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A Beginner’s Guide To The Different Kinds of Shapewear For Women

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Every woman wants to look and feel their best. Sometimes, it takes a little more help-like using shapewear.

While there are a ton of shapewear ideas for women in the market, the waist trainer is one of the most popular products- women love it thanks to the ever-growing desire and need to have a perfect body.

The best part is, with shapewear, you get a quick fix where you want your body to look in good shape.  Sometimes, you’re heading to an evening party and you need to look bomb in your cocktail dress.

That’s where a well-chosen waist control accessory can help hide the flab or inconsistencies of your body.

We all want to feel confident anytime we are stepping out. And let’s be true ladies, the time to hit the gym and be introduced to a fitness regime can take a long time for us to see results.

It is amazing and if you’re looking for long-term results, that’s go-to! But if you want to step out in shape, shape it up too!

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So, let’s help you know if shapewear really works if it’s healthy to use shapewear, and how to choose the right shapewear for you!

A Beginner's Guide To The Different Kinds of Shapewear For Women

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Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Shapewear

1. Not Picking Your Size!

For extra firmness especially with waist trainers, most women will pick a size down. This is not advisable since it can cause health challenges with prolonged wear. You will also be uncomfortable.

Also, if the garment is tight around the hip area -think the leggings, briefs, or bodysuits- it can constrict the blood circulation to the lower legs. Thus, attempt a larger size it there is discomfort.

What To Do?

Always stick to your size when it comes to shapewear. See what fits best on you.

It should allow free movement so sit down and walk around while you wear it to make sure that you feel comfortable and that the piece stays in place. You know it’s too tight if it makes a mark.

2. Not Minding The Construction!

The construction of your shapewear will affect its performance level. It will also influence the compression, thus, your comfort in one way or another.

The higher the nylon content, the more a garment will alter you.

You want to choose medium (instead of strong) constriction to get more comfort.

Also, a lightweight fabric that slips through your hand is likely designed simply to smooth out targeted spots on your figure.

However, heavier pieces with thicker construction are usually armed with compression zones that will suck and tuck your body into shape.

3. Wearing Shapewear For Prolonged Periods

Don’t wear shapewear for extremely long periods of time or sleep in them. This could result in health complications you’re not ready for.

4. Not Using Common Sense

Shapewear touches the skin closer than other garments. And because it’s synthetic, you can develop irritation.

Thus, use common sense and stop wearing shapewear if it irritates your skin. Take a break from wearing the garment until your skin clears up, then try another brand or a larger size.

5. Not Choosing Cotton Too!

Shapewear is typically made of nylon and spandex, both synthetic fabrics that don’t breathe.

That’s okay for the colder months, where you want to retain as much body heat as possible, but in the warmer months, it makes you more prone to sweat.

This is where cotton comes in. Cotton is great for moisture absorption and breathability.

You can also go for version that include microfiber for odor control.

TIP: Should Your Wear Shapewear While Exercising?

A Beginner's Guide To The Different Kinds of Shapewear For Women

Most people advise against wearing shapewear to the gym, particularly, waist trainers. Why?

Aerobics and strength-training increase your respiratory rate, and if you’re unable to breathe effectively, you’ll find yourself tiring more quickly than usual, now that you can’t take full breaths.

Thus, less productive workout sessions.

However, shapewear can improve your posture and protect your spine by impacting the muscles of the abdomen which stabilizes the core.

But if you choose the wrong ones, you can worsen your workout performance by compressing the stomach and shortening your breaths. This way, you’ll become tired faster, and fewer calories will be burnt.

You want to go for quality body shapers that you will be able to lift, tuck, tighten, and tone your trouble zones, not only while wearing it.

Since shapewears are compression gears, they improve performance and help with muscle recovery if worn for about an hour, at most, after you have finished with your workout session.

Also, there are flexible fabrics made for sweat, and they wick away moisture.

You might want to consider those and since comfort is the No. 1 thing to consider in workout gear, no one wants anything that rides up, falls down, or puckers or rolls in any way whatsoever.

Also, nobody wants to tug on clothes when trying to work out and feeling constricted. 

Yes, you can wear shapewear to the gym – only if you choose the appropriate fabrics and pieces, that do not negatively impact your performance.

Different Kinds of Shapewear For Women

While there a ton of shapewear choices for women, these are among the most common pieces available in the market:

1. Shaping Briefs

These are basically worn as a brief but slightly extend to the abdomen or waist to give shape to the butt, waist, and hip area.

