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How To Choose The Best Winter Coat

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How To Choose The Best Winter Coat

Image Source: @Rita Margari

Wondering how to choose the best winter coat for the oncoming fall? We got you!

Well, winter is no picnic, and in order to brace ourselves for the harsh weather ahead, we need all the proper gear: from warm and cozy sweaters and corduroy pants (which are totally happening right now) all the way to great and resilient footwear, gloves, hats, scarves and finally – a super chic winter coat that will keep our bodies warm and our style on point.

There are, of course, tons of options as high-end brands have clearly shown us during the fall/winter fashion week, so all we need is a little refresher course on the crème de la crème and then we can make a purchasing decision that perfectly meshes with our style.

7 Tips On How To Choose The Best Winter Coat

How To Choose The Best Winter Coat

Image Source: @Rita Margari

The coat has to be the most sophisticated piece of outerwear that any elegant lady owns. And if you’re in a position where you find that it is getting to hard to look good in winter, then you had better choose to invest in the best winter coat.

If you choose the best winter coat, it can definitely elevate your look ASAP.

So, before investing in a winter coat, please keep these few tips in mind:

1. What time will you wear the coat? Day time or Evening?

Before choosing a winter coat, you should consider if you’ll wear it for the day or the evening.

In this case, you’ll find that day time coats are more casual while evening coats are more sleek and sophisticated. So, buy a day time casual coat and an evening coat.

A quick tip: casual coats are loose while sophisticated evening coats are normally fitted, look tailored and are sleeker.

2. What occasion are you buying the coat for?

There are different coats for different seasons and if you have to appear like a lady of class, then you should consider having a variety of coats.

To start with, you can get a lighter and darker coat.

While the lighter coat is good for day time, the darker coat will be perfect for night time. A lighter coat could be in white, beige, camel or pink while a darker coat could be in black, grey, wine and deep red shades, and many other colors.

3. What is your body shape?

While coats almost seem to look good on everyone, you should consider how well it defines your body. First off, always listen to your guts and if you’re not comfortable with how the coat looks on you, please don’t go for it.

For example: if you are apple-shaped, you should consider a loose coat than a fitted one.  if you’re casual, go for loose.

4. What length will you need?

There are short winter coats that fall right under your bottom, mid-length coats that are just around your knee level and long coats while fall below the curves of the leg and could reach the ankle level.

So depending on your budget, you can choose to get winter coats in the three categories or get either of them.

While a short coat is a good day-time coat, the mid-length coat can be worn during the day or night; and the long coat can be worn comfortably in the evening.

How To Choose The Best Winter Coat

Image Source: @Rita Margari

5. What about the thickness of the coat?

When choosing a good winter coat, its thickness has to be considered. Mind the condition of your place and get a coat with the right thickness.

Also, mind the occasion and its usage. If you’ll wear the coat more often, you should consider getting a thicker coat.

6. Have you found the right material?

When picking out the right material for your coat, mind the following properties:

  • Is it waterproof?
  • How is its insulation? Down, synthetic fiber and pile made of sheep’s wool are some of the insulators out there.
  • Is it of high quality? High-quality fabrics include wool and cashmere.
  • Are the zippers in good shape?

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7. Does your coat leave enough room for layers?

This is a very important point that you should not miss if you have to feel warm during winter.

Winter is just the best time to layer your clothes perfectly and what better way is there to look classy than to layer?

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5 Of The Best Winter Coats, You Should Invest In

1. Long, classic, belted

How To Choose The Best Winter Coat

Image Source: @Rita Margari

Belted winter coats are highly trending right now, especially long, perfectly fitted ones that flatter the figure and give it that gorgeous hourglass shape.

If you ask us, the longer the better, so when choosing one, make sure it grazes the ankles.

Some of the finest winter coats of this variety we’ve seen this season have been spotted on models walking for such designers as Victoria Beckham, The Row, Hermes and Jacquemus.

Now, a coat of this length is highly conspicuous and statement-making as it is, so the smartest thing you can do is pick one in a neutral or non-color, as it will give your look a timeless, chic vibe and allow you to mix and match it with almost anything.

2.Alive and in color

How To Choose The Best Winter Coat

Image Source: @Rita Margari

If anyone knows how to bring a splash of color, it’s definite Marc Jacobs.

His collection of supersized saturated and vibrant colored winter coats is exactly what you need to fight the winter gloom. Judging by the looks on the runways, it’s safe to say that these will certainly keep you warm.

Aside from that, the poignant hues make it playful and just a tad flamboyant, so you’re bound to make an impact. The final incentive – and oversized winter coat of this kind can be dressed up or down.

You can pull it off at the office with the most conservative outfit, or you can play it down athleisure style with a pair of trendy Reebok sneakers, a sturdy pair of jeans and your go-to stylish sweatshirt.

P.S. Don’t forget to snag a wide-brim fedora, it will make you look totally fierce and mysterious.

3.Chic and sleek

How To Choose The Best Winter Coat

Image Source: @Rita Margari

For a woman who loves trends but also has a soft spot for classy timelessness, a double-breasted fitted checked winter coat is a definite must-have.

If this doesn’t give you the sharp and smart vibes, we don’t know what will. Besides, you get the best of both worlds. The fitted cut and the buttoning are completely classic, while the check pattern provides you with just a sufficient amount of that trendy infusion.

It can be worn with anything, to any occasion, and don’t be afraid of mixing it with other trendy prints, as mixing and matching is highly encouraged now.

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4.A little decadence never hurt nobody

How To Choose The Best Winter Coat

Image Source: @Rita Margari

While this may not be the winter coat you want to own in case you have zero others hanging in your closet, it’s definitely an indulgent item that you should have if the circumstances and your current wardrobe state allows it.

The king of murky florals, Erdem, has been able to go from murky-floral dresses and suits to extravagant and luscious murky coats and my, oh my, has he pulled it off with flying colors! This isn’t your everyday coat.

This is something you will pull out when you want to absolutely dazzle, whether when attending an upscale event or even a romantic one. However, it definitely brings the wow factor, so be sure to keep that in mind.

5.The statement dresser

How To Choose The Best Winter Coat

Image Source: @Rachel James_

There are many women out there who have the exact same thought – when it’s winter, and baby, it’s cold outside, you have to button up.

That means there is little room left for people on the streets to admire your carefully put-together outfit. In that case, you want to make a true statement with the ‘weapon’ at your disposal and be just a little flamboyant.

Luckily, the animal print has never been more popular, so you can snag everything from dresses to boots, bags and even coats.

Just make sure to choose the print closest to your heart – and the rest of your wardrobe, as you don’t want to mix way too many colors and other prints with something as conspicuous as this.

How To Choose The Best Winter Coat

Image Source: @Rita Margari

These are our best winter coat options.

Clearly, there is something for everyone, every style persona, so it’s just a matter of preference.

Of course, we have a sixth sense that you won’t be purchasing just one of these, but we’ll leave it up to you to choose which ones will make the cut. Be sure to let us know about your favorites.

Above all, remember to accessorize your coats in order to look more gorgeous!

Go ahead and choose the best winter coat that will suit all your needs and make you look classy this fall!

How To Choose The Best Winter Coat

Image Source: @Malvasara

How To Choose The Best Winter Coat

Image Source: @Malvasara

How To Choose The Best Winter Coat

Image Source: @Malvasara

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