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Accept Payments on Your WordPress Blog With WPForms

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Accept Payments on Your WordPress Blog With WPForms

Do you want to accept payments on your WordPress blog? WPForms with the Stripe integration makes it easier for site owners to accept payments on your WordPress blog or website.

Most website owners talk about selling your own products on your site as one of the best ways of making money online. Most especially, info-products, which sell the most and are quite easy to create. Talk about e-Books, online courses, templates, e-Guides and checklists among many other types of info-products.

Do you sell an info-product too? Here are…

Quick Hacks from Hustle & Conquer on Twitter

If you want to write your first e-Book:

  • Pick a subject for your e-Book
  • List down 10 topics on that subject. These are your 10 chapters.
  • List down 3 or more sub-topics for each chapter
  • Write 200 words per sub-topic.

That’s your 6000-words e-Book ready to sell!

Are you planning on starting a blog?

Here is an article we shared on the 10 steps you need to start a successful blog. And if you might need help finding amazing tools or resources to grow your blog, we got you!

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Accept Payments on Your WordPress Blog With WPForms

Once you got your info-product ready, you can upload it to other platforms like GumRoad to sell it but WPForms with Stripe bring in an easier solution.

If you are looking for a PayPal alternative to accept payments on your website or online store, Stripe is the best option.

Stripe has integration with almost all the web stores, e-commerce store so you are more likely to integrate Stripe with your website or e-commerce site using WPForms.

You can use Stripe to accept one-time payment and even for accepting recurring payments; a good example is on subscription service payments. Stripe accepts payments from all major debit/credit cards from 135+ countries, so you truly go global with Stripe.

First off, set up your Stripe account in order to access their services. There are no setup fees or monthly fees. However, per transaction, Stripe charges a small fee.

Now that you’ve got Stripe ready, let’s get into integrating Stripe in WordPress with WPForms!


Stripe requires your site to be using SSL/HTTPS encryption.

The easiest way of integrating Stripe in WordPress is with WPForms, a paid plugin that with the Pro plan, allows you to use the Stripe and PayPal addons.

Accept Payments on Your WordPress Blog With WPForms

WPForms is the best WordPress form plugin.

With WPForms, you can create tons of custom forms: from survey forms, contact forms, payment forms, contract forms, conversational forms, signature forms, and order forms.

So let’s get started: how to accept payments on your WordPress blog with WPForms and Stripe!

How to Integrate Stripe with WPForms

1. Install and Activate WPForms

First thing, you need to install and activate the WPForms plugin.


2. Enter your License Key

Accept Payments on Your WordPress Blog With WPForms


Once active, visit WPForms>> Settings >> Enter your license key from your WPForms account>> Verify Key

Activate and Verify the Stripe Addon

After verification, head over to WPForms >> Addons>> Click on the Stripe Addon>>Install and Activate it in order to use it

Visit WPForms>> Settings >>Click on the Payments tab>> Enter your Stripe API keys from your Stripe account settings

Click on the Save button once you’ve entered the API keys. Now you’re ready to accept payments using Stripe in WordPress!

3. Create an Order Form

Accept Payments on Your WordPress Blog With WPForms


Next, you need to create an order form that allows you to accept payments on your WordPress site.

Go to WPForms>>Add New. This brings you to the form builder interface.

From the many types of forms available, select an order billing form. You can always choose from our pre-built billing order form or start from scratch with a blank form.

On the Fields tab on the left column, you can add or remove new form fields as desired. Feel free to edit the form in order to customize it to your preference.

4. Enable Payments

Accept Payments on Your WordPress Blog With WPForms


Once satisfied with the form, click on the Payments tab>>click on the Stripe tab.

Click on the ‘Enable Stripe Payments’ and enter the payment description as desired as well as how to send your stripe payment receipt.

Save your settings.

5. Add your Order Form Where Necessary

Accept Payments on Your WordPress Blog With WPForms


Now that your order form is well set, be sure to add it where necessary. This could be your sales page or a post.

To do this, add a New Post or Page or open an existing Post or Page >> Click on the Add Form button >>Select your Billing/Order Form once the popup appears.

WPForms then adds the form shortcode to your WordPress editor.

Save and publish your post or page.

Quick Tip…

Add this Order Form on a New Page where you can always direct your audience to complete their purchases.

Things To Know…

Once a user is done filling out the order form, you can automatically prompt them to enter their credit card information and process the transaction using Stripe. When someone makes a payment, the data is automatically fed to your Stripe account.

With WPForms, the payment fields allow you to add multiple items and display the total amount before the user orders, so they know exactly what they are paying for.

Accept Payments on Your WordPress Blog With WPForms


You can also allow for recurring payments on your blog- particularly if you have a membership site or sell products on subscription bases. Here is an article on how to accept recurring payments on your WordPress site. 

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A Quick Tip from Hustle & Conquer on Twitter…

  • Create an info product
  • Build a sales page
  • Promote it to your followers on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook or IG.
  • Make money!

Pin This…

Accept Payments on Your WordPress Blog With WPForms

People don’t care about your service or your products. They care about their problems. So, talk about how you can help them solve their problems in your info-products. That way, you will make sales. And the order form on your WordPress blog will always be busy!

Now you know how to accept payments on your blog with WPForms and Stripe! Go ahead and do it!


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