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5 Clothing Tips No Woman Should Ever Miss

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5 Clothing Tips No Woman Should Ever Miss

No one should be superficial. Then again, we all are sometimes, and there’s little we can do about it. We tend to evaluate people even before they open their mouths; we get the first impression from their looks, hair, clothes.

At the same time, we are trying to convey a message in our own looks, and at times we have difficulties. Do our choices reflect who we are? Do we look good? Do we feel good in what we’re wearing?

Here are some clothing tips when it comes to clothing that we shouldn’t miss on a daily basis. We are so much more than our clothes, but why not radiate confidence in what suits us and makes us look better?

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5 Clothing Tips No Woman Should Ever Miss

1. Only Wear Stuff That Fits

5 Clothing Tips No Woman Should Ever Miss

While this sounds like intuitive advice, something everybody should naturally follow, the reality is that they don’t.

How many times have you spotted people wearing unflattering garments, and how many times have you worn them themselves?

It’s easy to slip into something that’s in a smaller size because you love it so much and hope it would pass – and then it doesn’t, emphasizing your flaws. Stick to the clothing items you know go well with your figure.

5 Clothing Tips No Woman Should Ever Miss

If you’re uncertain, bring your honest friend, whom you know you can trust, shopping with you. Or you can ask them to come to your place and have fun trying on various pieces you already have!

And then remember what fits, throw away or donate everything else, and just wear those that will make you look gorgeous. Because you already are.

2. Enjoy What You’re Wearing

5 Clothing Tips No Woman Should Ever Miss

This can sometimes be difficult, especially if you’re self-conscious when it comes to your body and how your clothes fit. We’ll say this again: choose an appropriate size and you’ll minimize the space for error.

On the other hand, if it’s not about the size, but other issues, such as that awful thigh chuffing – don’t worry, it can be solved too, and in no way should it mean you should give up all the beautiful skirts and dresses there are.

5 Clothing Tips No Woman Should Ever Miss

You might have used powders and creams, but they wear off soon – think about having a go with thigh guards. These compression pants will prevent chaffing and no one will be aware of his or her existence but you.

So if you’re walking a lot during summer and avoid summer dresses, reconsider – with the right tweaks here and there, it’s easy to enjoy what you’re wearing and feel comfortable in your skin.

3. Don’t Buy or Keep Stuff That Doesn’t Fit

Quite similar to the first point – and this is especially common in women who plan to lose weight eventually. Their closets are full of things in smaller sizes that they want to wear when they get smaller!

5 Clothing Tips No Woman Should Ever Miss

First off, that’s just taking up the precious place in your wardrobe. Second, you need to have an honest conversation with yourself. do you really think this losing weight thing will happen? Look, you’re already a great person.

There are so many clothes out there for your body type. It’s totally okay if losing weight is not a priority for you, and it’s probably why it doesn’t happen. It’s fine! So give those pieces to someone who can wear them.

5 Clothing Tips No Woman Should Ever Miss

On the other hand, if you’re absolutely positive that with your current lifestyle, working out and taking care of your diet, you will fit them soon – go for it.

Just don’t buy things you like in a smaller size. There’s probably something you can wear right now!

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5 Clothing Tips No Woman Should Ever Miss

Do you know what KISS stands for? It’s “keep it simple, stupid”.

It works for pretty much anything in life – clothing included. It doesn’t mean you should only wear black and brown and become a version of your grandmother at the age of 25. But you don’t want to overdo it either. People see if someone’s trying too hard.

So here’s a piece of advice: before you leave the house, spin around in front of a full-body length mirror. If there’s anything that really stands out, take it off.

5 Clothing Tips No Woman Should Ever Miss

For example, you don’t want to have too much jewelry on. Only choose one big statement piece, but don’t pair it with others. It will lead to a much nicer, cleaner look.

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Easiest of the clothing tips, right?

5. Accessorize

5 Clothing Tips No Woman Should Ever Miss

In contrast with the previous clothing tip, good accessories can make or break your outfit. Find statement pieces you will alternate with your clothes.

Or if you’re not a lover of big, heavy pieces, opt for something that can be your signature piece, such as a necklace with an interesting pendant, or a cool ring. Just like with the clothes, know what works for you, and don’t be afraid to present it to the world.

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5 Clothing Tips No Woman Should Ever Miss

How to dress and what to buy can sometimes be a question difficult to answer – no wonder fashion is such a huge industry, as everyone wears clothes and most people care about what they radiate with it.

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But knowing what works for you might just be the most important thing. Use these 5 clothing tips always and once you become aware of it, putting your outfits will be a breeze!

Happy styling Ladies! 



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