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7-Days Online Fashion Course To Become A Great Stylist

Are you looking to become a Fashion Stylist, Personal Stylist, Image Consultant or just up your fashion game? Well, keep on reading till the end to learn more about this amazing online fashion course which you can take at any time of the year, and from any place in the world!

But before that,

A Little Background…

7-Days Fashion Course To Become A Great Stylist

I am Dalene Ekirapa, a lifestyle blogger behind the two blogs: Dal Meets Glam, a women’s fashion and wellness blog as well as Homes N Away, a home, food, and travel blog. I started my first blog Dalene Ekirapa- The Quintessence of Life and Style back in 2017. The blog was a fashion blog although, over time, I rebranded to talk about a holistic lifestyle.

While growing up, I suffered self-esteem issues for being the slim one around a community of curvy girls. This really affected me to the point that I considered having hip boosting procedures and remedies just to get a little bit curvy. Unfortunately, all my efforts were in vain.

That’s when I decided to embrace the slim body type I have and while looking for ways to enhance my personal image, I discovered my interest in fashion.

I opted to surf through the Internet on fashion and Pinterest proved fashionable. Downloading uncountable pictures of fashion enthusiasts, buying the ‘Style ‘ and ‘Fashion ‘ magazines, following fashion blogs and piling up fashion pages I plucked from the Saturday Nation newspaper became my avocation. Consequently, I made my own fashion scrapbook.

All my discoveries from the numerous fashion trends were recorded here.  I’d decorate my bedroom wall with pictures of fashionistas; the white paint now embellished with Lucia Musau’s looks, Maria Vizutte’s denim styles, Macy Stucke’s coats, and designer inspirations from their blogs. The crazy patterns and wild mix of colors became spontaneous, and my eyes dwelt on more art-like outfits. It was a world I knew I had to be part of as much as I could not grasp more of it then.

Online Fashion Styling Course

7-Days Fashion Course To Become A Great Stylist

I have come to discover that what I portray myself with my style tells more of how I feel about ME.

And that’s just it — that’s what my clothes help me to do. Fashion helps me whip up into a fantasy world — one where any color rules. Floral, denim, any print rules. Short , long , all materials flirt , and lets me put my hands around that dream ; daring me to incorporate it into my life.

A Super Stylish Duo- High Heels With Jeans

With over 4years of experience as a fashion writer and wardrobe stylist, I was looking to enhance my knowledge on the matter-especially around colors and personal image. And that’s how I came across the 7 Days Fashion Course.

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7-Days Fashion Course To Become A Great Stylist

The 7-Days Online Fashion Course is a certified fashion course offered online by the 7-Days Fashion School. Thus, after your completion of the program, you receive an email of your professional certificate. You can learn on your own schedule and at any time you wish, all around the year!

As a fashionista and a lady in love with dressing up, I couldn’t have found a better course that also took my writing about fashion to the next level! Thus, as an affiliate of this course, I would like to offer you the opportunity to also go through this course and improve your personal style, and that of your clients too. Good enough, you can always start with the free masterclass offered by the 7-Days Fashion School.

In the same way, this 7-Days Fashion Course is for you if:

  • You are looking to become a Fashion Stylist, Personal Stylist or Image Consultant. In this case, you can offer wardrobe styling services to your clients, image consultation services to those seeking to build a confident personal style, or also, fashion shopping and general styling tips.
  • You are looking to just up your fashion game. Do you get into a style rut every time you have to dress up? Is your style really wanting? Don’t you feel confident about your personal image? Do you want to learn how to always look out together and timeless? Well, if you desire to look great but you don’t know where to start, this is the right course for you.
  • You have a fashion blog or channel. Running a fashion blog or channel requires knowledge on fashion which you share to help your readers apply the fashion tips and look their best. Well, if you have a passion for fashion yet you feel like you need to up your knowledge in the area, here is a course for you!

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7-Days Online Fashion Course To Become A Great Stylist

The 7-Days Fashion Course Module features the 7 progressive workshops below:

DAY 1: “The Successful Principles of a Fashion Stylist”

You will learn the tools and strategies to help you become a thriving fashion stylist.

DAY 2: “The Wow Effect”

You will learn THE KEYS to creating the “Wow” effect in every look.

DAY 3: “The Successful System of the Consultation”

You will learn how to do a successful fashion stylist consultation with your client.

DAY 4: “Mastering Your Client’s Personal Style”

You will learn how to create your client’s personal style with precision.

DAY 5: “Wardrobe Essentials”

You will learn how to devise a detailed wardrobe analysis to pinpoint eye-catching looks.

DAY 6: “Enhance Your Client’s Body Type”

You will learn how to work with any body type and make you or your client the best version of themselves.

DAY 7: “The Ultimate Coloring Program”

You will learn the secrets of choosing the right color.

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Become the Best Fashion Stylist or Fashionista who knows how to Create a Successful Personal Image of Herself and Others.

Go Rock Girl!

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7-Days Online Fashion Course To Become A Great Stylist

Online Fashion Styling Course

Use Code ‘Dalene20‘ to grab a 20% discount OFF

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