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You Need An Adjustable Pillow For A Good Night’s Sleep!

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Disclaimer: This article is sponsored by Core Products. I received the Adjust-A-Loft Fiber Adjustable Comfort Pillow from Core Products to upgrade my sleep routine. Thus, my honest review.

Do you really need a pillow for a good night’s sleep? More so, an adjustable pillow?

From the statistics shared on the Dreams site, the average person spends about 26 years sleeping in their life. Surprisingly, we also spend 7 years trying to get to sleep. That’s 33 years spent in bed!

These numbers prove how important sleep is for proper body and mind functioning. Thus, it only makes sense that you would want to have a comfortable sleep, not just using a good mattress and beddings, but also, a good pillow made not just for the body, but for your sleep position as well.

No wonder, I love a good adjustable pillow!

Well, many people use a pillow while sleeping for support and also, for comfort.

According to the Leesa Blog and the National Sleep Foundation, pillows should help keep the head aligned with the neck and backbone during sleep. If a person’s spine or neck is not in a neutral position, they may wake up during the night, causing sleep loss.

Indeed, we need the right pillow for a good night’s sleep! And here’s how to choose one:

Do You Need A Pillow For A Good Night's Sleep? Here's My Verdict!

How to Choose the Right Pillow

Before purchasing any random pillow, it is important to keep a few factors in mind, which will determine how affective a pillow can be. They include:

1. Your Sleep Position.

Side sleeping is recommended to be the healthiest sleeping position since it aids digestion, reduces heartburn by minimizing acid reflux, and reduces snoring by allowing for the maximum amount of airflow.

Usually, people who sleep on your side without a pillow will have a created gap between their neck and shoulders, which can cause the spine to curve, and over time, pain and strain on your neck and lower back.

So, side sleepers need a thicker and more supportive pillow that fills this gap and lifts the head just enough to keep it in line with the spine. However, be cautious of too-thick-a-pillow which will tilt the head up and create a curve.

Also, back sleepers will notice a gap between the back of their heads, and the shoulders which need to be filled using a thinner contouring pillow to support the head too. This will ensure no disruption in the line of your spine

We also have stomach sleepers who require a very thin pillow or sleeping without a pillow. However, this is an unhealthy sleeping position that is not advised.

Do You Need A Pillow For A Good Night's Sleep? Here's My Verdict!

2. Which part of your body hurts

This will ensure you get a pillow tailored for your condition. That’s why I love pillows from Core Products since they address specific health concerns like

3. The Filling of the pillow

A pillow’s filling makes a difference in how your pillow supports your head and neck, how it holds up over time, and the type of comfort it adds. Types of pillow fill include foam, memory foam, down, feather, and polyester. Here’s a complete guide on the types of pillow filling/stuffing on Mattress Nerd.

4. The Pillow Firmness

Pillows can be soft, medium soft, firm, and very firm. While the softest pillow is very flexible and collapsible enough to suit most sleeping styles, the firmest pillow is memory foam that is heavy and moldable, ideal for neck and shoulder support. The other pillows will lie between.


It is recommended to replace your pillows regularly not only to prevents allergen build-up but also to enhances your sleep quality. You will know it is time for a replacement when your pillows don’t provide enough support.

Do You Need A Pillow For A Good Night's Sleep? Here's My Verdict!

How to Lay on your Pillow

Choosing the right pillow is one thing and sleeping on your pillow is another thing. If you sleep incorreclty, you might wake up to cramps in the neck, shoulders and upper back.

To lay on your pillow, always keep your shoulders off the pillow. Whether you’re a back sleeper or side sleeper, you should not use your shoulder as a pillow od elevate your shoulder towards your pillow. Instead, lay your head on the pillow then pull the pillow down to your shoulders.

This will help ensure the muscles in the neck, shoulder and upper back don’t get tight and irritated. I am currently using the Ajust A-Loft Fiber Adjustable pillow from Core Products. As a side sleeper and book reader, this pillow comes in so handy for me.

Thus, my honest review in this article.

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 Adjust-A-Loft Fiber Adjustable Pillow Review

*I received Adjust-A-Loft Fiber Adjustable Comfort Pillow from Core Products for my honest review.

You Need An Adjustable Pillow For A Good Night's Sleep!
BRANDCore Products is your go-to home for comfortable pillows; develop for people who are suffering from pain and discomfort.

Beyond Pillows, Core Products develops innovative orthopedic supports and braces, hot and cold therapy products, OTC electrotherapy units, massage products, and more.
TYPEAdjust-A-Loft Fiber Adjustable Comfort Pillow with Cooling Memory Foam Insert, Standard/Full
MATERIAL & FILLINGPolyester Fiber-Filling and Latex-free
FIRMNESSAdjustable; It can be FLUFFY OR FLAT, YOU CHOOSE- just remove or add fiber to the desired level of support & comfort.
SLEEP POSITIONSide, Back, & Stomach Sleeping
INCLUDESA cooling gel memory foam layer that provides a cool, comfortable sleep experience
WASHING INSTRUCTIONSThe pillow is machine-washable- just remove the gel foam layer to machine-wash the pillow

My Sleep State & Position

I’m a night owl but the minute my head drops on the bed, the sleeping beauty in me will come out! However, this is determined by the room’s temperature, my bed’s comfort and what I ate or drank the night.

