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10 Fashion Accessories For Every Woman, Fashionista Or Not

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10 Must- Have Fashion Accessories For Every Woman, Fashionista Or Not

Source : @Atusa_Xox

An accessory is any add-on that one incorporates during styling in order to add a touch of finish to any look.

So definitely, accessories have the power to punctuate your outfit and leave you feeling all gorgeous instantly!

That’s why every stylish woman has her favorite fashion accessories that spices up her wardrobe staples.

For any ensemble to pull through, accessories must be present.

Most importantly, always go for high quality fashion accessories which will not only last as long but also have that polished touch of glamour.

But again, we have to be keen enough while finishing our looks with accessories.

I mean, an accessory can either break or make your outfit depending on its color, size, shape, texture and where it is worn on the body.

So how do you style accessories to ensure they don’t break a look but work to elevate it?

Ride along…

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10 Must- Have Fashion Accessories For Every Woman, Fashionista Or Not

Source: @Atusa_Xox

How To Style Your Fashion Accessories

1. Balance proportions, on size and the location of the accessory in the body.

If you want to look like a clown, then overwhelm yourself with accessories!

Wear those loop earrings, that statement necklace, that floppy hat, that camel trench coat, those thigh high boots, those cute sunglasses, that scarf, those gloves…I mean, doesn’t that already look too much?

When it comes to accessorizing, less is more! Why not just wear a watch, those studs and bring along that bag?

Sounds effortlessly chic; and you can be sure that such a look would be as gorgeous!

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    Don’t wear so many accessories and depending on how bulky your outfit is, go for accessories that will only add a slight touch of finish but not add unnecessary complexity to it!

    At times, we just need those small studs while we need those loop earrings at other times. So be keen on finding a balance!

    10 Must- Have Fashion Accessories For Every Woman, Fashionista Or Not

    Source : @Atusa_Xox

    2.Be keen on the color of your fashion accessory.

    The colors in an outfit one has on will tend to dictate what accessories one will use.

    For instance: If I wore a black and white ensemble, I could use black, white, silver or any bold colored accessories.

    And if I wore any bold colored outfit, then I’ll have to wear an accessory whose color corresponds to one of the colors in my look or a neutral-colored accessory.

    Basically, consider color matching or color blocking.


    • Embrace neutral color of accessories for that minimal effort during dressing up. Call them blacks and whites which can easily finish up any look in any color.
    • Consider metallics. Gold and silver can be so easy to work with. While gold goes with so much earthy hues, silver will go so well with blacks, whites and other bold colors.
    • Opt for bold colored fashion accessories once in a while. Name all the colors of the rainbow and have them for your accessories. But when dressing up, remember to go as effortless as possible. I mean, go for a monochromatic ensemble, or a one-color look, or multi-colored plain look and no much prints or even a printed look but use as little accessories as possible.

    For instance: if I wear prints, then I’ll finish up with one-color accessories while if I wear a plain look, I can wear a one-color accessory or have them multi-colored.

    3. Play around with texture during pairing.

    It’s always so fun to wear softer pieces of accessory with edgier outfits while edgier accessories with softer outfits.

    For instance: a white cotton dress with golden blings, or faux leather pants with pearl earrings.

    10 Must- Have Fashion Accessories For Every Woman, Fashionista Or Not

    Source :@Atusa_Xox

    With those three tips in mind, you can go ahead and style your accessories like you mean it.

    But what are the fashion accessories you must have in your collection?

    Please read through since if you try these insanely add-ons, you’ll instantly look like a fashionista!

    10 Must Have Fashion Accessories For Every Woman

    1.A gorgeous bag.

    10 Must- Have Fashion Accessories For Every Woman, Fashionista Or Not

    Source: @Atusa_Xox

    Show me a woman who carries no bag and I’ll show you a woman who has no favorites.

    I mean, just as we are keen to look at men’s shoes, the world is so keen to look at our bags.

    A good bag will last as long and also give you that sharp, organized aura. And I’m certain that it’s what we all want ladies, right?

    2. An over-sized watch.

    10 Must- Have Fashion Accessories For Every Woman, Fashionista Or Not

    Source: @Atusa_Xox

    Ever want people to take you for having this timely yet expensive personality? Then all you might need is a gorgeous watch!

    One that is not only an arm candy but can work as a statement accessory for your look.

    While not all women will appreciate the need for jewelry, almost everyone will appreciate having a watch, right? So what are you waiting for?

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    3. A pair of sunglasses.

    10 Must- Have Fashion Accessories For Every Woman, Fashionista Or Not

    Source: @Atusa_Xox

    Are you the shy type? Who wants to get away from the world?

    Then buy a nice pair of sunglasses which will also protect your eyes from harsh sun rays keeping them fresher and younger.

    4. A nice hat.

    Having a good hat will protect your face from harsh UVA and UVB sun rays thus an added advantage to having a hat for an accessory in order to furnish your look.

    I love big floppy hats which are so dramatic but frankly, smaller hats that you can take to the streets each time are as awesome.

    5. A great belt.

    10 Must- Have Fashion Accessories For Every Woman, Fashionista Or Not

    Source: @Atusa_Xox

    A great belt can actually be worn with pretty much everything.

    They are all so simple but add such a sophisticated touch to your look.

    At times, we just want a great leather belt to pull any look together. Or a tummy belt to cinch a pretty waist, right?

    Then it’s not too late to actually get one that you can rock effortlessly.

    6. A warm, light, and pretty scarf.

    10 Must- Have Fashion Accessories For Every Woman, Fashionista Or Not

    Source : @Atusa_Xox

    While scarves are so good for the cold weather, they can also be worn when it’s worn.

