing high heels with jeans include:

  • Wearing cropped pants in order to show off the shoe.
  • Minding the color coordination to ensure there is balance.
  • Rocking my confidence!
  • And carrying flat shoes in my bag since I don’t love being in high heels for so long.


A Super Stylish Duo- High Heels With Jeans

Ladies, have you tried wearing high heels with jeans? Would love to know your styling tips, and also, how do you maintain comfort when in high heels?

Do you also love my look? Please share your thoughts with me below…


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  1. Kristine Nicole Alessandra says

    Jeans and high heeled shoes are always a nice, chic outfit combination. I wish I could still wear heels though, but my doctor does not allow me to. So I am perfectly content with flats. Thanks for the tips on how to wear heels comfortably. I will share this info with my daughter.

  2. Cristina Petrini says

    Super heels and jeans I think is one of the simplest as well as extremely chic and sexy combinations! Then your heels are absolutely elegant!

  3. Michael says

    This one really fits you nice. Those heels make you look so slender and tall. Tight jeans always look good when you have great legs

  4. Jessica Joachim says

    I absolutely love the look of jeans with heels. I think it is so classy and still really casual at the same time. Now if I could just walk in heels without looking like a newborn giraffe that would be great.

  5. Noelle Lynne says

    100% just added a few of these to my amazon cart, can not wait to try these! I love heels but honestly hate the blisters when breaking in a new pair.

  6. melissa major says

    Very stylish outfit, jeans and high heels go so well! I wish I could wear my heals more often as they are fab to wear arent they

  7. Amber Myers says

    You look amazing! I can’t do heels though. I stick to flats and sneakers. I’m all about comfort, and I am so uncomfortable in heels.

  8. vicky hallnewman says

    I have never worn heels with trousers or jeans but you wear it so well and it’s such a sexy look.

  9. Alvern @ Success Unscrambled says

    My preference would be wedged shoes as opposed to high heels as they offer much better support than high heel shoes. I actually never realised that there are so many items to enhance the comfort of wearing high heels. I must say that I much prefer to protect my knees and back from damage.

    • Dalene Ekirapa says

      You got that right Alvern! Wedges can be super comfy and easier to wear than high heels. Good enough, with all these products, wearing high heels becomes easier.

  10. Shar says

    Thanks for all the info! I can’t wear high heels too long. I often get injured when I walk much, because my shoes rub against my feet and it often causes bleeding.

    • Dalene Ekirapa says

      Sorry about that Shar. You should get some toe protectors, heel grip liners and an anti-blister balm before you wear high heels next time.

  11. Alexandra Cook says

    I have always loved this particular look. I’ve not found a pair of jeans that I truly LOVE to do this with on myself though.

  12. Mavs Escala says

    My girlfriend loves too wear heels and I am sure she will love the products on the list to help her wear her favorite heels comfortably!

  13. Karen Monica says

    I love heels and jeans. But my legs suffer when I wear heels for long hours…lol. One thing I must say is that I love your jeans. Need to get one for myself.

    • Dalene Ekirapa says

      Thanks Karen. These jeans are such a closet fav hope you get such too. And you could also try the foot care products next time you wear heels. You’ll prefer that.

  14. Anagha says

    Now this is what I can call a unique post. Something that girls want to know but we are not sure when will we find the perfect heels for us! Wearing heels is so painful but finding the right one can make our day better. I love wearing heels. These suggestions are helpful. I will try them out 🙂

    • Dalene Ekirapa says

      Aaaw…you’re so awesome Anagha. Thanks for those kind words. Well, it’s time to find some awesome products for comfy heels, right?

  15. Anna de Nord says

    Wow, I didn’t know there are so many cool products for high-heels lovers! Seems that it’s time for me to check that’s new is invented for our feet comfort, so thanks a lot for your comprehensive list.

  16. Lyosha says

    I agree: it is an easy way to set the outfit on a whole new level. High heels sure add a lot to the whole look

  17. Clarice says

    Yes, heels with jeans are just classy. My perfect smart casual look. Just like in cases where I have a meeting but I am feeling a bit lazy.

  18. David Elliott says

    I didn’t realize they had any kind of heel protectors for those wearing high heels. It does make a lot of sense though. I will have to check this out with my daughter the next time I take her out shoe shopping.

  19. chichi says

    That is a really stunning pair of heels you have got on!! Thanks for the tip on heel liners; I tend to wobble a lot when wearing very high heels!

    • Dalene Ekirapa says

      Thanks you Chichi. Good enough, the heel is so stable I’m impressed. Anyway, try some heel liners next time. You’ll love it.

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