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7 Steps To Build Your Dream Wardrobe

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7 Steps to Build your Dream Wardrobe Book & eBook

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7 Steps to build your dream wardrobe

Are you an amazing woman out there who is struggling to feel confident about her body? Don’t you feel positive about yourself or just never care about how you look like any time you get out of your house?

Or maybe you’re not convinced that you can actually improve your self-esteem by looking good?

Well, I was there…

Here is a little background story about me: Grace Ekirapa, popularly known as Dalene Ekirapa.

I grew up in a family of boys so all my life, I loved dressing up in boy stuff. Going to high school, I started being more conscious of my body.

Unfortunately, in the Western part of Kenya, girls are expected to be curvy and I was just not this. I really tried my best to wear well-fitted skirts so that my ‘invisible’ curves could at least show! It was in vain! This is now hilarious!

Once I was done with high school, I was already four years old into being tired of ‘becoming curvy’. Imagine researching how to be curvy, how to add weight, how to become ‘hippy’, how to have wider hips…and the list is endless! ON A DAILY BASIS!

That was when I decided to embrace the body I had. And decided to wear it and dress it with pride.

Steve Maraboli, in the book, Unapologetically You says

There is nothing rarer, nor more beautiful, than a woman being unapologetically herself; comfortable in her perfect imperfection. To me, that is the true essence of beauty’

I wanted to be this: unapologetically myself. And I want you to be this too.
You don’t need to change your body so that you can remake yourself into having a body shape of your choice.


Because the human body is the best work of art. And if you have to see this art, just maintain your body healthy- eat well, stay fit, drink water and dress well. If you do this, you’ll create the best fashion statement!

7 Steps to build your dream wardrobe

On Amazon:

Get your eBook HERE

Get your book HERE

So this stylebook on the ‘7 Steps To Build Your Dream Wardrobe’ is dedicated to all the ladies out there…

Who want to look and feel confident…

Who always wear clothes just because they have to…

Who think they have no sense of style at all…

Who are tired of trying too hard to look good in vain…

Who hate their current wardrobes…

Who want to have a great personal style…

Who seek to stir their feminine side through style…

Who lost their self-esteem because of not having the ‘ideal’ body!

It is time for you to look good! It is time to get back that confident, personal style!

This book will teach you seven actionable steps you can start taking today in order to build your dream wardrobe, right from the reasons why you need to update your current wardrobe and your personal style to the seven steps to build your dream wardrobe.

On Amazon:

Get your eBook HERE

Get your book HERE

In short, you need not adjust your body to fit your clothes but your clothes to fit your wardrobe.

7 Steps to build your dream wardrobe

The seven steps I talk about in this book that will help you build your dream wardrobe include:

  • Finding and Understanding your new style aesthetic
  • Defining your personal style
  • Building your base colors
  • Evaluating and cleaning out your closet
  • Creating a shopping list and going for shopping
  • Going on a wardrobe challenge
  • Taking care of your wardrobe for longevity

Reading the book will provide you with steps towards establishing a confident wardrobe.

However, the ultimate choice if yours since we all have different body shapes and my type of style is definitely not yours. Hence, the book leaves the reader with the proper picture of an ideal yet personalized wardrobe for just her.

Get your copy of the ‘7 Steps to Build Your Dream Wardrobe’ now on Amazon!

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Get you copy on Amazon now!

Get your eBook HERE

Get your book HERE

7 Steps to build your dream wardrobe

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