2. Shaping Shorts

A Beginner's Guide To The Different Kinds of Shapewear For Women
A Beginner's Guide To The Different Kinds of Shapewear For Women

These slim shapers give shape to the thighs. Normally, the material extends upwards through the abdomen and the waist, up to the lining of the bra.

3. Waist Cinchers

Waist cinchers or waist trainers are perhaps the most common type of shapewear choices for women in the market now, that covers the abdomen area and waist. They help define a slimmer waist.

A Beginner's Guide To The Different Kinds of Shapewear For Women

Pro Tip…

Waist trainers do work. However, even though they work, waist trainers have some health risks:

  • Breathing problems: Wearing a waist trainer daily can have consequences on your breathing. Because they can reduce your lung capacity by 30 to 60 percent. It can be so uncomfortable and if cinched in too tight, you can even pass out. Doctors even say that waist trainers can lead to inflammation or a buildup of fluid in the lungs.
  • Acid Reflux. Because waist trainers are wrapped around the waist, parts of your digestive system, including the esophagus, stomach, and intestines, can be affected. If you wear a body garment that is extremely tight for a long time, it could squeeze your digestive tract enough to create acid reflux, Thus, a bad case of heartburn, acid indigestion, trouble swallowing, feeling of food caught in your throat, and other problems.
  • Internal damage. Do you know why waist trainers work? Because they rearrange and force internal organs like the liver and kidneys into unnatural positions, or the pelvic organs (including the uterus and the bladder) to drop down and press into the vagina. Overcrowding your organs can affect blood flow and change how organs function. Over time, this can lead to permanent organ damage, reduced muscle strength, and even internal rib fractures.
A Beginner's Guide To The Different Kinds of Shapewear For Women

So, when is it safe to wear a waist trainer?

Wearing a waist trainer now and then probably won’t cause any problems, provided it’s not too tight. Avoid overwearing your waist trainers everyday.

Just remember that the healthiest and most effective way to lose weight and keep it off is through a balanced diet and regular exercise.

4. Shaping Panties

A Beginner's Guide To The Different Kinds of Shapewear For Women

Want to shape your derriere without hiding it? Then shaping panties are worth the shot.

It lifts and separates your cheeks to showcase a full bottom, but it also flattens your stomach and smooths out your shape in the process.

5. Slimming Pants

A Beginner's Guide To The Different Kinds of Shapewear For Women

Slimming pants will lengthen your figure and flatten your curves — no matter your body type.

Most slimming pants are made for stylish, effective, and permanent weight loss.

They are designed to maximize the effectiveness of your workout and fat burn, by increasing your core body temperature so that your exercise is more effective and your metabolism is raised.

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6. Thigh Slimmers

A Beginner's Guide To The Different Kinds of Shapewear For Women
A Beginner's Guide To The Different Kinds of Shapewear For Women

These are mostly worn like shorts but extend up to the abdomen and hips to shape the thighs and butt.

These waist and thigh trimmers target your waist and thigh, to trim your waist and compress your legs.

However, there are other versions like this large-area frosted outer fabric with adjustable hook & loop waistbands, and thigh straps to provide a snug fit on your body.

Also, you can adjust the compression support to meet your needs.

Pro Tip…

High-waisted shapewear in skirt and shorts styles guarantee a smooth line all the way up to your torso. Better yet, if the versions go up to the bra line.

7. Shaping Bodysuits

A Beginner's Guide To The Different Kinds of Shapewear For Women

Another favorite shapewear choice for women has to be this!

Shapewear bodysuits aim to shape the entire body, and are worn from the thighs, extend to the butt, abdomen, hips, stomach, and has a built-in bra. The sleeve length may vary from straps to short sleeves and full sleeves.

A Beginner's Guide To The Different Kinds of Shapewear For Women

Thus, bodysuits are popular because it creates a head-to-toe streamlined shape, saving you the trouble of finding separate top and bottom pieces that work.

8. Shaping Tops

A Beginner's Guide To The Different Kinds of Shapewear For Women

Shaping tops include an in-built bra to support the bust, extend down to the thighs, covering the stomach, waist, abdomen, and butt. However, some shaping tops will only cover the bust area.

A Beginner's Guide To The Different Kinds of Shapewear For Women

These are great for shaping your upper body only.

Pro Tip…

If you’re looking to show off your curves when wearing dresses, shaping bodysuits are great!

A Beginner's Guide To The Different Kinds of Shapewear For Women

You also want to try a shaping slip dress- this alternative to the shortie bodysuits provides coverage all the way down to the thigh, but also allows you to go to the toilet without needing to undress!

Shop any of these amazing shapewear choices for women on Feelin Girls.

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Have you tried any of these shapewear choices for women? We’d love to know your thoughts below…