In cases when I’m finding it hard to sleep, I talk a glass of moon milk, grab a good pillow and get comfortable in my pajamas. I also listen to calming music until I fall asleep.

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I’m more of a side sleeper, for no exact health reasons and can also sleep on my back comfortably, especially when I’ve worn all my serum and sleep masks to just allow my skin to take in all the goodness.

For me, a comfortable and squishy pillow is a must-have for a good night’s sleep. In case I don’t have one closeby, I’d rather sleep without a pillow.

Aesthetics of the Pillow

This is an adjustable pillow. Usually, an adjustable pillow allows the sleeper to customize the pillow to a desired comfort by removing the internal fill to change both the firmness and the loft of the pillow.This fill can also be added back.

Also, it is a soft pillow that comes in a clean-white fabric made of 90% polyester / 10% rayon.

It includes virgin cluster fiber that is soft, and does not clump or bunch. These little fiber balls actually rearrange themselves inside the pillow when “fluffed”, preventing lumping and increasing the resiliency of the pillow.

The pillow also features a layer of cooling gel memory foam that will gently cradle and conform to the shape of the head and neck and reduce pressure to help relieve pain and soreness for a restful, restorative night’s sleep.


The adjustable pillow ships in an overstuffed bag so upon receiving it, remove it from the bag and fluff it. You can also unzip the cover to remove as much fiberfill as you adjust the pillow to your liking.

This pillow has a soft, premium cover that feels comfortable against the skin; the inner liner helps contain the fiberfill, making it easy to zip and unzip the cover.

It is packaged in a reusable bag that can be used to store the fiber you’ve removed as you adjust your pillow, so you can always add fiber back in the pillow later.

Using The Adjust-A-Loft Fiber Adjustable Comfort Pillow

Do You Need A Pillow For A Good Night's Sleep? Here's My Verdict!

I’m a side sleeper and Core Products recommends sleeping on the pillow without removing any fiber if you’re one like me. I say it works!

The pillow is neither too tall nor too flat for a side sleeper so it is very comfortable for me.

I’m also a bed reader since I read late into the night or early in the morning, and I also work long on my laptop from the bed at times or the couch. Thus, for me, a good pillow is also a great aid during my reads and long hours on my laptop.

I actually carry this pillow with me every time I’m working or reading to support my back better because I find it still firm (this is before removing any fiber) yet comfortable. Such a multi-purpose kind of pillow!

On the nights I sleep on my back, (although I roll to the side at some point in the night), I remove some fiber from the pillow to flatten the pillow a little- this makes me sleep comfortably so I don’t wake up with a cramping neck.

This is because the pillow seems quite high for me in this position. Actually, Core Product recommends removing 1/4 of the fiberfill if you’re a back sleeper.

How adjustable!

Wellness Tip…

Sleeping with a pillow that is too big or too stiff can give you the most sleep disruption as it naturally pushes the head forward, restricting the airway making it difficult to breathe.  It also can set a strain on the neck and your upper spine.  The end result is sleep patterns that are no less than uncomfortable. 

Thus, a good pillow is vital for support and should always unload the joints in your back and neck. 

Washing the Pillow

This pillow is machine-washable so you can easily keep it clean, and it immediately bounces back to shape afterward.

To machine wash the pillow, simply remove the gel memory foam layer, zip the cover, and toss the pillow into the washing machine. Use warm water with no additives to clean your pillow.


While the pillow cover is so soft, upgrade your beauty sleep by getting a silk pillowcase for your adjustable pillow. This will help your skin, and also, keep your pillow clean for longer.

On Brydie, Stacy Chimento, MD, a board-certified dermatologist of Riverchase Dermatology in Miami says, “If you have ever awoken to “sleep creases” on your face, a silk pillowcase will help to reduce the strain or friction on the skin.”

My Experience

Do You Need A Pillow For A Good Night's Sleep? Here's My Verdict!

The Adjust-A-Loft Fiber Adjustable Comfort Pillow is an ideal balance of soft and firm! This pillow is filled with a blend of memory foam pieces and microfiber clusters that feels surprisingly supportive and plush at the same time. 

It is adjustable thus suitable for back sleepers, side sleepers and even, stomach sleepers. It is more surprising how you can adjust the pillow to create your own perfect height without things getting messy because the clusters fluff so seamlessly.

From past experiences with other pillows, things got really messy while adjusting the pillows so I had to be very cautious when adjusting the fill; in fact, it was something I wouldn’t want to do on a regular basis. But with this Adjust-A-Loft Adjustable pillow, this step is made easier!


This adjustable pillow has polyester filling, which is the no doubt most common and inexpensive type of pillow filling.This makes polyester pillows easy to replace.

However, wolyester pillows are plush and hold their shape longer than cotton pillows, they become lumpy and less supportive over time, requiring more frequent replacement.

Value & Verdict

Do You Need A Pillow For A Good Night's Sleep? Here's My Verdict!

I give this adjustable pillow high scores for comfort and versatililty no matter your sleeping position or, even how you’d want to use it. It has helped improve my sleep quality for sure- no more cramping necks in the morning or a strained spine as I read.

For $49.95, it’s worth every coin!

Get Yours

Core Products

Do you use a pillow for a good night’s sleep? And have you tried an adjustable pillow? Precisely the Adjust-A-Loft Fiber Adjustable Comfort Pillow from Core Products?

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