    How? A scarf can be worn as a tie, a waist tie, a bandana, or a head wrap. Now tell me if you still don’t need one pretty scarf?

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    7. A great necklace, statement, or thin.

    10 Must- Have Fashion Accessories For Every Woman, Fashionista Or Not

    Source : @Atusa_Xox

    If you love your neck or your great shoulders, then you’re always showing them off, right?

    Then there is no better way of showing them off than actually wearing a great necklace around your neck that will totally drive all eyes on you!

    As well, you can always ornate your stand-up collared outfits with a great necklace for a nice finish.

    8. A pair of earrings.

    I absolutely love a good pair of earrings that definitely do a lot to ornate my face. And if you particularly love gemstones, be sure to pick earrings made in beautiful natural stones. A good example is the aquamarine gemstone.

    From loop earrings to studs, have them, lady. Thus, depending on your look for the day and the occasion you are dressing up for, you can get the right earrings for you.

    For example: while studs will be good for a day at work, loop earrings would be great for an afternoon lunch with friends and the chunky silver jewellery from Silver By Mail will look perfect on the dance floor no matter whether you go for earrings, a bracelet, anklets, or a chunky silver necklace.

    10 Must- Have Fashion Accessories For Every Woman, Fashionista Or Not

    Source: @Atusa_Xox

    9. A quality pair of tights.

    A good quality pair of tights can add a touch of glamour to your legs especially when cold.

    When picking your tights, go for a color that blends in with your skin tone and also looks expensive.

    Also, always remember to wear your tights with closed shoes so that your seam never shows.

    For example: if you’re lighter in skin complexion, get a nude pair of tights.

    You can also pick a black pair of tights and ensure you wear it with black shoes so that the colors look seamless.

    10. A great pair of shoes, both heeled and flat shoes. 

    10 Must- Have Fashion Accessories For Every Woman, Fashionista Or Not

    Source: @Atusa_Xox

    Give her woman the right shoe and watch her trample the world!

    Well, with a pretty stiletto pair, heeled sandals, sneakers or flat sandals and boots, you’ll be good to go.

    Frankly, even if you are not a shoe addict, you’ll need these five pairs which can perfectly transition through all occasions.

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    Well, there you have it! Now you can go ahead and start your own accessory collection that will prove very helpful as you dress up each time.

    10 Must- Have Fashion Accessories For Every Woman, Fashionista Or Not

    Source: @Atusa_Xox

    What fashion accessories are your must-haves from the list? And how do you shop for them right?

    Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below…


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    1. Alicia says

      My favorite out of the items that you listed has to be the watch. That’s a really nice one that would match almost anything outfit wise! Thanks for the great list to choose from.

    2. Amber Myers says

      I don’t have a lot of these. Oops. I generally just stick to jeans and easy tops. I don’t really care how I look, ha. But my daughter is all about fashion and owns a lot of this already!

    3. Cristina Petrini says

      I agree. There are details and accessories that can not miss in every woman’s wardrobe because they are useful and necessary to create many different outfits and combinations.

    4. Shubh says

      The way you have written is so nice. I agree with you, one should not wear excess accessories. It should match and classy. By the way, I liked those heels print. I would prefer to wear it 😀

    5. Jess says

      I love your style (I know so repetitive) but I am glad you gave insight and advice for finding a style for yourself. I was happy to see that I do have some items on the list like sunglasses, purse but I’m working on the rest

    6. Ann F. Snook-Moreau says

      Earrings are definitely my accessory of choice. I love the oversized watch look but my wrist is so tiny, basically every watch looks big on me!

    7. Heidi says

      I’m definitely not a fashionista, so I need all of the help I can get! Does a box of cookies count as an accessory! I can style that perfectly!

    8. Kristine says

      You have amazing taste and I think everything listed here is super important for every woman. I am still missing a great belt from this list though. thanks for the great post!

    9. Sandra says

      It was a bit late when I realized that accessories can really pop the beauty of an ensemble. I didn’t make any efforts way back to really “accessorize” but now that I’m older I realize how beuatiful a simple accent can bring to make the whole look fabulous!! Lovely recommendations as well!

    10. Deola says

      I couldn’t agree more with this list. Come to think of it, it’s time to get a new watch. Maybe I’ll make it oversized this time

    11. Nina Nichols says

      Hey, I have that bag! It was given by a student as a gift. I read one time that you should always have only two jewelry on your body. I wear my wedding ring and a white gold necklace with diamond cross. I wear them every single day and never removed them from my body. 🙂

    12. Aia says

      reading your article makes me think if I’m a fashionista or not… no accessories… sneakers and backpack is all I have everyday… hahahha.. I guess I need some change but im scared…. I don’t know if I can pull it off..

      • Dalene Ekirapa says

        Oops! I feel you Aia; but again, the backpack and sneakers are also accessories. And if you want to some change, you can just go slow…incorporate one at a time.

    13. Sheri says

      I usually use all of these accessories except the hat. I hardly wear hats ut for a summer beach look they are a must.

    14. Bindu Thomas says

      I don’t have all of these but it looks great especially the bag and watch are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post.

    15. Anjali W says

      A good bag and watch are must haves for me. I love how you have dressed and perfectly carried on these essential s with you. I have a collection of earrings and shoes too, but I am really not keen on putting them on like a fashionista. I am really inspired by you and would love to put some accessories on as you have done it.

    16. Jennifer Prince says

      I love the idea of adding in texture! It’s fun to play with different patterns and textures when getting dressed to create different looks.

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